Psalm 126:3 says LORD God Almighty has done great things for us, so rejoice Praise His Holy Name. The great things LORD God has done for us innumerable. Starting from His perfect unbeatable design and construction of priceless human body, so complex, complicated in design nobody has cracked secret to use their own original ingredients to make man like God. Then breathing spirit life into body to sustain and maintain life. God ensures limitless supply of all kinds of natural resources to provide for all. Be glad, rejoice at majestic beauty of GOD’S Holiness, celebrate God. God put you on earth for His unique purpose for you to create new things of His Wonders.150761_559021444130179_508357607_n1Sovereign God we lift up your Holy Name to Bless Our God for unsearchable wonders. The more we appreciate God’s love the more God reveals His Shikinah Glory nurturing side to us. The more we adore God, we marvel at how much God Loves us and puts up with us by His unconditional love and acceptance. No matter how far we drift off God sends His Son Jesus to save and redeem us into eternal life. There is nothing in life that compared deeply to GOD’S Mercy and Grace for us. God gives plenty to eat until are full, even though it may be crumbs from rubbish tip leftovers. That is not choice God made for you but Still praise God’s Mighty Name for putting up with mankind. Despite all unbearable atrocities mankind deals to each other.


The name of the LORD God Who Has Worked Wonders is praised. Blessed be Your Gracious Name for without your Forgiveness all will perish so nobody will survive. God we bless you even if our lives and Plans are not as we want it to be. You are Still God on the Throne in Control. Things falls apart according to human understanding yet we thank and bless you. For God tells us to give thanks in all circumstances. Father God open our eyes to see beyond natural realm to see that the eternal outlasts physical realities seen. Father God You Are Faithful, Trustworthy, Reliable and Dependable so help obey your Will. 78690cf4dd41bedf893ec00ff137085bThe outcome of our lives may not be as expected but still you are God. Father God we Love YOU and Thank YOU. God values souls above all else so be rich in God’s soul bank account balance with you. God Will ask what did you do with your life and how many souls did you preserve ALIVE into His Kingdom. Even if you do not feel rewarded God takes notice of all those dedicated to make GOD’S Kingdom come on earth. Bless the Lords all people for God is Good.

Lyrics to Bless His Holy Name

Bless the Lord, O my soul,
and all that is within me,
bless His holy name.

He has done great things,
He has done great things,
He has done great thing,
bless His holy name


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