11379327_594793777330152_2104736362_n.jpgThe Bible says in Proverbs 16:32 that the person who rules over his own spirit and slow to anger is better than mighty man who conquers and rules a city. For he who rules his own spirit is better than he who takes a city. So many people want make great name globally by themselves by putting landmarks to prove they own power. But that does not impress God much. God Already Owns  everything including all silver and gold.BxxA6vNCAAE7QXjGod says start first conquering yourself. To rule one’s spirit means focus more first on yourself as the living sermon whose example attract others to want to change. Therefore Christianity teaches the believer that charity begins at home with your own household before trying to reach out to others. Ruling the spirit strengthens own inner spirit first before trying to piggy back by carrying others.spiritual-transformation-quotes-1In addition, Ezekiel 3:33 and Ezekiel 33:3 says as watchman intercessor share your the Testimony of Jesus Christ but let hearers make up their minds. Pray for those witnessed to and leave them in GOD’S Hands for the Holy Spirit to touch their lives. Can you rule your own spirit? God’s people need to be rock solid, able to rule our own spirit. We do not want to find ourselves falling apart during the storms of life so must be strong in God.1809-bibleEdify yourself by praying in your holy language, and filling yourself with His word and living a lifestyle of worship. You will begin to see changes in how you handle every day situations. Be blessed young ones! Do not waste time forcing people to be converted or spend energy fighting or killing people to take the city in GOD’S Name. The Bible says leave the sheep and goats or the wheat and the tares for Master Jesus to come to sort them out. A Christian’s job is to love people, share Gospel Good News.  The trouble is many people want to remove splinter in other people’s eyes before taking noticing the log in own eyes.7b2926055bb975607e054235df20ed15   As a result they become very angry and frustrated for not being able to rule and control the other people. Self righteous anger drives people to want to coerce to enforce perceived superior sophisticated ideas to rule others against their will. Thereby imposing contradictory values and laws that destroy others in process. Yet God sees fit to create various people with many standards suitable according to God’s creation. Anyone trying to attack others to change them is not ruling his own spirit by using anger.d2b12-anger2band2byour2bmouthRuling one’s spirit is thetrfore life -long commitment and duty of care to oneself. At the sameone one looks after interest of others to help them. God does not call people to undermine others in order to promote themselves. Instead, God calls people to build up others in Kingdom of God rainbow colours. Vengeance belongs to God to deal with those who reject His Word or His Son Jesus Christ. Empathy is essential to understand other people even if we do not agree with their views.The-purpose-of-the-Golden-Rule-Steve-Douglas-1024x576.pngCHRISTIAN believers are not to engage in arguments that end up in fights over religious beliefs. Christ is great example to follow in how He led as A Servant Of God in Service to  God. Jesus came to serve to give Life as Ransom for many. He Gave His Life so did not take people’s lives to force them into submission. To rule one’s spirit requires a consideration for others, serving and respecting them.11925913_742453575882919_1628114200_n.jpgFor centuries Christianity is giving opportunity to all people of their own free will to accept Jesus Christ for now. Eventually, when the time of the Gentiles is up, God will ensure a final chance SALVATION then GOD’S Wrath Anger Will be poured on those who reject Christ. God has set His Own time to deal with resistant unbelievers so it is not the CHRISTIAN believers duty to do so. A Christian calling is to rule His Own Spirit then support and guide others to rule their own spirit to grow by FAITH.mqdefaultSo proverbs 16:32 reminds all Whoever is slow to anger is better than a mighty, man and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city. God help us all in Jesus Name to obey His Holy Words which will not return void but accomplish that for which it is sent to do for GOD’S Glory. So the question is what is the true Gospel?mqdefault (1)The true Gospel is first receiving Christ personally as your Saviour then sharing Christ with others in love without any pressure, threats, or force. Jesus came to save lives from sin and destruction to give life more abundantly into eternity. So Christian message of the cross is to win souls for God not kill them. Those who love God preserves lives for GOD’S Ultimate Judgement day. Rule your own spirit first before trying to rule others.

proverbs-25_28.jpgThose who insist on ruling others first without ruling their own spirit destroy themselves. They destroy others and so bring GOD’S judgement in the process upon themselves in error. God does not want anyone to use his rebellion in His Name to justify barbaric acts against others while they cannot even rule their own spirit. God asks all to give account for their faith actions and behaviours in Jesus Name.



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