shelly-cawley-0-800Mother and baby love miracles reveals great affection deeply impacts both lives to save them. Such strong bond is well known as unique and so special changes dynamics of mother baby relationship to spur both on even to live. As blog shows miracles between mothers and babies saving both lives against all odds when doctors gave up on them due to medical conditions. It was such a strong bond between mother and baby literally saving their lives. The miracles highlight the essential need of skin to skin love oxytocin between baby and mother from birth. Babies are attached strongly through crucial body contact. As seen in this proven true living testimony when Shelly Cawley woke up from coma when she heard her baby cry. The then 23-year-old Shelly had to undergo an emergency Caesarian section (C-section) at Carolinas HealthCare System North East in North Carolina. The doctors put her under and proceeded with C-Section. Moments later, Rylan Cawley, Shelly’s first baby girl was born. Unfortunately, Shelly’s life was put in danger when a blood clot broke during operation and rendered comatose for several hours. Shelly’s husband, the then 35-year-old Jeremy Cawley, waited helplessly as the doctors tried everything to bring his wife out of the childbirth coma. Shelly was in coma for almost a week. The doctors were afraid that they will lose Shelly but staff nurse Ashley Manus had an idea that just might save mother’s life. “We are a big proponent of skin-to-skin baby contact. We believe it has great benefits for the mother and baby,” Manus says. Shelly’s newborn baby had been resting at the nursery a few floors away. With the help of the ICU nurse, Manus placed a naked Baby Rylan on her mother’s chest. Manus hoped that Shelly was still conscious deep down and that her maternal instinct would kick in when she hears her baby cry. At first, nothing happened. Baby Rylan was so peaceful lying on her mother’s chest that she fell asleep. Manus and the ICU nurse remained hopeful when Shelly hears her baby cry, she would be jolted out of her coma. Running out of options, nurses gently pinched and tickled Baby Rylan until she let out loud cry 10 minutes later. The nurses saw a spike on Shelly’s vitals as the miracle happened, Baby Rylan saved mother’s life. Similarly in Australia a mother nurtured baby back to life by oxytocin skin to skin love seen in this pictures here.2699DC7E00000578-0-image-a-7_1426260265457This miracle happened on 25 March 2010, Australian mother Kate Ogg gave birth to twins Jamie and Emily just27 weeks into her pregnancy. Although Emily survived the birthing process, Jamie was born in distress and was not breathing. After doctors spent about 20 minutes to resuscitate Jamie and failed, they told Kate and her husband David Jamie died, and nurses placed Jamie’s unmoving body onto his mother’s chest so she could say her goodbyes. Then the couple experienced a miracle. Kate and David thought they were only extending a farewell to deceased child, remarkable thing occurred: after about five minutes or so, Jamie began moving, and then his movements became more pronounced. Nonetheless, doctor present at the scene informed parents such movements were simply reflex actions and were not indicative of life. Kate and David steeled themselves to spending an extra minute or two with the child they believed they would never know for more than just those few moments: “I wanted to meet him and to hold him and for him to know us,” Kate said. “If he was on his way out of the world, we wanted for him to know who his parents were and to know we loved him before he died. We’d resigned ourselves to the fact we were going to lose him; just trying to make most of those precious moments.” That “extra minute or two” stretched out to more than two hours. Then something more remarkable than Jamie’s previous movements took place: the supposedly dead child opened eyes. “We thought, ‘What a blessing, we get to see his eyes before he passes away,'” Kate said. “But stayed open!” As most of us probably would, at that point couple began to considered possibility child wasn’t dead.PbUqYUW.jpgToday at about 5 years this is the miracle twin because the parents changed their minds about a bad report to trust God. “I think half of us said then, ‘What if he actually makes it?'” David said. “If he does, this would just be a miracle. The other half was saying, ‘No, he’s been declared dead, this is purely instinct. As noted in news accounts, David and Kate practiced Australians “kangaroo care”of hugging love warms body circulation to bring back life in such miracles. There are no words to accurately describe how incredible of an event this truly is. Jamie and his twin sister Emily will soon be turning five years old. They are happy, healthy, and downright adorable. There is not a day that goes by where Kate and her husband don’t remember the miracle that made their family the family that it is today. Hold your loved ones a little closer next time you see them. Family is a beautiful Gift so must  never be taken for granted. In Hong Kong another miracle happens as a baby cries wakes dead mother up. I believe strongly this particular cry touched GOD’S Heart for He hears babies and infant’s prayers.

x240-pPaAgain this miracle cry of this baby brings the dead mother back to Life. This true story and miracle happened in Queen Elizabeth Hospital Hong Kong. After the mother gave up for 3 hours after giving birth, child could not stop crying. But when child touched mother still crying she came back to life as seen in love recorded video. This amazing testimony show miracle wonders love accomplishes if genuinely intimate appropriately. So Parental affection enhances the baby’s emotional growth and stability by love. The motherly love must be more allowed to help mothers not become anxious or stressed with  worry passed onto a baby. This classic cases need to be taken more seriously to encourage stable emotional development. External reference of life is essential to develop character so needs attention to promote the motherly love.

This miracles deserve Praise and Thanks to God first and foremost. It helps all the women especially to fight for baby’s life with skin to skin love oxytocin warmth and hugs. Most mothers are deprived of the ‘dead’ baby thinking looking at baby distresses her more. So feels the need to wrench child away as quickly as possible for burial. This causes uncessary loss of lives as some ‘dead’ people wake up in the mortuary. Those around hear their cries and bring them back to life into the land of the Living again. Thanks to the excellent medical facilities or resources life is extended and preserved longer. Yet we must remember to Thank God the Source of Life whose Spirit in mankind Sustains life on day to day basis. These loving mothers and babies truly know and value deep love connection between mother and child. This helps mother and baby to thrive so the world becomes also better loving place. More motherly love and affection encouraged and celebrated will definately change the world. So on Mother’s Day it is time to allow mothers do their love job best and help support and Honour them.


