imageGod Chose JERUSALEM out of all the cities in the world so His Name Will BE There. For this FAVOUR upon Israel and the Jewish people they have endured so many attacks and hatred due to envy and jealousy. Whole days in Israel are dedicated to commemorate various celebrations in memory of holocaust victims and survivors. Today the 27th of January is again a reminder of rescue of survivors from Auschwitz. Other places where Jews plus other ethnic minorities suffered untold torture are Remembered in UN Museums and other Friends of Jews museums. These atrocities and sufferings continue and  have taken on a new strategy. Instead of directly burning ALIVE now kill softly by hatred, bigotry, ignorance, economic hardships because of lack of the understanding that all people belong to the Creator God. People may not like how God made them or others but that is a bone to pick with God. To attack other people just because of privilege, or religious fanatics is ignorance. This is because the person being attacked has no control over God’s Choice over their colour, favour of God, height, circumstances. Some families continue to poison with toxic hatred innocent children to carry on enmity. One cannot inherit enmity as it affects the next generations that carries such vengeance burden so do not stand by to endorse all hatred and discriminations.imageEach year many people are groomed so encouraged and sponsored end up losing their lives in prime life needlessly. The venom of hatred is intense and blinding that it destroys all involved so there is hardly winners of hatred. Instead of tolerance to teach people the world belongs to God Who Sees Fit to put all sorts of people on earth, people continue mocking GOD’S Creation to their own hurt. Any time a racist comment is directed at others it is referring to GOD’S Own Masterpiece Handiwork. It is is questioning GOD’S Wisdom for daring to allow a person to be what God made them to be. With regard to GOD’S gifts, callings or His Decision to Choose Israel as God’s Role Model Nation, that is not the fault of those chosen. So anyone not agreeing with God BIGGER Plans and Agenda to let God Do His Work to Complete His Kingdom so everyone finally recognises the eternal everlasting mission of God. Sabotaging or attacking GOD’S Plans does not stop God from Doing What He is Doing. Nobody can Conquer God ALMIGHTY. Jesus defeated the devil to prove GOD’S KINGDOM will come on earth whether people like it or not. So it is better to surrender to God’s Purposes and Plans according to His Words. For they shall surely come to pass in Jesus Name. Killing GOD’S Messengers does not stop God’s Own Kingdom and never will. People fighting God destroy their own future separating themselves from God. God is not driving them away but it is own repulsive action that deprives them from the Privilege of God’s Presence. Do not tolerate hatred.imageWhether you like it or not, God Made Some Choices, so does not need your approval get over it people are different. Unfortunately it becomes too late after death to cross over to change the mind. The rich man found out too late after devil deceived him with wealth he did not share but did not take into heaven either. He could not buy his entry into heaven with all that wealth. Wealth is great to help function on the earth but those who extort wealth in holocaust and other exploitation gather evidence for God to judge them with for hurting His people. Jesus told the disciples to not carry purse, money, spare clothing or sandals. They gave up fishing and followed Jesus Who trained them in His Ministry. Although they may not be rich on the world’s terms, they left eternal legacy of Scripture still saving people from all tribes and nations today. They seat around GOD’S Throne by achieving the Godly standard Jesus designed for them. Thousands of years later they are part of history because of obedience to God. They paid hefty price for salvation so today people are being saved. Those people being mocked as believers for siding with God and obeying GOD’S Plan and Purpose be encouraged in the end God wins. Of course one may not quit work to be full time missionary like the apostles but God uses everyone in His Own Way for His Glory. Why do you fight the ones God chooses to mind His Own Business? Rather support GOD’S Desire to put His Name in Jerusalem. For God Will Come From Heaven to Dwell in Jerusalem one day even if people believe it or not. It is  those saved that have eternal salvation to dwell with God forever in peace. So pursue peace and Pray for peace of Jerusalem for GOD’S Choice for SALVATION in Jesus Name.


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