Valentines-day-sweet-messages2Loving more deeply is beyond words but it takes actions that portray true love to do so. This happens through deliberate planning, hardwork, prayers, including thinking good thoughts of the loved one. To develop deeper love takes God’s Help to imbibe character to be still in love all these years to be there when needed. So it is nice to express love through special activities together to celebrate love. Also giving meaningful quality time to each other, seeking the other’s best interest at all times, exchanging token presents or doing something special to surprise brings more exciting joy. This makes the loved one more grateful wondering how on earth one managed to pull it off. Love is beautiful wonderful feeling as shared by surprise expressed appreciation look on their face is wonderful. So notices an extent to which one goes to prepare and celebrate love. This effort depends on each person’s own way of doing things. Some people want an intimate dinner to be together. Like love birds spending a quality love time together to continue to be devoted to each other after taking care of others regularly even at home. The romance may not be as intense as courtship or the honeymoon period but essential to set time apart for each other. At times grandparents, friends or nannies can help the couple to relax by themselves to recharge love batteries. 0d44a25458835a5d3eb9579969b45753A special couple love time is necessary and extremely important and valuable. As it helps to maintain the relationship with spouse to keep connected in love. Each may have other colleagues at work but come first in marriage. So not to lose track of each other getting too absorbed in work, children, bills, chores or friends to neglect the love of one’s life. To avoid this is to plan carefully routines with almost military precision. This means couple time alone each night cannot be taken for granted. It is necessary despite feeling tired or exhausted make time as couple. For a romantic dinner prepare, order, eat out. Plan during dating in advance budget for it celebrate by choice Valentine day as an occasion to reflect and resustain love. Helping, encouraging makes it easier for spouse to nurture the children so wins affection all over again. It is precious to keep love in full view in Christ as the example not to lose hope. Love is precious to enhance quality of life including Godlly family love. Above all little regular symbolic gifts help love. Surprise can be gift box romantic chocolates and a bunch of roses or any favourite flowers preferred. The thought of paying special attention to the spouse on Valentine day is beautiful and lovely.Gift-Ideas-For-Valentine’s-Day-2016-17-5It recaptures moments of mundane time of running around working hard without taking time out to enjoy the quality time with each other. The whole day can be celebrated in stages by bringing in the breakfast in bed for a change. The idea is to express appreciation for spouse no matter what has happened in the past. As long as both agree to be together in marriage relationship forgiveness and putting romance back into marriage are essential. Though love seems to shown on TV as romance, kisses, hugs, cuddles, intercourse, intimacy, affection it goes much deeper that that. A lot of years are spent training in careers, jobs, skills for professional qualifications and personal development, humans have excellent distinguished powerful positions and conquered flying into space, been on the moon, yet love relationship is chanced. It is left to individuals to figure out with themselves. Yet no highly skilled job will accept untrained staff to do that work. Similarly the greatest relationship lasts into eternity ordained by God so requires more serious consideration for love. The same must be the approach taking years to qualify after learning about true love. 9608356a3dcbc238022241bd1557dfeeThe day continues with an outing to any place of choice like the cinema, museum or sea side if local. Things done during a dating time to please each other can be done again during marriage if suitable. Of course couple are realistic with new demands and priorities of children so couple take a back seat in relationship. Yet it is necessary to remember to love each other too despite the children. Real love needs regular updates on how to cope and be part of bigger family. So couples must not isolate themselves to become too close for comfort. Love life is not building island but applying life skill by wisdom not through exams but social interaction with support of the society. A couple must belong in a church or place to be built up and encouraged to mature. Yet also loving each other with treats. many couples become too engrossed in children and when they grow up and leave home couple seem like strangers. As all the years were spent focussing on only the children at their personal cost of love. Children are BLESSINGS from God so not meant to cause sorrow or harm to marriage. Couple must make an effort to maintain love and friendship in new context to adapt and adjust in love.16375-best-friend-valentines-day.jpgThis need to understand love life is also a great example to the children learning about love their parents to help emulate love in a healthy way. Many distractions can try to get in the way of love