DSC_3745This week, we are discussing a topic in the Mail reported on new survey which said fathers should be allowed to stay overnight in hospital on the day their baby is born. But a surgeon asked how much should a man be involved in his child’s birth? A leading obstetrician Michel Odent has been instrumental in influencing childbirth practices for decades. Here, his view may outrage so many but will strike a chord with other thousands of husbands as he described why he believes when women go into labour, partners should stay well away. He proposed alternatives because for many years was not able to speak openly about his own personal views. So on the presence of fathers in the delivery room he feels it is not only unnecessary, but also hinders labour. He strongly believes men’s threshold of pain did not help the process. In his experience, over the years he practiced as a surgeon men fainted or intruded disrupting process or the men ignored mates not able to handle pain.downloadAccorrding to him to utter such a thing over the past two decades would have been regarded as heresy, and flies in the face of popular convention. But having been involved in childbirth for 50 years, and having been in charge of 15,000 births, reached the stage where he feels it is time to state what he and many midwives and fellow obstetricians privately consider the obvious. That there is little good to come for either sex from having men at the birth of a child. For her, his presence is a hindrance, and a significant factor in why labours are longer, more painful and more likely to result in intervention than ever. As for the effect on a man well, was surprised to hear a friend of his stated watching his wife giving birth had started a chain of events led to the couple’s divorce. Or another lady describing how after the day her husband watched her deliver their child, he had fled to his hometown of Rome, and never returned again. For so many men, the emotional fallout of watching their partner have their baby can never be he was first involved in obstetrics in the Fifties, it was unheard of for a man to be present as their child was born. Childbirth was predominately a woman’s business usually carried out at home and while a man may be in the vicinity at the time of labour, he would usually be found in the kitchen, boiling copious amounts of water, and therefore would miss the actual event. However, by 1970, a handful of women started to ask for their husbands to be present at the birth, a shift that began to occur in many Western countries at about the same time. There are a variety of reasons for this, including the fact that birth was being increasingly concentrated in hospitals rather than at home, and the rise of the smaller nuclear family meant women increasingly turned to husbands for support in all areas of their life, rather than relying on mothers or aunts.lily-water-birthWhat was not anticipated at that time was that this occasional demand from a handful of women would, in a matter of years, become doctrine. In the late Seventies, all pregnant women were saying they could not imagine giving birth without their husband at their side. And not only was the husband now nearly always present at birth, but with his wife clasping his hand during labour and screaming out for reassurance, he became an active participant. At the time, it was widely believed there were many benefits to be had from the father’s presence. It was said sharing such an experience would strengthen ties between the couple and help the father bond with his baby. It was said his reassurance would make birth easier, and that the rate of intervention in pregnancy would decrease as a result. This shift to having the father in delivery room shrouded by optimism. However, little scientific study was conducted to find out if there was any truth to these claims. At the time, had reservations but did not want to judge, but knew from experience that the presence of a man is not always a positive thing. three-pregnant-dadsFast-forward to today, and there is still a lack of scientific study on this subject. Having been in charge of thousands of births, at homes, hospitals, in the UK, in France, with father present, absent has reached his own conclusions. More and more convinced that the participation of the father is one of the main reasons for long and difficult labours. And there are a number of basic physiological reasons for this. First, a labouring woman needs to be protected against any stimulation of the thinking part of her brain the neocortex for labour to proceed with any degree of ease. This part of the brain needs to take a back seat and allow the primal “unthinking” part of the brain connected to basic vital functions to take over. A woman in labour needs to be in a private world where she doesn’t have to think or talk. Motivated by a desire to “share the experience” the man asks questions offers words of reassurance and advice. In doing so, he denies his partner the quiet mind she needs. The second reason is that the father’s release of the stress hormone adrenaline as watches his partner labour causes her anxiety, and prevents from relaxing. No matter how much he tries to smile and appear relaxed, he cannot help but feel anxious. So the release of adrenaline is contagious. It has been proven that it is physically impossible to be in a complete state of relaxation if there is individual standing next to you who is tense and full of adrenaline. The effect of this is that, with a man present, a woman cannot be as relaxed as she needs to be during labour, and hence the process becomes longer and more difficult.Mark_Harris_male_m_3450554bWe must keep in mind mammals cannot release oxytocin which is key hormone in childbirth when they are also being influenced by the stressful effects of hormones of adrenaline in family. Many women struggle to give birth with their partner at their side. The moment he leaves room, baby arrives. Afterwards, they say it was just “bad luck” he wasn’t there the moment their child was born. Luck, however, is little to do with it. The truth is without him there, the woman is finally able to relax into labour in a way that speeds up delivery. After birth, too, a woman needs a few moments alone with her baby, particularly between the time the child is born and she delivers the placenta. This is not just about her need to bond with her baby. Physically, in order to deliver the placenta with ease her levels of oxytocin the hormone of love need to peak. This happens if she has a moment in which she can forget everything about the world, save for her baby, and if she has time in which she can look into the baby’s eyes, so make contact with its skin and take in its smell without any distractions. Often, as soon as a baby is born, men cannot help but say something or try to touch the baby. Their interference at this key moment is more often than not the main cause for a difficult delivery of the placenta, too.monkeyBusinessImagesshutterstockBut it is not just the fact that men slow down labour that makes me cautious about their presence at the birth. There are two other important questions that I would like to see answered scientifically. The first is, are we sure that all men can easily cope with the strong emotional reaction they have when they participate in the birth? Over the years, I have seen something akin to post-natal depression in many men who have been present at the birth. In its mild form, men often take to their bed in the week following the birth, complaining of everything from a stomach ache or migraine to a 24-hour bug. Their wives, meanwhile, are up and about, caring for their baby and in good spirits, and tell me how unfortunate it is that their husband has been struck down by one ailment or another. But it is well known by those who study depression that rather than admit a low mood, men often offer up a symptom as a reason to why they have taken to their bed. There are also men who try to find ways to escape the reality of what they have been through. This could just be a night at the pub, or a day playing golf when their child is a day old. Perfectly well-balanced men who held their wife’s hand through labour then left the next day never to return the most graphic example, perfectly healthy man had his first experience of schizophrenia two days after watching his wife give birth. Was this his way of escaping reality? Generally speaking,  noticed that the more the man has participated at the birth and the worse his wife’s labour has been, the higher the risks of post-natal “symptoms” are. Of course, this is not the case for all men, but it seems without doubt that some men are at risk of being unwell or depressed due to having seen their partners labour. The final question I would like to see answered is what, if a man is present at birth, will be the effect on the sexual attraction he feels towards his wife over the long term? When men first started standing at partner’s side during labour he remembered mother’s generation saying, very matter of factly, that the couple’s intimate life would be ruined as a result. And, given that the key to eroticism is a degree of mystery, I am left believing they had a point. There are many things we do in private in order to preserve a degree of modesty mystery. And, for the benefit of sex lives, it may be worth adding childbirth to the list. With own three children was not present at any of their births. The first two were born before it was considered normal for a man to be at the birth of their child. So  youngest son was born in 1985, at home.Whipps Cross Hospital London 1988 A father holds his new born baby moments after his wife has given birthAs it happens, at the exact moment son arrived in the world, the midwife was on her way down the street having made his excuses realising he was about to be born was fiddling with the thermostat on the central heating boiler downstairs. His partner did not know it, but given her an exceptionally rare, but ideal situation in which to give birth: she felt secure, she knew the midwife was minutes away and was downstairs, yet she had complete privacy and no one was watching her. If there are any doubts, we only have to look across the rest of the mammal world in order to see no other female, save human female, invites her sexual partner to witness her giving birth. Of course, it would ofte not be possible for women to give birth alone. But the optimum situation for women is to give birth with an experienced midwife, or another woman known as a doula. The key to the perfect birthing partner is finding a mother figure who can help, keep a low profile and remain silent. It is only 35 years since men first entered the delivery room, we have welcomed them in without question. At the present time, when birth is more difficult and longer than ever, when more women need drugs or Caesareans, we have to dare to smash the limits of political correctness and ask whether men should really be present at birth. When we take into consideration the effects of this on male and female, it seems the answer is not. It is time to go back to basics, turn modern convention on its head. When it comes to the delivery suite, men would be well advised to stay away. What do you think should men be or not be allowed in the delivery room? In modern times some women will not have it any other way unless the man was present to share their sentimental special moment first with her. Traditional views believe it is exclusivley the women’s private domain. Should consultants decide birth delivery choice or be made optional if there is no health concerns or complications?



