12132965_1683469988555040_1943706889_nColossians 1:15-16 describes Jesus as the Image of the Invisible God and Firstborn of every creature on earth and in heaven. Jesus shows us exactly what His Father God Looks Like. Jesus is Sitting on the Right Hand of God in heaven. God has Arms Like Jesus Who said when you see me you see Father God therefore God is not an abstract object or a thing. God is Living, Breathing Being Like Jesus Sent to clarify what God Looks Like. God has made human beings in His Image. Jesus though Holy and Perfect is the Standard Shape of a man. God and Jesus Confirm all human beings have physical of God. Also is Well Known As He Visits many people as He Chooses to Reveal Himself. To those who have not seen God He is invisible. A view of Jesus is A View of God as Jesus is Closest Person to God since beggining of infinite time. By Jesus all things were created including all the thrones, dominions among other power entrusted to Jesus as stated above in this text. Paul instructed Timothy, “First of all supplications, prayers, intercessions, giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all in authority, so we may lead a quiet and a peaceable life in all godliness and reverence” in 1 Timothy 2:1-2. Prayers by God’s people for their leaders is a vital part of God’s Plan. God is interested in running of all countries on earth. So FATHER GOD Sent Jesus the Son of God to Represent God. Therefore Like Father God like Son Jesus Reverence is Given to Jesus like Father like Son. So often this very popular saying affirms father and son describing their common traits of both the father and son. People make remarks on how the son acts and behaves like his father or comments on how the son looks like the spitting image of the father. The father’s name is also passed on to the son as junior. Similarly, Like Father God like Son Jesus is exactly same concept that makes people Honour Father God and respect Jesus Son of Father God. Father God Authorised by Power of Attorney all things and the Throne of King David Ruled Upon by Jesus to Represent God the Father in Heaven and on earth. Jesus sits on the Right Hand of God in Heaven as Second in Command Next to God. Father God Highly Exalted Jesus Above All Names so all knees shall bow all tongues confess Jesus Christ is Lord to the Glory of God the Father.12331557_1027227520677951_1134352021_nThe Son of God is Lord of Heaven and earth. GOD ALMIGHTY LORD OF LORDS and made Jesus Lord of lords. Protocol on earth demands Royal Heads are well received everywhere they go. So they are highly honoured and also called your Majesty. When invitation is issued the Ruling Majesty on the throne cannot possibly attend to all in the year. Due to other commitments heir apparent goes to represent your majesty. The  people treat the heir to the throne exactly as if your majesty was present as guest of honour. The people set up events, meetings and dinners exactly using the same protocol like your majesty was there with them. They declare undying love of commitment alliances for your majesty. So willing to share whatever a befitting ceremony plus titles to honour majesty. In turn people swear allegiance to continue established dynastic ties generation to generation. Also willing to defend your majesty and do them good. So do not refuse heir apparent visit to say they acknowledge your majesty as real sovereign but will not deal with the heir. Heir apparent is destined and trained eventually to rules at the right time like your majesty to inherit the throne. The earthly humans know how to celebrate kings and queens, leaders to honour and respect heirs to the throne.god-so-loved[1]In same manner so exactly Sovereign God Your Majesty On Throne requires Jesus to be revetrd and treated well like Himself. It is important to understand Hierarchy GOD ALMIGHTY in relation to Son Jesus. The HEIR of God is Chosen to represent God on earth and in heaven to Rule and Reign. To claim to Love God exclusively but not love Jesus His Son is not Wise. World kingdoms are wise so treat they heir apparents with honour. So GOD’S Children submit to God and Know Jesus is Head of Church. Jesus is The Royal Priestly King Head of God’s Own Kingdom in heaven and on earth. GOD Almighty’s Theocratic Kingdom is 100% built only on Sovereignty of God. So Christian believers accept Jesus Son of God Chosen by God to Rule through Jesus. Love of God requires love and acceptance of Son Jesus. The Bible says anyone who does not accept that Jesus Son of God came in flesh is anti-Christ. Such a person is anti-God because one cannot justify an absolute unwavering love for God yet have bitter hatred rejection of His Beloved Son. The Acceptance of