236016cfd7381374c0c576efbd7e195bChildren’s Valentine is God’s blessed occasion to help learn to form a good positive view on true love early in life. Children are Gifts from God Who is Love so love emanates from God. So include children in valentine celebration to help them understand love to learn the real meaning of God’s true love. Appreciating GOD’S LOVE Gift as children bless family from heaven so make God’s children feel validated. Connecting to GOD’S LOVE is to help directly communicate GREATEST love of Jesus to all. So important to value valentine season to express meaning of real love to children. Everyone searches for love at some point in life so essential to understand GOD IS The Source of Real LOVE. God is Love and the Author of love relationship. God said it is not good to be alone so made Eve in Eden garden to help meet Adam’s needs. To help meet needs means assist, give help, support, encourage, make things become easier. A helper meeting needs is not take over bid to run the life of another person. One owes duty of care first to self – love but not to be selfish. God’s word says love others as you love yourself. To neglect, abandon self so lost cannot help others. Clearly to help meet means team- work with another person involved with. Both must help meet each other’s needs. This sound foundation of love needs to help prepare children as active participant in a relationship. It does not mean only girls to be trained exclusively to prepare to become a good spouse in future.319816fac8f115cc5dc44b4c5eb5f3d7Boys too must be taught in the family home to understand true meaning of Love in a healthy way to learn to relate to adults. The home is university for life to learn all life skills appropriate for each age. Daily living interactions towards each other in family contribute to genuine Love. True love meaning is not limited or restricted to intercourse as the only desire for spousal relationship. Children trained at their level of understanding do recognise genuine love. Children are aware of love so respond to appropriate affection with smile or pictures drawn to give back to show appreciation. Positive, good and healthy interaction teaches a child high self – esteem. Children know God loves them more than their parents so tune in to God. Love builds up self-confidence to understand true love extends beyond parents, spouse, family, friends so it Comes from God. Those who want to help children make better decisions on love matters have to guide them in their daily living from childhood into adults.il_570xN.210915929They cannot be expected to know all love issues automatically but never too young to understand God’s Love as God’s Spirit is at work in them. God said babies and infants or toddlers shall Praise Him. So children express pure love, appreciation and thanksgiving to God in their own way. This foundation must be built upon and reinforced throughout early years. Then continued in teenage years before dating.  Secular magazines and journals do not build true love concepts on GOD’S words. Yet majority of the teenagers are influenced by them. It is misunderstanding of true love as a private romantic affair between 2 adults to figure things out by discovery themselves. So some avoid guiding their children on love matters with regard to building a sound foundation for a future relationship as considered intrusion into innocent years. There is misconception talking about love equals discussing intercourse bodily functions. This is due to fact that true love is perveted to lust. Introducing love matters of self love, self confidence, self control, self discipline, composure, holding tongue, and love chapters in 1 Corinthians 13 is usually linked to dating and romance. The thirteenth chapter of the First Epistle talks of ABIDING faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is Love.” Yet again this Greatest Love is left on the back burner because it is assumed to be used only for context of marriage so left to adulthood. It means children may know what love must not do but what about teaching them what love must do as Galatians 5:22-23. First fruit of Holy Spirit is Love, joy, peace, endurance, kindness and also goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. This powerful verse needs to be repeated daily until it sinks into the soul for own personal self – discipline. LOVE is not to be the total respobsibility of another person for one’s happiness. Self love is first to connect to God in Christ.16348-happy-valentime-s-day-400x200 Parents study prayerfully Jesus Christ’s Example of love. The LOVE relationship cannot be left to chance for children to grow and figure it out. This is the most important eternal journey of life that requires a strong foundation in boys and girls. So cannot be allowed to become a tilted balance of putting pressure on one side to become totally responsible for love relationship. Daily personal journal can help or talking through thoughts on love, ideas on love, concepts on love or petsobal views on love can help bring an understanding of Godly Biblical Love. To learn about love helps to gain accurate knowledge of Godly love. To claim to be a child of God yet know nothing about God’s Standard Requirements for Love is error. For alternative sources available on love often is not in line with GOD’S Words. If you truly belong to God you refer to His Manual for guidance. You do not create love concept on feelings or flimsy emotions subject to change by the hour. Emotions are unreliable and so not dependable gauge for love. Mood swings are not the proper measure of love. This is not say one remain stoic. Consistent study and preparations daily for life is the guidance for true love meaning. The other important thing is to forgive self if you feel you do measure up to God’s love Standard. The Truth is to be realistic and compassionate because nobody can fully measure up to GOD’S LOVE Standards. It is Jesus Christ that is Perfect as people of God aspure to be like Jesus. So the choice to teach pure love of God is about self recognition in the image of God. To become fulfilled through Christ and also content. Each person is 100% whole in GOD’S Image so do not blame others for not making you feel happy. You do your part and others do their part as a team on GOD’S Side. This Truth must be also taught consistently from childhood. So Valentine love is concerned with also the children’s early learning of true love. So teach children to grow up and choose to love by GOD’S Standard. Above all affirm your child everyday by telling them that I LOVE YOU!!! If possible let these be first words you say to them after birth and keep saying until they say it back you. Do not feel ashamed, embarrassed or shy to say you love them genuinely. It is important after they are told off for misbehaving and apologising you tell them you still love them. You may not be happy about their action but do not label them by their behaviour. They are made in GOD’S Image but misbehave as children do so normal due to the lack of cortex brain. There is no bad child so do not insult them by behaviour. Separate the lovely child from displeasing action. God sees His Children through the blood of Jesus so forgives. Reinforcing love to a child is a solid foundation to build on as they grow up as modelled by you. The material provisions, shelter, sustainance clothing, shoes, meals are also essential however, the GREATEST GIFT IS LOVE. Remember the greatest need of children is genuine love, affection and attention.


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