imageHappy Mothers day to all the mothers everywhere. Celebrate and thank God for your life. Give thanks unto the Lord. Continue doing good and build people up positively. Your kindness and love is noted in God’s Book of life so noticed to appreciate you. Love, Laugh, Live, Give thanks to the LORD for HE IS GOOD and HIS MERCY ENDURES FOREVER. Wipe the tears and treat yourself because this is the day the LORD made for you to be a happy mother, happy wife, live happy life. Family go ahead and treat a mother wife on mother’s day. Remember to give breakfast in bed, dinner out, or meal at home and proceed with a beautiful gift made, bought, and provide chocolates, flowers, jewels, clothes, shoes, lingerie, cruise ship. This time of year remember the important role played by mothers in our lives. As a mother’s job never ends from Sunrise to Sunset and throughout the night taking care of babies, so bless and reward her. Running after toddler, sometimes alone so only by themselves with young children. A lot of sacrifice involved in motherhood some take for granted. Some mothers may do without food, basic needs, necessities to provide for their children. Some give up careers to fulfil due diligence care for children. Others employ nanny to care for them or sent to daycare centre above all is a mother’s love and comfort to the child.valentine-boy-1678610Teach children to appreciate mothers as they have only one natural birth mother no matter how many mums love them. God Chose that birth mother for unique reaaons so help bring up child in not animosity of bad mouthing the mother. It is intense caring for new born babies especially. After a full term pregnancy one expects relief from the pressure and the stress of expectant months. Only to find out the non stop demands of crying baby or babies. The mother is often exhausted without family support and often treated by some, “you made your bed so lie on it attitude.” So do not receive necessary compassion they need to be able to care for babies. The young naive ones think babies are like dolls so will be able to handle them without input of family. Some focus on baby designer clothes or shoes plus latest gadgets and prams. It means baby may be seen as accessory lack understanding of sacrifice involved so support them. A Godly mother is commanded to teach a child daily, morning, afternoon,  evening with a sound Biblical upbringing.wp-1456482580134.jpgMother do endure in silence not always complaining about joys of motherhood. Seen directlly as co-creator partnership with  God do not feel comfortabler to say anything perceived negative. So once the baby is born the mother automatically is expected bonds naturally attached and lovingly with the baby. It shocking to some, changes of trauma of conception and stress affecting women badly they become mentally disturbed by the post partum depression. It is often hard to detect immediately as mother let’s go of her body image attention paid to herself in past before giving birth. The constant demand non-stop baby, toddler, running around home, taking care of a husband, cooking, cleaning all at the same time by one person often becomes too much for them to cope. Some misconstrue as lazy by unsympathetic husband comparing her to perfect mother’s housekeeping skills. Forgetting their mother was full time housewife during their childhood. Honour and reward her for her efforts to raise husband and the children together.imageGive her gifts and presents to build self confidence. Do not insult her to further fuels low self esteem and can destroy a family relationship if not properly dealth with. The frustrated man reports the bizarrely incompetent behaviour of his wife to doctor for help. Woman obliges receives medication compounding the problem. As the treatment makes her docile and sleepy forced to rest to help recover. It is the man now stepping up to run the home or call for help from other women in the family to come look after the children. In the extreme cases pften happening the woman continues to slide downhill. As the unhealthy upheaval struggle takes toll completely resulting in irrepairable damage to the family. So the woman loses control of the children to social services in extreme illness. On the other hand when men become more domesticated and helping wife some family members become offended so treated by in law or jealous people as incompetent wife abusing husband. It their family going through suffering so doing the right thing helping as none of those gossipers come to help anyway. So demonstrate genuine love by gold gifts. article-2152323-0245D1E6000004B0-492_308x185GIFTS SOFTEN HER HEART SO HELP HER OUT FOR YOUR CHILDREN’S SAKE. The man continues to demand to be taken care of although now a fully grown man competes with their own helpless babies being cared by their wife. This mother’s day we want father’s to know it takes two to tango. Some become offended by their wife’s unexpected pregnancy blaming her for ruining their perfect union disrupted by an unwanted baby. They claim they may want babies later but not now so hate their own flesh and blood. So become jealous of the bond between mother and child so decide to punish her with an affair for lack of attention. Others disown child alleging they are not the child’s father. Some attack their child by verbal and physical abuse due to such negative attitude towards them. Women have no choice but to continue caring for child. The role of mothers is changing with pressure to work while mothering, men need to step up duties and responsibilities towards children. It is necessary to make life bearable, easy for mother or wife by supporting her.wp-1456483535355.jpgThen helping with domestic chores is considered as MORE LOVING ACTS to women than sexual intimacy alone. To the man affection is sex but to woman her needs must FIRST BE MET before she feels loved to enjoy intimacy seen as pleasing her man by marital duty. Women’s way of thinking must be taken extremely seriously to help understand women better. Throwing lots of money at problems does not always resolve what women want. And providing the material comforts, a good home, gifts, holidays are great but woman wants you not those things. This is also the misconception of some men saying, “they work hard to provide for the family yet the woman is ungrateful.” The woman wants a man to work hard but not reason to not be involved in the child care at home. Such a man has no idea what the woman is talking about. After all, she has a roof over her head in beautiful comfortable lovely and warm home provided for her. Bills taken care of but staying home apparently doing nothing as man goes out in freezing cold to hostile work environment.mothersdaysubwayart8x10.jpgHer Priceless Valued job of caring for their infants 24 hours non stop, day or night is undermined.  Helping a wife does not diminish you as a man rather enhances her love for you!!! Of course there are domestic goddesses who never let a man near her kitchen under any circumstances. As superwoman, seem able to juggle all different roles perfectly synchronised. At anytime wearing the different hats simultaneously as wife, mother, cook, cleaner, laundry, mother, shopping, etc. as her husband king is well treated too. Most women dream of fantasy of keeping it all under control. In reality it is possible to do teamwork. So do call for help and accept help. It takes a whole community to raise child. The Bible says the older wiser women must support younger wives. Do not suffer in silence stoically soldiering on doggedly to self destruct. The Bible says seek and you will find, ask and you shall be given,  knock and the door shall be  opened for you. Humble yourself and respect those able to help cheer you on, and keep telling you can do it. Be aware and know that is part of what helps to make it through tough times for a better and a faster recovery.imagesimages-1.jpg

