7f30a2fc4a0c7c241a34916aa7c98eaaJESUS is the Greatest Valentines Gift God gave to us all freely though it cost Jesus His Life on the Cross for you to be saved. Most people search far and wide to buy the best Valentine gift for loved ones or family, friends and colleagues. So then VALENTINE season becomes busy time in search of that special gift to surprise and impress. Many eventually find the perfect gift most suitable for everyone. In this context VALENTINE celebration is not only intimate exclusive romantic time set apart privately between spouse.895662be30653b12cfbc82bbf44b24bdVALENTINE extends beyond love couples equally essential to share love moments to global remembrance day to express genuine love and affection. The families exchange gifts or tokens in the family. The home is decorated with love theme to highlight love with red colour chosen as romantic colour of love. Each family member participates by making things or buying cards for others. There is an atmosphere of joy, excitement during Valentine showing love to others. This love opportunity at the time of year helps focus on love matters more than usual. Helps to gain knowledge or better understanding of true love ingredients. 1a38c01f8d607546a84e54bc7b1b82edValentine Love is the big season shops display Valentine goods, gifts, flyers and generally a lovely atmosphere. People organise family to enjoy Valentine day various ways as they can. Each style of decoration depends on how much people can afford but it is not all people that spend as much money to celebrate Valentine. Some call and bless with joy and recognition given to affirm love in each other’s company. People are busy so meeting altogether at same time can become difficult. However, valentine day creates moment to make the conscious effort to celebrate love and show people how much you love (1)Meals are also eaten together during the valentine organised parties. Therefore it is deliberately planned to take advantage of the love themed season. This helps younger children to cultivate a healthy positive view of genuine love at home. LOVE language is not restricted only to sex as portrayed unfortunately over the years. Valentine encourages a family to form proper view of love to understand accurately correct meaning of true love. It also restores family love appropriately as God originally intended to debunk all misconstrued ideas of love. This helps to demonstrate, express affection in a real way to train people from childhood what real live feels like. God is Love so at the mention of the word love, true meaning must be taught throughout life. This can help to form more positive views of love to know what love truly means. Also in addition, the actual expression of love towards family promote confidence trust and assurance of belonging. So valentine celebration is not vanity but appropriate occasion to express love and affection.Valentines-Day-Inland-EmpireIt enables family or friends to take time to reflect deeply on the true meaning of love. Attention shifts to love matters so people become more interested, learning more about love. It is really important to learn real values of love without strings attached early for self – esteem issues, to grow and mature by faith. It requires teaching what really constitutes true real love as early as possible without leaving it to people to make it up as they go along in life. LOVE is too deep and too serious a commitment, too precious to leave to chance or find in fiction novels. Hyped love in TV dramas often further distort real practical hands on everyday living action of love expectations. Which if unfulfilled leads to childish arguments over nothing, dissapointment, bitterness because of unrealistic expectations. Lack of knowldge and lack of understanding of affects love relationships. In turn this causes misunderstandings plus tension, anger instead of love. Another important factor is the list of imagined concepts or deliberate ideas thought of as love. Such perceived preconceived notions make a love journey unnecessarily difficult. So people feel let down for not being loved as they want. But 5 love languages teach that people love differently.29762-cm-best-heal-broken-heart-give-God-pieces-socialThis means one’s expectation cannot boil down to a personal opinion of love. Rather study Bible love and talk through each other’s love needs as each person feels loved in a particular way. For some it is shopping and buying gifts, to others it is quality time spent in their company. Specific love differences show one love definition of love is inadequate because one love size does not fit all. Each one desires a meaningful love action to make them feel appreciated, valued and loved. Others feel acknowledged and loved by cooking them a meal or taking them out to dinner. Others feel helping with the household chores, ironing or cleaning, removing thrash eases burden on them. So it is essential to agree well in advance a kind of love required from others. One cannot assume others should know by now what love means to you. An intense sensous feeling or tingly emotion is not real love but reaction to feel good factor by interaction of others. In real life love matters constitute sacrifice, hurts, pain, offences, forgiveness, compassion and mercy. Plus humility and ability to help others become fulfilled in themselves. This lists sounds like the qualities Jesus possessed or expressed towards others. It seems daunting to try to compare love relationship with Jesus Christ but it is exactly what God did. God’s family is in marriage relationship with Groom Jesus Head of Church and Bride of Christ.SERMON ON THE MOUNTJESUS loved so much He gave His Life to die to save people. Real genuine love is modelled on Jesus’ Example. The trouble is people think they are not religious as do not go to church. God is Love so Love potential is inbuilt in all people sharing God’s DNA Character Traits of Love. As Jesus Perfectly demonstrates His LOVE toward us. Work towards ultimate love perfection seen in Jesus. However, you do have to be perfect first to love within your ability and time constraints. First communicate clearly 5 love languages to identify type of love best suitable today. Loving others means helping them feel loved and fulfilled. Sometimes the love language changes so review accordingly. It is not set in concrete to do exact same love action over and over again trying to please others yet not able to do so. LOVE may sound simple yet requires the hard work effort put into practice for good success. The Originator of True Love is God so check God definition of love from God’s Manual in Bible and Torah. Man totally depends on Real LOVE from GOD flowing through as conduits to reach out to all in all love. It is only by learning or discovering real meaning of love can we fulfill people’s love needs. Real love does not mean only sexual intimacy although it is part of love duty of caring affection. Love is much deeper in Christ extending to all as modelled by Jesus’ Example to emulate in Christ. At Valentine time it helps to love oneself as nobody can love you as much as Jesus. It is GOD’S Grace that empowers and helps to strengthen us to love by faith in God. Pray during Valentine for God’s help to please God in loving as true love means.



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