Happy-Valentines-Day-Jesus-Pictures-3As I was getting ready to write today, I got the phone call from a precious loved one living in another city. This person was feeling a bit low and down in spirit so wanted to talk to me. This was the agreement we made sometime ago, that whether day or night any moment this person feels like talking they can contact me. As done in the past we started the conversation with general well being, health, eating, sleep patterns. We also discussed if related personal or work issues was affecting them in any way that they may want to share confidentially as they know it is safe to do so. As guaranteed their details not made public unless at risk to themselves or others, then will break confidentiality as agreed. Also, their identifier details and locations is not revealed so changed to protect them according to safety requirements and regulations. After checking these necessary possible causes of any problems among others it became clear those were not the issues. After actively listening with care, empathy, we prayed and asked God’s Help to strengthen them in inner man in Jesus Name to continue doing the right thing. 9e092903e663ecf5f5050d717a5c4400Then I remembered and shared an advice my mother once gave me. That ‘life is not always smooth with perfect happiness, up moments only without challenges to be solved.’ Life is perfectly great at times but usually part of growing up and maturity is facing unexpected difficulties and working through them. As one problem is solved or finished another challenge comes along to be solved. Real life is not as described in fantasy books or films and TV dramas. With GOD’S Help all thing are possible. So, the transition changes from childhood into adulthood, love relationship into marriage, children, work, friends, old age each has its own set of issues and challenges to deal with or grapple to solve. So seem unending cycle of one thing leading into another. Sometimes challenges seem to be never ending, as comes along in a string like duck matching followed by little ones. At times, life feels like that with so many issues simultaneously. One must remember this feeling is not because one did not try harder or was not good enough but life is not easy so must be negotiated with GOD’S Help to thrive. The feeling expressed by loved one reflects this other side of life and pressure and the whole new realm of expectations.” After leaving home, a new challenge arises to cope and fend for oneself without family support. So part of the problem is the ever-present role of social media, fuelling a culture of constant comparison and a sense of inadequacy. “As well as expectations of being a first class student, you have to be a first class person, you have to be performing socially, academically. It’s a nightmare. You are constantly switched on.” Valentine season is recognised as the heightened time of expectation to feel greatly loved to be happy in general in life. Attention is on love all over the place with love symbols displayed. romans-8-39_0001.jpgOne sees Valentine themed products in shops, cards, gifts, adverts, and invitation to specific destinations by airlines tailored to valentine. This creates good feeling of euphoria for the romantically madly in love. It recreates memories for couples in a good marriage. However, it makes those in the middle wonder about the what is going on. The extra focus on Valentine love seems to create a hype for those in love which is good. Yet those not in a relationship for various reasons feel left out. Some are single not by own choice, widowed or divorced meaning at this time of their lives love matters is not so pleasant to them. In fact some become irritated and uncomfortable by a discussion of love matters due to experiences. Some, feel hurt, angry, annoyed, resentful, bitter, sad because of past experiences. Jesus said in John 16:33, I tell you these things so that in me you have confident assurance. For in the world is trouble and suffering, but take courage I Have Conquered the world.”5655290321e8d09a6d9fdc683c8bc39aThe Bible commands believers to rejoice with the people who rejoice and weep and mourn with those who weep and mourn. This means no matter the negative situations affecting believers they are also to look after the interest of others. A personal tragedy’s effect must not take over whole lifetime to deny others their happiness and time to rejoice. Those rejoicing or celebrating must be conscious of those around to invite and include them. This message is information on how to treat singles, widows or divorced in celebrations.16364-you-are-special-1Some feel they may not want to take any part so do not invite them. Others think it is sign of bad omen to actively involve such people so avoid them. On the whole Valentine season gives attention to love matters. Those without loved ones can still count their BLESSINGS and invite friends to join them to celebrate own gift of love from God. Those without any spouse, friends or loved ones, colleagues can celebrate with Jesus. This can be a good time to organise whatever is held dear to commemorate Jesus’ love. The love of God can be celebrated by similar minded people to give thanks to God. In other words there is no need to feel left out or resentful because others rejoiceBQcDAAAAAwoDanBnAAAABC5vdXQKFkx2cDE1ajhBM3hHcFplZzloZndSUkEAAAACaWQKAXgAAAAEc2l6ZQThe joy of the lord strengthens those who find themselves on the other side of valentine. Those watching the romantic escapades of those in love in their face without due regard may feel awkward. Yet can be happy for the couple and bless them. It is never too late at any age to find love. So one can ask God’s help to find responsible Godly spouse. Those who not want any spouse after previous one can look up to God their Maker who is their Husband. One is never alone because God and Jesus plus the angels are all around. It is true hugs warm heart, release oxytocin to calm, soothe or comfort. Kisses make some feel loved and appreciated, hearing a spouse’ voice recreates loving wonderful happy good memories. Not feeling deep affection anymore in such a position can trigger unhealthy attitude to other’s love life or not a good attitude to marriage.Matthew-5-44Therefore painfully sad to endure lonely nights with tears on the pillow. So while those coupling deeply in love blissfully are unaware, others find it extremely difficult to cope as love is in the air everywhere they turn. It is good to recall good times to thank God for privilege of past love life experience gained. Learn from it to build others up to guide young ones to help prepare them for future relationship. And so rejoice with those who rejoice. So Valetine season can be palatable even to those not madly in love. Love is the first of the fruit of the Holy Spirit from God Who is love. So love is not exclusively limited to romantic love. Love trait of God in creation is capable of loving others.368e569933aad2aaaab23a7f36404635Jesus exemplifies His Loving Character to all mankind. Valentine love extends beyond romantic concept of love into a realistic practical appropriate Godly love towards others. Do not feel intimidated or sad by joyful opportunity to train the children on the true meaning of love. Valentine may have taken a whole new meaning from the original event but that does not negate the fact that the whole world takes notice of love at this time. Therefore go all the way to celebrate love. Join in to bring happiness to self and others. Do not feel down because you may feel left out among friends paired up with partners as you seem all alone. In fact you feel ashamed and embarrased to be the odd one out so may not want to be seen around them. It is important to remember God created you 100% whole in God’s Image whether one has partner or not. No matter what happens the greatest love of your life is Jesus your first love. Always appreciate and thank God for all loved ones in Jesus Name. Reflect more on His Love whether married, divorced or single for Jesus is Always there for you and loves you forever.


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