The love and support goes way beyond that crazy time in my life. Mother have always tried to do whatever they can to make life easier and better. Always be there to listen and to give pep talk if  needed. And sisters or genuine friends, always there when if needed, no matter what the crazy circumstances may be. So be grateful for support and all the encouragement always seems to have in endless supply. Happy Mother’s Day with Love to you all mothers!!! To have a mother mothering you is important because it is when you become mother you want to be MOTHERED MOST!!! Do not burn bridges when you find love or madly in love planning your wedding. You are going to NEED ALL THE HELP you do not know about yet in the future. That is why families love you enough to help cheer you on want the best for you. and  know that is part of what helps to make it through tough times. So sisters help clean the house, do chores, cook for the mother pamper, nurture the mother more. Right after birthing or ‘borning’ baby get the help to keep your scattered self together essential through stress. Do not be lost overwhelmed drowning yourself in pity party. Enjoy the day, get all the help you can receive to bless you, God loves you.wp-1456483608345.jpg So love God and train your children to love God too as Jesus loves you so wants to bless and protect family in Jesus Name. As you help children as the BLESSINGS from God, BLESSINGS of God follow you all the days of your life in Jesus Name. Receive help and enjoy the fellowship of mothers to grow in your new role as a mother. The BLESSINGS of God will not add sorrow to your life but children will arise and call you BLESSED among women. Those who do not have ‘own’ children the Bible says barren woman has many more children than mothers. So help other mothers and bless them. This is a transition and new lifestyle lasting a lifetime. By the way FAMILY IS FOR LIFE  for years into eternity with God the Father of all. No where in the Bible does it say tear apart family after 16 years!!! Jesus lived at home 30 years in city of Nazareth as GREATEST GOOD GIFT IN NAZARETH GOD GAVE BLESS WHOLE WORLD. Be grateful, thankful for help even if not perfect as you will things yourself. Focus on help for relief than criticise helpers. Thank God for all mothers, we love you all.We-love-you-allSo love God and train your children to love God too as Jesus loves you so wants to bless and protect family in Jesus Name. As you help children BLESSINGS from God, the BLESSINGS of God follow you all the days of your life in Jesus Name. So be blessed enough to get such a sacrificial help. Remember children are not your private assets but are God’s Property entrusted into your care as a steward!!! Be kind incredibly grateful for the gift of their lives joined to yours into eternity with God. Be thankful for being a mother as understands better what it costs physically, mentally, emotionally, Spiritually to  mothers to mother young children. It helps to appreciate to thank mothers for their true sunshine blessed children in their lives. Happy MOTHER’S Day, on in depth day keeping it real!!!images-5