Father God demands the acceptance of Jesus The Son of God.for_god_so_loved_the-68366If any heir apparent to throne is rejected by any people in any part of the world that is unwise but profess to love your majesty that is not acceptable. It is impossible to make such a decision then expect to be in the good books of your majesty. To decide Heir Apparent Jesus is not Good Enough to Represent God’s Majesty On His Throne Strains the Relationship between people rejecting Jesus and God. As God is King of kings so is Jesus King of Kings. So GOD’S Kingdom Subjects Include Heir Apparent Jesus Christ The Head of God’s Kingdom. Therefore Inadvertently if anyone implies Messiah Jesus is not acceptable as Future King Over all to relate with then it causes diplomatic problems for a person in God’s Kingdom. So globally all nations have to be careful not to endorse snobbery of God to self -destruct by rejection Jesus Christ. Furthermore, it will jeopadise diplomatic relations and cause difficulties for citizens of that kingdom as God says those whole nations will be destroyed. Each nation on earth respecting protocol trains to honour all members of UN. People who continue to deny Jesus Son of God cause problems between themselves and Almighty God. God Has Decided in His Kingdom Jesus is One Highly Received and Honoured like God Himself. So Treat Jesus from God Well and Welcome Him into all lives as God Has extended His Mercy and Grace for all to be saved. God does not want anyone to perish Jesus is God’s Master Key Entry Point in GOD’S Kingdom. It is necessary to open hearts to accept Jesus to be saved. Jesus Works Closely with God so does not make any decision without GOD’S Approval. Jesus Always Does The Right Thing To Please God. Those who accept Jesus Trust and Know For Sure Jesus is The Son of God.36481_all_29-02-JesusTeachingSermonJesus is Dependable as Reliable Saviour. As Perfect Love is Shown by Jesus to all mankind so Jesus deserves also to be reciprocated by love response to please God. One cannot be a guest in any family home then turn around to reject beloved son or children. Yet enjoy their delicious sumptuous meals, entertainment but hate the son and children. Sadly often this is the attitude of some people towards God. While confessing love for God but hating Son Jesus. Father God Loves all creation so continues to provide for His enemies who hate His Son Jesus. God Lets Sun shine and rain fall on just and unjust to continue delay of Jesus’ Coming to Allow more people to change. Yet God’s Time is running out of patience for the of endurance of hatred of His Son Jesus. Why Love God and not love Jesus? Like Father God like Son Jesus God FORGIVES all those who hate His Son to make Peace with all in Jesus Name. Jesus said on the cross Father FORGIVE them for they do not know what they are doing! It is not God’s Will that anyone should perish for God so loved world He sent Jesus to die to save all. Why destroy relationship with Father God by hating His Begotten Son Jesus? Who on earth would accept professed love for the head of household or family endure an abject hatred of son, children from generation to generation?28532-cc_rest_mountains_1100.500w.tnThat is bound to affect a father’s opinion of those who claim to love only Him God exclusively! This shows Father God Puts up with Son Jesus’ anti-Christ hatred discrimination for a season. God wants those against His Son or Children to love them as much as they claim to LOVE Him. God is Hoping perpetrators of hatred for His Loved Ones change to accept and love all His Children as much as they say they Love God Exclusively in Jesus Name. For their own good and the benefit to gain eternal life not to perish. Know that Hatred of Jesus amounts to Hatred of God. Denying Jesus and God’s people can affect hope of entering into an Everlasting Life in the Kingdom of God. Those who say they Love God must accept also God’s Conditional Offer of Acceptance of Jesus Christ. One cannot have one without the other. If you really Love FATHER GOD you must Love Son Jesus like Father like Son. God Expects Same Majestic Treatment He Deserves for His Son Jesus Christ. God will not accept any lesser Standards For His Son Jesus. Those who Entertain God with a Befitting Honour Require Same Status Treatment of Majesty God’s Son Jesus Representing all as Firstborn of creation.  so I am asking for your help to doing something great for God. Today, we are asking for your help to share the word out to pastors and churches, as well as to individual Believers. We call God’s people together to take a stand before it is too late for all people to be saved in Jesus Name.


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