17601-praise-the-lord-cross-beach-400x200Have a BLESSED birthday on this special day as we join you to remember to thank God and celebrate your life in Jesus Name. We are highly BLESSED and favoured God Gave you as a gift into our family. This wonderful day, full of love, joy, peace, loving memories, makes us Give God the Glory for His Keeping and Maintaining your life daily.17600-perfect-peace-scrapbook-400x200You have grown up so quickly as if it was just yesterday you were born. Our lives are enhanced by your loving smile, kindness, gentle and soft nature. You are caring and sensitive to all who know you. We appreciate your love and your help. We continue to stand in agreement for God to increase His Wisdom in your life, more understanding of His Word. 17618-gods-masterpiece-400x200These years of knowing you and sharing times of laughter, meals, praying always together and your thoughtfulness is an encouraging example. Calm demeaneur and peaceful nature impacts all around you and we love you. We know God has many wonderful miracles ahead for you. We rejoice with you, bless you and ask God to Continue to Shine His Face Upon you, Be Merciful to you and Bless you.17103-woman-praised-400x200Above all Jesus loves you far more than words can describe. God made you in His Image for His Plans and the Purpose for your life. In the scheme of God Agenda you are a blessing, touching many lives. For this we feel GRATEFUL that you are our lives too. We Pray for many more BLESSED years to come in Jesus Name.26686-jesus-loves-you-and-i-do-too-320x186Above all Jesus loves you far more than words can describe or you comprehend. The joy of the Lord is your strength so continue to trust in Him. Out of your belly flows the living waters because of God’s Grace Upon your life reaching out lovingly to so many people in your life. In John 7:38, the Bible says, ‘because you believe in Jesus as Scripture says, out of your heart flow rivers of living water.’17595-birthday-waterfall-400x200God is with you always bringing healing through Jesus into your life for physical, spiritual inner healing to restore and to heal you of your wounds in Jesus Name. God is in Control of your life making all things beautiful in His Own Time. God’s Love for you Endures Forever so Carries you in those moments in His Footsteps. Be encouraged, confident and assured of God’s Love and continue to Trust God.16941-healthy-birthday-400x200God is Faithful as He Promised so with you always for you are never alone, no matter circumstances of life. Life is still possible because of God’s Spirit at work in your life. We thank God so much and celebrate today with you while you share this day with loved ones, family, friends and colleagues. Enjoy your day and remain blessed in Christ. Happy BLESSED Birthday to you, We love you!



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