Wives need to be respected more by the family as they hold the family together practically Strengthened by God. Though man is Head of the household and family the detailed day to day management is in the hands of wife. As competent planner attention is focussed on minute details often men gloss over not deliberately. God desinged women to notice the little details that seem insignificant while men focus on the bigger issues. This is why marriage union is an excellent team work because both do complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. To know these differences is essential to help organise a family better. Mother’s   day helps to acknowledge and celebrate mothers, parents to thank them to show Gratitude. GOD said Honour parents, so most is a great opportunity to do so. Give them what they need most which is your presence in their company as they grow older. Make the most of it before it is too late to enjoy family life together. If one no longer has a mother, still love or help kindly, elderly ladies to bless them. Your mother watching over you in heaven and will be pleased you are doing the right thing to help others.wp-1456483650750.jpgYou can also celebrate the memory of mother with a meal with friends in her remembrance. Thank God for wonderful blessed years of love showered on you by mother. And do thank the mothers also alive in your life. Ensure the present given is sentimental and meaningful to her. Women want a unique gift of some kind. So the point is choose anything with her name specifically printed or inbuilt to her taste. Women often are emotionally attached to gifts and so may decode the present. From the price, size, shape, colour and whether appropriate for the specific occasion.There are books and lots of information on various gifts. If not sure ask her relatives to help you choose if she does not mind.imageOtherwise do your homework in advance and get exactly what she prefers. After all it is her present to make her happy. Do not go last minute into a shop to grab any item recommended by shopkeeper. The reason is they may not know your wife’s taste although you have good intentions it may not sit well with the wife.Pleasing her by paying attention to smallest detail, writing down a specified item codes can help choose better. If not no matter how expensive or the quality of frivolous choice without consulting her can cause arguments and ruin the day. Do not let ambition to surprise her cauae you to pick the wrong item that cauaes offence. Women like a unique gift and present expressing thoughtfulness, love and attentuon to detail. So wants  presents tailored solely to her not the practical element. Even if relevant to use in the home ensure it is her personal gift solely first for her use only. She may or not decide to share her box of chocolates for example. Buy or make gift worthy of her interests, passions, hobbies or desire element which is good enough for her. It is worth making the effort to appreciate mother and show your gratitude.


imageNew Creation in Christ means new life, old past and gone new lifestyle taking over becoming transformed, renewed through salvation in Christ and blood of Jesus. Accepting Jesus renews faith in God bringing new changes in life.image

This happens because God’s Holy Spirit Comes to Dwell inside us in CHRIST so  brings new Godly thinking and actions to help make better choices, decisions. As GOD’S Property under Jesus Christ NEW Management one has Great Trusted and Reliable friend to Call upon.imageThe old miserable worthless self image is gone forever because you belong to God. You learn now to value yourself as GOD’S GREATEST Priceless Asset and a Precious Treasure to God. Knows God as a Personal Friend and Confidante.


God takes you out from the enclosed confined cocoon of sin transformed to blossom like a butterfly free to flourish. God beautifies you and Provides for you as His Beloved Child Highly Favoured in CHRIST Jesus. You live to please God.imageGod says anyone at all can become a NEW CREATION no matter your past or what you have done or not done. God’s Mercy and Love extends to SAINTS and sinners alike. God TRANSFORM villains to valiant for His Glory and Testimony.imageAs GOD’S Holy Temple for His Spirit and Presence to Dwell in people see you as God’s Sacred Space Human Ability And Living Sermon. No matter all challenges faced Sound Foundation in Christ Will  Carry you through to stand life storms.imageAll things become new because by the blood of Jesus Cleaning from sin. God does not count your sins but through His Son FORGIVES you and Loves you. You let go of your past to embrace the new lifestyle in Christ provided for you.image

In Christ, God gives you Strength to live everyday knowing you can do all things through Christ Jesus Who Strengthens you so become Stronger in GOD’S Spirit in you. So because Jesus Lives you can face tomorrow reassured GOD CARES.imageOne becomes born again washed by the Word of God Jesus Christ and Power of Living Word of God. The God is powerful so performs Spiritual Heart Surgery to give new leash of life. God is Faithful, Gracious, Merciful so Compassionate.imageChrist takes control of your life, guides your spirit to make wise decisions by the power of God at work in your life in Jesus Name. You become transformed from kingdom of darkness into GOD’S  Kingdom of Glorious Light in CHRIST.


You stand on Living Word of God daily walking through paths of righteousness by faith towards cross of Jesus Christ. Mindful of Jesus’ Sacrifice for your life, Looking up to God to endure to the end in Jesus Name by GOD’S GRACE.


