All these eternal classic songs will lift up your Spirit and bring joy into your heart. Do take time each day to sing to God and to worship God also by yourself. You do not have to wait only for church service on Sunday or Saturday morning and the evenings whichever time you prefer to go to church to meet others before you express your personal love for God. It is absoluetly true that we must not neglect meeting together in the House of God. It is even better if you can set up in your home or a special room a place for music to worship God. Intimacy with God also means one to one personal relationship with God in addition to a public worship of God. Of course worshipping God is not limited to just singing but this includes honour, respect, veneration, reverence, adoration, Praise, thanksgiving, prayer, among others. Especially to celebrate the days you wake up singing in the dreams or with a special song in your heart to God. There is joyful lovely atmosphere whenever God is praised or worshipped. The Spirit of heaviness lifts and departs as God rides in the praise of believers to act on behalf in Jesus Name.

hqdefault-4Music helps to recall GOD’S Wonders to reassure us we are never alone. To thank God for Jesus and salvation miracle to redeem from sin into eternal life. Even if it is possible, have lots of Godly music in the home, at work, in car if it is suitable and appropriate. Also Godly music gifts to children early in the womb prepares them to be more drawn towards God. As they recognise and respond to a familiar song, sounds, heard in the womb. Music is therapeutic so important to encourage listening to a healthy music. The whole family can sit together around a Godly music with hot drinks or cold, if better suited to weather to indulge and enjoy the Godly moment. Those who can print out song lyrics to accompany the music helps so all can sing. Meeting regularly to sing for God as a choir or in a music club helps to find friends with positive interest in Godliness. So it is good to sing unto the Lord to sing His Praise. Of course one can compose and write own music to share your talent, passion for God. Many song books, ebooks, lyrics, you tube videos help to sing.

Challies_Jan17-23-04Do not stress yourself over perfection of the music voices for accuracy of various notes: soprano, treble, alto, tenor, base or sound tones too intensely to ruin the purpose of Glorifying God. Music is not about showing off what a great voice one has or how well one can sing better than all other people. Remember it is for the Glory of God Only because such a mistake of pride cost satan to lose the privileged prominent position God had entrusted previously to him in heaven. Do not cause grief to any one singing their heart out to God if not in harmony or in discord for God understands. Let the music flow to worship Him. Be an encourager to celebrate Godly music. Of course if studying music as an academic subject professional training requires and demands accuracy for excellence. So that is entirely different from a child or adult just worshipping God. Also many Christian schools devote the first hour of day to Praise and Worship God daily with Bible reading before classes begin. Later Bible Knowledge is taught in light of Godliness and Reverence in line with creation theology. GOD’S LOVE Wonders are well connected through music songs for many years sang even after leaving school. Make sure GOD’S music is first love song in Jesus Christ. It is important to focus on Joy and hope of trusting God for assurance of eternal life. Music really heals the mind and brings inner peace. Worship Sovereign LORD GOD JEHOVAH Elohim Adonai Almighty through songs with instruments and dance too.



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