Valentine-Food3The Bible in Galatians 5:22-23 describes love as the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Love is the greatest fruit because God is Love. Love bears also good fruits such as joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentlenes, self – control. As the first of the fruit of the Spirit, this is one trait of God summed up as God is Love so love God and love neighbour. So love exemplifies good character as fruits naturally as antioxidants enhance body performance. Love fruits are best quality first fruits desired and Godly qualities hoped for. As the fruits of loving spirit within oneself flowing towards others. Valentine love fruits are the best quality fruits manifested in life so it is time to reflect on own personal spiritual fruits of love sought in others. Valentine love is therefore a moment to reassess own personal values to think thoughts on love. One’s ideas of love is often picked up along the way on life’s journey. Each person’s own views on the fruits of love depends on ideas, concepts of love seen or acquired in growing up. These ideas here are not theoretical but real practical love expressed by Godly Knowledge.212cf7c7026222b1a1636ff2b1a0e1b6Love fruits are sometimes in agreement to all as easy to identify by recipients. Identical love described is recognisable among even the heathen who love and understand love on own terms. So love fruits are shared appropriately among such others and with those around us. In the same way Valentine love fruits has a deeper spiritual meaning connected to God directly. Though Valentine Love is not considered an important academic subject prospect for personal growth and development it is important to focus more of love matters. Varying views may exist on what constitutes Valentine love fruit is to many people yet still relevant.tumblr_ni9sceTj0q1u5mpf1o1_500Dwelling on valentine love matters is important for proper meaning to help the world become a better place. God is preparing the whole world to eventually live in complete love together as God’s humanity. It may seem far fetched now to think the whole world one day will experience unimited love of God. Yet this is exactly what God is doing to preparing the world for new love fruits. For God’s Kingdom is built on everlasting love. So all expected to inherit it live up to GOD’S LOVE Standards bearing Valentine Love Fruits. This is a serious matter worth focussing on sharing this Truth. This brings personal calmness, inner peace, joy of the Lord by connecting directly to God. Healthy love is God’s Great means of Connection to all His Children. Love is necessary blending of an understanding of Godly love for one another in Christ.4-party-food-ideas-for-kids-valentines-dayThose not in the direct relationship with God may not understand really what this means. They may be detached from such notion of love from God’s Perspective. In this regard reverence for God helps build confidence in God. Love for one another is not supposed to over rule love of God. So both go hand in hand because by not excluding God as the Source of Love, one put mankind above God. Making room for God in the relationship is central to the future to carry on beyond present life into God’s eternity. This immense truth assures all of hope not to despair because Jesus lives to face tomorrow. It is good married couples have deep love for each other to love spouse dearly. As tomato is described as a fruit so some love actions may not be clearly defined.Valentine's Day Recipe - Salad with tomato heartsAt the times it is essential to make room to love God and the children deliberately having a one on one moment to share growing love of God. Great affection is good for strengthening love but must not become obsessed madly to exclude God or family. Many grow up watching parents in love but feeling excluded or ostracised from their parental affection. Therefore Valentine love fruits require conscious appropriate inclusive love of children. This lack of awareness causes parents to think their toil, wealth assets inheritance for the sake of the children is all counts. So should be thankful and grateful for such proud parents. This is an issue parents must pay attention to.  e0b34864a70bda8df73a155c722b7fc6

Most children enjoy their blessings but really want affection of parents above all their material things. In a materialistic world success is measured by things so seems unusual to want a bit more than things. Priceless valentine love affection is not weighed by the price tag of gifts because Godly Love lives on beyond all things. Gifts and presents are great but receiving the Giver is the Greatest asset of inheritance. All things shall pass away but the love of God endures forever. God commands healthy love bearing good fruits. Strength to love God is also part of such life. Loving God, family, loved ones is necessary to prepare for God’s Kingdom. In addition, a self love gives strength to get on better in life. Direct connection to God is good valentine love fruit to bring into present day notion to complete true love understanding in the times like these. It is a privilege to study the valentine love fruits to comprehend and apply this truth in daily living.

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