96e2f6c4f55e967defc71fb5b92e3663c6419b51Christ says he will come like lightening so quick and unexpected in the sky to be seen by all. In Matthew 24:27 Jesus said, For as lightning comes from east and shines as far as the west, so is the coming of the Son of God. Is applicable to day of judgment, coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in 2 Thessalonians 2:1 and  in Luke 17:24. For as lightning flashes and lights up the sky from one end to other, so Christ will be seen the day He comes back to earth to take Over to Rule Reign. Divine Lightening is seen flashing over statue of Christ Redeemer hilltop Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, January 16, 2014.lightphotoarticle-2541024-1AB9AEE900000578-707_964x643God sends events to help prepare world for Jesus coming. The message prompts and promotes the Good News Gospel to get ready for Christ coming. Lightening causes unexpected mayhem, harvoc, trauma, damaged homes and loss of life, So Jesus warns people to get their lives hidden in Christ as the Only Guaranteed Shelter of eternal life. A detailed look at what Jesus Christ describes at EndTimes includes many world calamities. As the lightning comes from east and flashes in west so is Christ Coming. Bible Scripture  illustrates God’s Signature event to come addressing people by fire and brimstone to warn and judge people. He Speaks to His people giving final chance of so many chances is God the same yesterday, today and forever. Bible prophecies on future events includes hail, brimstone, lightning monsoons, storms, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes. Biblical basis phenomena God uses Signs to warn of impeding danger. ablaz-insert-finalThe word lightning is 55 times in Bible so God is Mighty Power Warrior Victorious in Battle in Psalm 18:14. God shoots HIS Arrows to Scatter enemies by great bolts of lightning to finish them. In 2 Samuel 22:13, The brightness of God’s Presence is filled by bolts of lightning blaze forth. Job 36:32 says God fills HIS Hands with Lightening and Commands it to strike its mark. In Job 37:3 God Unleashes HIS Lightening on the whole heaven and HE sends it to the ends of the earth. Daniel 10:6 God’s Body Chrysolite HIS Face like Lightening, HIS EYES like Flaming Fire torches, HIS Arms and Legs like gleam of burnished bronze, HIS Voice Sounds of multitudes. In Matthew 24:27 tells us as Lightening Comes from the east is visible in west, so is Coming of Son of Man. Matthew 28:3, Appears lightening like, HIS Clothes are White. Revelation 8:5, says an angel took censer filled with fire from the altar he hurled it on earth. Peals of thunder, rumblings, flashes of lightning earthquake, God’s vocabulary. jesus20returns20in20lightning.jpgGod is so bright like lightning, causes all lightening, God Hurls Lightning. He uses it to vanquish enemies, and inspire awe, and announce HIS PRESENCE. Son Jesus is Coming unexpectedly like Lightening. God Loves you Deeply and Intensely so  CORRECTS people HE LOVES. God tells all to reconsider ways before it becomes too late. God Loves all people saved so warns all to avoid impeding coming of Jesus to earth as Conqueror then later followed by His wrath punishment. God Announces Jesus’ Coming by Lightening because God Loves Deeply, Intensely warning of His punishment. God is All Loving Father God never wants to send any of HIS children to hell, prepared for the devil and his demons. Hell exists to hold all unrepentant unforgiven sinners in eternity. God Corrects those He Loves by showing uncomfortable facts of HIS Direct Interventions on earth to save mankind. After God’s Children saved 1/3 of world is destroyed by lightening fire.2-Peter_3-10.jpgAnger of the LORD God in Bible aroused against some people records how they were killed in 2 Samuel God routed the whole army using thunder, rain and the lightning. God’s Perfection sees things to fit life but death punishment caused by Adam and Eve affect mankind. It seems harsh but man’s own disobedience had consequence. The lessons Church needs is warn of God’s Wrath doom and gloom urgent to KNOW mind of God and HE is Consistenctly warning beforehand of all HIS Expectations. His Precepts, Laws, or Commands points to God’s Direct Divine Interventions. God warns before it is too late to decide to accept Jesus. The lack of decision forces God as end of age draws to use Clouds in sky, lightning thunder, rain, mountains splitting, mudslides to teach lessons on salvation. All needs to accept Christ Jesus as Saviour and more importantly, each will answer to God. So do you Jesus as know personal Savíour? Sir John Betjeman, of a finest remaining church of its kind inspired a collection of poetry lamenting loss of buildings. St George’s Church, Goltho, Lincolnshire, razed to the ground as an apparent act of God. Tudor church had an extremely rare architectural features, destroyed by fire hit by lightning storm burnt down.golthojpg_2713126cburned_2713122e.jpgOther churches all over the world suffer similar fates. So question is why GOD’S House is not spared despite a dedicated and faithful servant who loves worship of God. God’s Ways are not our ways so we cannot speculate and try to explain God’s actions. People’s attitude is if God really CARES why does HE not Exempt or give Privilege from SUFFERING?  So many churches suffered a similar fates around the world. People assume God’s Sacred Space should withstand the tests of life. Human abilities no matter how sound structures to withstand storms of life. Churches Conservation Trust, with responsibility for site, says the damage is too great to restore Church structure.4951329_GMany churches suffer similar fates all around the world people assume God’s Sacred Space to withstand challenges of life. Limited human things have limited strength abilities no matter how sound the structures the storms of affect them. Spirtually speaking a sound faith in God goes through storms of life with God in Christ. Lightning is in the news daily as damaging homes and property with loss of lives in all nation. The KING of Kings Jesus statue at the Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. The statue 62 feet high, presents Jesus’ torso and arms upraised, causing aptness of a nickname “Touchdown Jesus” to be honest statue in a baptismal pool and at night, lit from underneath multi-colored lights. 75% of those polled said it was bad taste and reflected poorly on the city of Monroe.tumblr_inline_nc9x8nt2DJ1qktv7n-1.jpgMonroe firefighters said lightning strike set the statue on fire around 11:15 p.m. Monday. Firefighters said tallest, flames reached 100 feet. The sculpture, was 62 feet tall, showed Jesus from the torso up nicknamed Touchdown Jesus by some because of the way arms were raised. Church members said lightning strike and destructive fire stunned them many think its a sign of need to pay attention to God. Kevin Jones said,”I am thinking Jesus teaching lesson to all Christians as a whole, if is not doing something right. Morgan said, “Its scary to think of what it symbolizes as a sign.” Steeple was not touched phone tower next door stayed intact only God Knows why it happened.The statue according to some reminds them of images not intended to be Solid Rock Church. Some say lightning struck because of the Touchdown Jesus idol. A definition of idol is the worship of a cult image, idea, objects, opposed to worship of One God. Seen by some as idol images object constituting an idolatry, but some serve and worship resurrected the Jesus from biblical standpoint. Say the statue is not an idol by bible description of and uses of lightning as God’s work. So part of God’s Vocabulary individual, incident in the past God smite individuals occurs in fact. We cannot be sure of particular incidences and should remain cautious in ascribing Divine Hands work for any given circumstance. This is God’s Power manifested by Lightning thunder also in South Africa seen here is magnificent.105109People wonder like woman in article at Solid Rock Church if this too is the sign from God so Church change their ways? Judgement starts in the House of God by taking stock of right standing with God daily is good exercise. So lightning used as a sign to the people by God and know in the near future in Revelation 8:5 that Lighting occurs a direct order from God: “Then angel took the censer and filled it with the fire of the altar, and threw it to earth; there followed peals of thunder and sounds and flashes of lightning and an earthquake.” Revelation 11:19 says in Temple of God in heaven as opened, Ark of COVENANT seen, flashes of lightning, sounds of peals of thunder, earthquakes and great hailstorm.” In Revelation 4:5, The Throne and Worship of the Creator God’s Throne is flashes of lightning and sounds, peals of thunder. There is seven lamps of fire burning before Throne as the 7 Spirits of God. Lightning is part of God’s Power Vocabulary Speaking to all throughout all the ages in living history. Gospel message is reinforcing alertness to watch out for Christ as quick as these Lightening flashes to be saved in Christ.


