16390-you-are-loved-valentines-day-400x200You are loved by God Who is Love yet people are surprised God Loves them. God Loves all people so does not want any one to drift from His Presence. All are God’s Creation made in His Image. God is misrepresented as an angry man only watching looking out for slightest mistakes to punish people. The idea of God Loving them or relating by Love to them seems bizarre to some. As a result, people turn away from God in search of love in the wrong places. This is because of genuine desire to love others so loved back. Yet can be the hardest thing that happens for all the wrong reasons. LOVE is expected to flow neatly, smoothly, supposed to be synchronised in unison in total agreement with each other on all things. This assumption of misperceived preconceived notion is far from reality of true love. The last person most people think of seeking concerning love is God. Yet God is Love so loves more than best friend, loved ones, family, colleagues or spouse. This deep realisation saves so many people from unnecessary pain and heartache. Strong desire to be loved and accepted is also often projected onto the person chosen or targeted as capable of meeting such love needs. Such targeted person God help them, is yardstick  used to measure up fantasy love conceived in the mind as their concept of love. So expect to fulfil love ideas held dear through that person. Furthermore those people expect partner to read their mind automatically to know exactly all their love needs. Without telling the partner what they need from them to feel loved. Hence, instead of giving back an adoring love, telling them how much they love them first, demand unreciprocated love. Love becomes topsy turvy one sided without any inclination of spouse’ love needs. Naturally as human beings such untealistic love needs cannot be met by partner. This is due to fact there is too many contradictory ideas of true love demanded between both in such context.happy valentine's day love is greatest.jpgEach believes their love language is the best so insists on imposing it on other spouse. After all, the two becomes one flesh so everything must merge into one approach. This means what makes them is enforced upon the other whether they like it or not. Yet will not do same for the spouse. Often forgetting individual differences and personality traits. This causes rifts as spouse is expected to also perform perfectly to imagined standard. Without endorsing different approaches each believes is always right as has been that way all their lives so must remain that way. It is the high way or no way so refusing to compromise to recreate new better way merging as a couple. This may sound extreme or exaggerated but this is one of the major causes of rifts in homes. This most insignificant matter or compromise turns into a full blown arguments because one person is always right did not have their way. Unrealistic expectations cause undue hurt demands and pressure on the spouse that strains love relationships. Women have a deep photographic memory accurately storing every occasion of such heated moments. So men be extremely careful what is said even if the women started the argument. Women string memory so record, recall the day, date, where they stood during argument, what they ate that day, colour of clothes, worn, shoes, tie man wore, handbags other events surrounding the argument. Women have such detailed capacity to store and recall these things. Therefore it is important watch when provoked or not how to respond  by love. Women DO NOT TALK TO MEN LIKE TALKING TO WOMEN, GIRLFRIENDS, SISTERS, DAUGHTERS, OR MOTHER, GRANDMOTHERS, FEMININE GENDER.There is no fear in love scriptureMen do not talk like most women do so may seem aloof but simply require need met for food, sex, companionship and love affection. Women have so many omplex emotional needs so men MUST LEARN AND UNDERSTAND how to deal with women to to handle them better. All the categories of girls and women in their lives require attention in a special way. Women multitask this complicated needs better so women cannot expect all the men to ACT INTUITIVELY TO TREAT THEM WELL WITHOUT TAKING TIME TO TELL THEM TO DO ONE THING AT A TIME. This is a major bone of contention behaviour thinking men must know by now what is expected to be done at all times. Even if told the same things treat as novice in polite respectful manner as men are not the clones of women or vice versa. Do not react in anger if chores are not done up to personal standard. Or in anger turn to insults due to frustrations. True love relationship is not show room perfection models on catwalk. A family home atmosphere is the place to feel relaxed, share meals, have fun, laughter and pray together and for each other. It is the one place one wants to feel most welcome, comfortable, accepted warts and all yet loved and appreciated.Love-Valentines-day-quote.jpgThis is exactly how God Loves us exactly as we are. Imagine God insisting you live up to His Sovereign Majestic Level to be always Perfect like Jesus? We aspire to be Like Jesus but a true self reflection shows we are God’s Work in progress. To constantly nag another human being to fulfil all needs is unfair, impossible, low self esteem projection weight placed on anther’s shoulders. Demand for such kind of total love is only found in GOD’S LOVE. One must fully understand true love is within you flowing from God. So you must tap into God’s Love inside you to be completely fulfilled and happy. So stop burdening people to give you what is already inside you. Turn to God’s Love First by loving God back no matter who you are, where you are or what you have done. God’s Love for you is Limitless so do not limit yourself. Stop searching for Love in wrong places as love is within you. To love God back opens the door into your soul, deep inner spirit to heal, be forgiven, forgive others, clears head, heart and mind to begin afresh. To love comes from being deeply rooted and be grounded first in God in Christ. So get knowledge and understanding from the Original Author of Love. Deep faith also assures one is LOVED BY GOD so gains strength to love others deeply within the Godly Love flowing through you to all, spouse and loved ones. Love is within you flowing like living waters to nourish and enrich others by your love. True love is in God. So spouse or another person cannot give such love apart from God’s Love in you. As God’s Creation you have God love inside you to develop selflove to enable you to love others too. 22-01-14-3cover_edited-1Loving one another means love is give and take as God says love others as you FIRST LOVE YOURSELF. God did not say go looking first for others to love you before you are loved. So a misnomer as people abandon love inside looking for love outside which does not exist. This clear message takes pressure off wrong ideas of love insisting others prove you are loved. That is not their job but to help improve God love inside you first according to God. You are not an empty tank waiting to be filled by another and vice versa. God is the Source of True LOVE you need. This is totally different from entertaining desires of the flesh which is lust. True love comes from God inbuilt inside you as part of your DNA so activate God Love inside you and treat yourself best as you expect others to treat you. Then extend high class quality of love in you to all others appropriately in Jesus Name. GOD’S Kingdom LOVE is build on the God Kind of Love. This love requires discipline, self control, looking first up to God in Christ. God is the One Who Created Love and said it is not good to be alone. So made Eve for Adam to be companions, friends, family, replenish the earth. This same underlying reason of True LOVE of God has not changed. So love flows from God to reach the people in our lives accordingly. Love sought by totally depending on others to fulfil totally is not true love. Shared love is reciprocated so not culdesac. God loves you whether you believe it or feel that way or not. You are loved First by God.




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