healthy-valentines-treats-1As Valentine season approaches, people are busy planning meals, menus, main course, snacks, deserts, school party or lunch box contents. In addition to gifts, selection, creating a homely decoration to suit Valentine theme, the next item is the specific meal suitable for each one. We have found some examples for those wanting to partake in Valentine meals without breaking the bank. There are many available meals to choose from to celebrate the day. It is the gathering together that counts above all so do not stress yourself over the food like Martha and Mary showing hospitality to Jesus and disciples. So do a selection chosen based on the variety of people’s needs designed around health needs, allergy, vegetarians, vegans, simple meals.3784c676d0bfe3350f01d44579ed762eThe meals presented here are fabulous, eye pleasing aesthetically and appealing to the palate. They can be based on the menus so can be easily readily prepared with patience and loving care turns an ordinary everyday ingredient turn into impressive sumpteous gourmet meals. The joy of eating together occasionally helps to meet to out of busy schedules to relax in good company among friends. It is essential to meet up regularly around the meal table even if just a few times in a year. This helps to meet new members of the family to get to know older ones to bond. The family is for life even if one moved from home. In the Bible there is always reunion among long lost family members who gather together to eat.Healthy-Valentines-Recipe-Round-UpAt this particular time of year it is good to establish healthy family atmosphere. It can be done during the valentine love time to overcome the isolation of senior citizens and lost young people, friends, other people. The world needs to help promote more love than hatred, rage and bitterness in the world. Valentine is not an exclusive private occasion for just lovers and couples. It is an extension of love and compassion to others for God is Love. Afterwards couples may celebrate privately by themselves after public one. They may wait until children have gone to bed to celebrate at home or go out to a restaurant to eat a meal. It all depends if a couple gets a baby sitter or prefer to be at home to keep an eye on their children.Cornish-Hens.2There are so many different variety of meals for valentive. With a few dollars one can prepare and celebrate a simple meal with cost effective few ingredients. The shapes of some valentine foods are normal foods eaten by the family. Others are special selection of ingredients for the Valentine theme related due to the shapes or nutritional qualities. Valentine season is fun based to let the hair down to create a variety of foods that adults and children can eat. It is interesting how an ordinary vegetable or fruit can be recreated to shape for the family Valentine dinner table. Schools dinning halls also try to accommodate Valentine theme as much as they can.valentines-collageValentine presents the chance to bring awareness of love matters into the class room in a healthy way. Parents prepare lunch boxes around Valentine theme so their children will not feel left out in school among their friends. There are also specific foods related to Valentine shaped as the heart that represents the symbol of love. So more love heart shape foods are abundant everywhere at the valentine time. In addition, the physical human shaped like heart is important to maintain as part of daily daily eating.hearts2012collectionNaturally, the heart shape has become the symbol of love and healthy eating. Healthy eating is promoted using heart shape to encourage people to eat healthy meals. Eating healthy is good for the heart to prevent heart attack, poor diet, cholestrol and other related issues that may affect lack of proper diets. Fruits and vegetables are part of valentine menu too as these are said to contain vitamins and minerals that promote good circulation and blood flow. Those with gluten allergy have suitable choice of food that looks similar to other food and tastes equally great, so enjoy. 15-delicious-gluten-free-valentines-treats-L-QuE824Other foods and meats also eaten during Valentine are believed to be aphrodisiacs good for romantic desire and energy to fulfil intimacy. During valentine season therefore attention shifts to focus more on love related details and the intimacy issues in a healthy way. Valentine love theme is celebrated genetally as part of international values so people join in to have meals together with the family and friends. Therefore Valentine love theme is appropriate for children, young people, teenagers, adults altogether to enjoy.Valentines Day Food LoveThere is also another parallel Valentine love theme suitable for mostly adults or couples. So after the main family event of gathering together for meal or school celebration, couples serenade each other with their family, to demonstrate love affection in the right way with cards exchanged and presents. This is also to emphasise the value of true love to help the younger ones learn about love. Later, the couples may go privately on their own romantic trip or enjoy day together. Some adults like to eat meals with their favourite wine so enjoy such meals. The children are not allowed alcohol with the meals. Some families provide a variety