imageGod’s Face Seen in Norfolk Britain in UK, United Kingdom in 2015. As Bible tells us God shows His wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below so all who call on the name of the Lord will be saved in Acts 2:17–21. On God’s servants men, women, old and young people God Pours Spirit in those days to prophesy. UK cloud in sky maps spotted numerous times in complete formation in different locations in Britain. Authentic genuine pictures document often UK cloud. The world now looks up to cloud platform to convey messages in business world, God Reveals Himself in cloud to His people. God Seen in the cloud has a direct impact as people start talking about Him. God wants to bring His Gospel Cloud Message Concept to His global audience, updating the message with stylish modern twist to capture attention of the whole world.wp-1456088889053.jpgGod Inspires Awe by Announcing His PRESENCE to prepare all people towards His Son Jesus Coming unexpectedly in the clouds. God Loves Deeply, Intensely and Corrects those He Loves so warns all to avoid impeding wrath punishment. It is important to take seriously UK Images in the cloud so deserves a closer look. The sky is GOD’S Canvass to paint His Ideas, Thoughts and Messages to the world trying to avoid a direct dialogue with Him sometimes. God Chooses to make His Presence known, seen and felt from time to time in cloud. He does not like to be overlooked or ignored. Modern cloud businesses collaborate to support firms on globally God’s Global Presence is acknowledged by all nations. UK image in the cloud is not exclusive targetting of the avangard dominant culture.wp-1456084766433.jpgRather it is God Holding UK or Britain accountable as the world’s premier leader to set tone of Honouring God to all other nations. To whom much is given is much required. UK is primary Christian nation so owes responsibility duty care to God’s work.  can clearly see exact replica of the UK cloud image compared with  the natural map of United Kingdom. This images are not photo shopped or created by man by appears suddenly in cloud formations. Are result of UK clouds, winds or storms cause image clouds to drift, move in various shapes all around the world.wp-1456092759340.jpgThese repeated images of UK seen here are from different years, dates, times or seasons yet look identical as if coming from one camera take. These cloud UK has occurred over different time frames documented by different people in UK. This is the more reason why it seems so significant because of their frequency. It is essential to ponder over these pictures to reflect on GOD’S PRESENCE revealed in cloud asking why particularly UK?  To observant God Lovers Seems to feature UK specifically for His Own Reasons so necessary to find global meaning. Why is the cloud becoming a centre of focus to communicate Heart of God?4D22AD0E7B2F4CCD83EF017AD73141DAGod displays Love and affection for His people to show He Cares Deeply about the plight of humanity. The cloud source of studying God’s Message in astronomy or space exploration happens always for many centuries. The Hubble Telescope Reveals Majestic Magnificence of God beyond imagination. New Planets seen detailing indepth pictures skies beyond human eyes fascinate people wanting more of such information. Similarly, the end time messages are constantly also depicted in the clouds by savvy experts to share the Gospel message of Godlove.