but the determined couple overcome challenges to continue loving one another. Love is deeper that made to seem from outside but can be developed over time by effort. The love required to go deeper involves the Grace and strength from God Who is Love. A true understanding of meaning of love changes attitudes to behave better towards each other. Peace meals organised to make up again and again time after time helps relationship. So by training babies and toddlers early to have specific nap time or bed times frees time for couple to relax and take a break. Sometimes it during time away without any distractions that couples are able to talk through problems privately without interruptions of work or their children. Young couple may not understand value advance preparation for marriage now until they go through practical changes experienced later. Still it is good to know anyway to plan before time what to do comes even if it may not make sense yet. This saves shocking changes, frustration immaturity and blame game. The Bible says the older more experience adults must guide younger relationships. This information is relevant to take on board during dating, engagement and wedding as couple’s life becomes a close up view. Love life is a better choice despite tough times as captains do not abandon ship. Have rescue survival plans in place and get on with changes by supporting love.a4000efe292d66ff0c99debc4baf5a61The married couple comes first before children so do not make mistake by putting children in between to avoid each other. It is major disaster waiting to happen because the children pick on vibes to play on compromised error. Particularly new mothers after birth feel preoccupied intensely with baby. The spouse must step up to help and support not demand to be centre of attention like before the children were born. Auto pilot stage of mothering causes some women to forget the man per se.  Transition is crucial to adapt and readjust to current changes in the home. Though the man is still loved by spouse may feel abandoned and excluded in the bonding process of the mother and baby. IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THAT IS EXACTLY HOW OWN MOTHER CARED FOR YOU AS A BABY WITH PICTURES TO PROVE IT. Let your spouse do the same for your babies too and support her to do her job. Many people think love is mere bed of roses without thorns totally unprepared for practical realities of love life. Better be safe than sorry God says His people perish for lack of knowledge. Christians are GOD’S Children but still must learn.28423-cc_tg_simplethings_2014_1100p.500w.tnThis responsibility is not only for her to bear because it takes two to tango. Join to do your part daily to help to become a part of it. Instead of thinking or made a mistake and married wrong person. Oh no, it is sacrificial stage of growth also to allow attachment to bond with baby receiving calming oxytocin to develop. There is no competition between spouse and children although spouse looking on may feel that way. This responsibility is not only for one to bear because it takes two to tango. Join in and do your part daily to help. Take up cooking if possible if too busy with a baby unwell or when tired. A spouse must allow and accept the help offered or ask to be helped. Do not feel like a superwoman to try to run home as exactly as before the children arrived. Or insist the home remain a showroom not letting children play in it. Demanding to continue cooking all means yet nursing a new born baby. At the same time also trying to run the home like a showroom before the babies were born. Such eating your cake and having it causes pressure, stress, chaos, nags, resentment creeps in unawares. Babies are directly affected by such an atmosphere which influences their development. Early behaviour impacts a child’s life but some parents may not realise. It causes life-long irrepairable damage on children’s mind or emotions. First 5 years mould children to become whoever they are or what they do in life. 00d7b60dd920bc1a3e2243ae0b98ff15Love requires understanding of issues so they can be dealt with quickly not left to chance. Wisdom gained from knowing in advance what to expect helps to equip a couple to be more understanding of each other. So avoids blaming and insulting the other as incompetent due to stress. Without such awareness deep love does not develop well. Forgiviness and talking through issues afterwards in a relaxed and a calm atmosphere is better than shouting at each other when nobody is listening. That is too much tension and aggravation so something gives. If it is not recognised and dealt with it destroys a beautiful relationship. True love must realise relationships have good days and challenges to overcome. Prioritise and do support each other as a team and be there for each other. Real life matters are not soap operas to switch off and get on with other things. Practical living is a real time to show true colours of what made of. When love squeezes a couple be prepared to make the best shining love diamond quality relationship. LOVE is deep when a deep foundation is laid by both determined to have good success. Loving more deeply is possible to do if one sets their heart on it deepens also affection for one another.

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