of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. It makes it possible for each taste to be catered for at the same time seen as win win situation, both eat happily together. Cornish-Hens.2The romantic scenes and setting include flowers especially the rose flower. Some may give one single rose symbolic to say you are the only love in my marriage. Or others give spouse lots of bunch of roses to show display of affection essential to maintain love in the family and keep on their private love aflame. Valentine is an important occasion to share the love of God to eat together at home or go for a meal. As God is love, so eating together with loved ones is an important part of love in action. Luke 12:29 in Bible says do not set your heart on what to eat, drink, stress, worry, or be concerned about where your next meal comes from because Jehovah Jireh God provides and supplies all our needs in Jesus Name. Yes man shall not live by bread alone, eating, drinking gluttonously to neglect worship of God, yet food forms essential part of life. We know God’s Spirit Keeps man alive so if God takes His Spirit away man has no breath so dies. Yet, God Values quality healthy eating to provide essential nutrients to sustain the body. One cannot drive a car without fuel so the body cannot thrive without the good quality food carefully frugally chosen. Not excess eating or wasting food but taking good care feeding the body properly. God and Jesus always ate with the disciples, apostles and fed Followers. God ate with 70 elders Moses chose on Mount Sinai blessing, eating covenant meal, now surround God’s Throne in Heaven today. Food is not just a mere commodity but is essential for healing and healthy living.heartcollection2013Eating together is also crucial for good family bonding, protocol and well-being health in general. With eating reinforces love and appreciation of loved ones so takes on a whole new meaning based on celebration of love. This is why marriage feasts are necessary to bond external families to join in love celebration. It is said the family that prays, eats together stays together. It shows importance of food as part of nurturing enduring love so maintaining love relationship. Food is not just mere item to gobble to feed the stomach until full. Food plays important much deeper role in a love relationship, companionship family and in marriage. Vegetarians, vegans, are also spoilt for choice with abundant cereals, grains and nuts to enjoy plus fruits and vegetables.2016_02_FOOD_MAIN_bigstock_85024562_1424x1068_0.jpgThe importance of food to nurture love is necessary so must be taken seriously. An enduring love relationship testifies to good food and loving care. Food is not a product because God Provides All Quality Organic food to sustain mankind. So the food colour rainbow guides appropriate foods to eat properly. As God’s Temple the body has to be carefully fed to keep pure and healthy worthy of God. Food plays role determining love relationship, companionship family, and in marriage. In some parts of the world, the priority
of choosing a bride is based on their ability to cook well to feed the family. Of course after salvation and meeting requirements of coming from reputable family. 
This is why dating usually is centred around eating meals together. This helps the couple to get to know each other’s taste and favourite foods. So learn more about each other and helps to cater for both sides of family during marriage. Food is essential for living to nourish body as much as spiritual food nourishes soul.16477531342_02865a6291_bThe type of food eaten may depend on the local ingredients or imported food. Whatever food one prefers is cooked and eaten ordered, gate crushed during Valentine do enjoy and share the love. The cavier of valentive love is remember to create specific love meals influencing libido hormones that impact intimacy, so closely linked to food. It is often said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The way to a woman’s heart is Godly love treating her right with love as a gentleman, give attention, be firm, assertive but sensitive, caring, helping, active listening, compassionate with empathy. Pay a closer attention to food and virallity for a good cook is never lonely. Often, surrounded by friends who enjoy the fruits of their hardwork one may just end up together, who knows? The joy of cooking is also rewarding in many ways so guarantees constant provision of great food treat for life, so why not?stuffed-aubergine-the-fabulous-times-simple-healthy-recipe-valentines-dayHow will the world be different if good food was taken seriously, eaten to be content and affectionate?  A good nutritious meal does wonders for couple’s relationship but do not be afraid or panic if you feel you cannot cook well. Companies offer healthy option menu, gluten free food, recipes, ingredients, instructions to help overcome challenge. Alternatively, one can hire a cook, chef, order take away if not eat out if one can afford it. It saves huzzle bustle of who is the manual dish washer cleaning dishes tonight or who wipes and puts dishes neatly into the cupboard. One may save on energy bills from cooking cost of electric, gas, solar power, fuel or other source. The choice is yours as long as you eat healthy. So enjoy Valentine meals, bon appetite!

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