wp-1456078384150.jpgAll over the world are many fabulous images seen. Similarly God is advertising His Ancient Timeless Classic Messages to mankind to listen more actively to Him for their own good. Endtime news reports daily show the shifting patterns of changes affecting people globally. So when looking for cloud provider, look for a company to support operations with a data centre facilities plus and employees on the ground. GOD is reaching out the world because many have abandoned His Words in Bible. God Changes tactics to MANIFEST His Presence in new ways to share His Gospel Message of God’s Love.wp-1456090562564.jpgIn addition, it is also revealing more of the hidden mysteries of God as He is Getting ready to SEND His Son to earth to reconnect heaven and earth. This is part of the reason why God constantly reveals to mankind Directly Involved He  is part of human affairs in the multiple locations. Clouds regularly featuring UK constantly so numerous as coincidental.IMG_20160816_153120280.jpgwp-1456090591046.jpgSo a closer look needs to be taken as to why the UK is regularly featured in the clouds. Although weather phenomena and scientific explanations given make sense why Britain features prominently among the nations? This important question must be addressed on issue to reflect why clouds reflect UK most among the other nations? Day or night the UK Cloud images recur in many pplaces captured films shared globally by the cloud fans. So fascinating images taken unexpectedly by avid observers in seconds instances capture scenes of UK images. All other nations have images before dissipates forever into thin air.IMG_20160304_210758The Sky Cloud is GOD’S Gigantic Canvass Plasma Screen to Tell us anything dear to His Heart concerning all lives. As people choose alternative ways to communicate so God Ensures He Keeps in Touch with all humans through the skies by GOD’S Cloud  Messages. As wide as the Sky is or deep as Sky ranges between heaven and earth there is no distance between God and mankind. GOD Shares what is in His Heart through images, shapes, tokens, sense of honour to capture attention of people. Modern technology means some people are too busy to remember God in their lives. So occasionally God Calls their attention to show His Beautiful Creation to express His Unconditional unlimited love sends angels to help.Host-of-Angels-by-Joanna-Lueck-11-20-11.jpgThanks to God cameras of this modern technology enables beautiful images to be documented. Constantly pointing to reaoearly to UK map image cloud scenes in comparison to other images. Day or night these UK Cloud images recur in many places so are captured on films shared by cloud fans. Fascinating images taken by these avid observers in seconds from the ground in some instances capture these images. Why unexpected taken images turn out to be identical in relation to UK subject matter? Avid observers in seconds from ground now instantly capture images documented. Without prior notice happen to be at the right place at the right time for the images posterity shares. From ground on multiple occasions and in various locations identical UK map cloud seen.imageThis evening UK image in the cloud was posted in 2011Banks, on January 5th, 2011 By John Evans. As Consistently good businesses yearly celebrated the new accelerated data cloud so sky cloud spotters discover too the most exciting images ever. The identical cloud scenes are from different times and locations as stated earlier yet seems like the same image over and over again. However, the cloud forms these images so many times it needs to be taken more seriously by people aware of how God MANIFESTS through different scenarios using token symbols context to convey His Message.659e033a15bb3689e39590763236d113All over the world God Still REVEALS His Wonders to call people’s attention so as to take notice His Magnificence. So the Presence of God is Marked by Clouds as His Shekinah Glory is Revealed so Glory of God fills Chosen place.  When Moses finished work of the Tabernacle CLOUD of God representing VISUAL PRESENCE Manifested Covering meeting and all the people saw the Glory of kavod of God as it filled tabernacle in Exodus 40:33–34. These cloud solutions points to the end time message of God Revealing His So many Wonders in the clouds in the sky.image Supposing someone consistently often writes your name boldly across the sky as some do to loved ones to propose or celebrate anniversary, the message is loud and clear so people know what the message is for. In the name same way, God is Trying to get UK’s attention.God wants UK not to drift away from GOD’S PRESENCE. God’s Love clouds seen on many occasions are well documented. So this is not a virtual reality but actual footage among many others. God must be expressing His Love for the broken hearted. During specific moments of intense pain one lifts up the eyes to the hills to see GOD’S POWERFUL LOVE in action during despair see a Wonderful scene of Nature tailored to your needs.IMG_20160719_171949194_HDR.jpgSo JESUS and the Holy Spirit reminds you when you are in awesome wonder, consider all works God’s Hands Made. At times God Manifests HIS GLORY or Unique Creative Ability to DECLARE HIMSELF A LIVING DEITY to challenge the easy comparison with deities. As world shifts attention to the sky for business cloud ideas so God in the cloud reveals Himself more. God is showing Himself in forum language accessible to capture their attention. So by all means enjoy the great scenes in the skies and share but also necessary to ask why is God showing these views.question_cloudSo question is why UK often seen? UK needs to understand her role in global history ordained by GOD in end times. It is the rehearsals of realistic assessment of world events pointing to all destinies attached to UK as prominent key player in events happening globally. This issue is in the interest of all those concerned about the end time manifestations in line with word of God in the Bible to you. Mankind needs restoration peace for all so requires thinking greatly why Cloud Scenes in so many regions?hqdefaultWhy is God, Jesus, angels, showing up in cloud in sky on premier days connecting significant events on global on platform. The cloud platform properly supports all God’s people in Christ firmly on higher level by global presence. God and Jesus Looking as Cloud Providers of heavenly company supports operations with data centre facilities for available believers in Christ. God loves people so much He communicate messages in clouds so wants healthy relationship with people uptown or downtown. God shows His wonders to cloud spotters opportunity for His Purposes. HEAVENLY resources made available in stages in cloud reveals God’s bigger wholesome Christ salvation picture eventually. Precepts on precept and line by line God reveals Himself in small doses to world not to overwhelm mankind. In the endtime all God’s cloud databases join up in His Global Puzzle in cloud is clear for to all see.1120.jpgThe cloud is going to play a prominent role in God’s end time agenda of Coming of Jesus in the clouds. People look up to God as their salvation is near through the clouds. Alertness used in capturing cloud images is same kind of alertness God Expects from all to see Jesus Coming in the cloud as Lightening. Vigilance is necessary to see Christ in His Coming in Clouds in Glory. This is God Calling forth everyone to look up more into the sky or clouds. In Colorado clouds take on wave form when two layers of air move at different velocities and whilst having different densities. So what are these images pointing to by God Who said He will show Wonders in the clouds and sky. Is God telling us a Message by UK maps?imageNature’s is sometimes wonderful and so magnificent, magical, frightening and intoxicating at the same time. Tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis flood volcanic eruptions, are but a few. Here is a selection of Cloud spiral in the sky. An Iridescent (Rainbow) Cloud in Himalaya. The phenomenon was observed early morning on October 18, 2009  More  nature’s vast palette of awesomeness and wrath from the ground or on trail, Cranborne, Dorset. This UK map cloud is seen above Britain many times near the houses in multiple locations. UK shape stayed in the skies above Coudon, in Coventry, for around a minute before drifting apart. These UK maps happens too frequently in sky clouds too many to ignore. God’s Purpose is to alert the UK nation to seek God more.wp-1456092759340.jpgThe education assistant, who works at Coventry Transport Museum posted image on Twitter, describing it as Coventry’s  gift to baby George. So God has an interesting present and message through UK for the whole world. The billions of people around the world will all need to lift up their heads to look at the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ one day. God is Calling to Attention all the people of UK in Britain to take notice. GOD Remembers the role UK played all over the world proselyting for the Gospel Message of salvation. This present for Prince George is similare to Jesus Presented to the whole world to be saved. GOD wants BRITANNIA to lead in the Gospel message to the world. So these UK dramatic pictures of clouds in the shape of British Isles seen after birth of Prince George. Great British weather as never seen before of cloud formation in the shape of United Kingdom in 2013. UK ensure God is Highly Valued Globally Honoured Creator of universe recognised as King of Kings and the LORD of lords.image

The above eye catching photograph of UK map was taken when the night began to close in at Preston, Lancashire, Friday. These images of Britain exist often seen, photographed or filmed by many people day or night. The night incredible images captured by photographer Denny Small, in Heaton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. God Holds Britain Dear in His Heart among nations so shows Manifest PresenceGod CORRECTS those He Loves because He does not want anybody to perish but for mankind and His creatures to be saved. Have you snapped a photo of British Isles in the sky? email picture to or text it to 63000