200_sThe Bible says Jesus died on the cross at Calvary in Jerusalem in Israel to save all mankind. The cross bridges gap between God and mankind. The cross reconnects people back to God. The devil thought he was humiliating or disgracing Christ but God turned it around into the Greatest Testimony of SALVATION. The entrance into GOD’S Holy of hollies was obtained through Christ death on the CROSS. The message of the cross gives hope and assurance to believe and trust God. For God so loved the world He Gave Jesus to die for sins of mankind to reconnect to God. The cross used to punish people in those days by Roman rulers at that time to crucify Jesus is Symbol of GOD’S LOVE to FORGIVE people who believe. So cross shows how deeply God Cares about His people not to perish. To God’s enemies the cross is potent symbol yet reminds many people of the Sacrifice made by Jesus. The cross is a dreadful symbol of man’s capability to hurt and destroy others. The cross reveals ultimate Good defeating capacity of man to reward evil for good. As Jesus went about doing good and healing many people, so others went about planning and plotting evil against Jesus. Jesu destroyed all works of the evil from people’s lives. Christ defeats death by eternal life conquering and stopping by His crucifixion. Jesus allowed the evil plans to go ahead to prove he conquered death by His resurrection. Some people appreciate Jesus’ Victory by symbols of the cross to celebrate this triumphant achievement of Jesus. Others feel the death and resurrection of Jesus is too traumatic to be displayed at times so prefer not to use cross symbol.


Still many people feel that the cross with sculpture of Jesus on it reinforces the perfect sacrifice of Jesus, never to forget the pain or the price Jesus paid to set us free. This different arguments at times cause the followers of Jesus to try to take sides as to whose idea of cross use is the best one. Despite the significant differences most important thing to remember is the common good of Blessings of salvation for us through Jesus. Though others agree Jesus was crucified they do not believe that it was on a cross used but rather on a stake. This point of view emphasises Roman soldiers at one point had so many people crucified per day. Between hundreds to thousand per day mentioned by so many different versions of arguments. Further still some feel this true Living history of Jesus never happened because they are perishing. The Bible says those laughing at the powerful work of Jesus Christ on the cross are spiritually blinded. Yet the power of God manifested by Redemption work of Jesus forgives sins of mankind. John 3:18 says, Whoever believes in Jesus is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God. Above all things, God will judge mankind on the acceptance or the rejection of Jesus Christ. This is GOD’S Ultimate Decision nobody fights against or challenges so accept Jesus.

the-message-the-crossThey stated there was shortage of wood used for the cross and therefore a cross was seen as wasteful. Consequently the single pole became a necessity used to ration in time of need. Other people say the translations of the Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew texts into English caused loss in translation. So many issues of accurate precise words to record same versions of texts caused some to relate approximate meaning closest possible. Whatever the issues surrounding the cross to different people it was either a source of Joy and hope or repulsion to others. On other occasions the misconduct of perceived of a few zealous passionate sincerely wrong people represented cross in a bad light as a source of offence. Such used cross to frighten people so attacked in ignorance in the name of the Father God. God has Mercy even on those people when they see the light so repent of their sins. God FORGIVES them too because it is the Will of God people from all nations be saved.

jesus-paid-it-all-cross-picture-hd-wallpaper-1024x768They also often brandished cross while destroying people and killing them. This became a negative symbol of destruction so such a wrong approach discourage faith in God. Those with appalling sad memories attacked by some who wielded the cross fear the very sight of the cross.  Unfortunately, the Cross of Jesus Christ is the Cross above all other crosses. A piece of wood on its own no matter the shape cannot save. SALVATION plan of God in Christ on Cross diminish in any way whether pole, stake or actual Cross. The MOST IMPORTANT FACT IS JESUS CHRIST PUT HIMSELF OUT PUBLICLY TO TAKE THE PUNISHMENT for all sin. This gift is Freely available to all those who know the real accurate truth in the Bible.

maxresdefaultTherefore to be caught up in a debate of the instrument of torture of Jesus than focus on Christ is accomplishment is a misnomer. Instead  place of appreciating celebrating great work of SALVATION trivialises it with petty arguments of replica cross. God is looking for all those who worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. The believer is to keep eyes only on Jesus Christ alone not on the objects in itself. These objects are not equated by Christ precious work on Cross. Rather is fitting reminder to those in moment of relief to rely on a visual symbol to acknowledge the symbolic Presence of Christ. This is the greatest precious gift God gave us all.

IMG_06450119994Many people keep all kinds of mementos of sentimental value objects to remind them of loved ones. So those are replicas or the photographs of family members to keep them in view. It is similar to the feeling of keeping Christ in View as a reminder of hope and a good future in eternity. There are those who object to any form of symbols because considered as idols. This misconception is based on view Invisible God cannot be represented by symbol. Jesus lived on earth among men so has a place in the hearts of people dear to God. People visit various places Jesus walked, died, resurrected, ascended into heaven alive to celebrate Christ. So thank God for the miracle of Salvation. This gives strength to people to endure to the end by faith in Jesus Name. A cross token in itself is not idol worship but just a source of hope to remember Jesus. Throughout living history, Christianity used many symbols of the Lamb of God, fish for the fishers of men by disciples,  menorrah for light, and the cross. The gracious work of Jesus Christ is a Spiritual Victory Won to save mankind. Put confidence in God and in Christ to live by power of  Holy Spirit it is God who Sustains life. Give credit to God to appreciate Finished work of Christ.



  1. The Heavens cannot forget the Cross, the earth cannot forget the cross and the devil cannot forget the cross. The subject of the cross is unforgettable experience which both God,man and the devil cannot take it for joke.

    God cannot forget it because that is where God release His greatest power for the deliverance of man. Anything cross cannot handle nothing can handle it not even God because the subject of the cross is the power of God. Anything God will do it will surely be through the cross. The angels cannot forget the cross.

    Man cannot forget it because at the cross It is Finished. All matter was dealt with at cross. Both sin and the devil lost their power over your life at the cross. Anything that the cross cannot solve in your life nothing can solve it.
    Live your life centre on the cross.

    The devil cannot forget it because that is where the devil was dealt with. The seed of the woman crushed the head of the serpent. The devil was finished on the cross and now he nothing but useless. The devil that cannot even stand before me and be talking what a useless boy.

    We have victory at the cross, we are more than conqueror. Wow………..
    What the devil will be doing is to allow you not to see the cross and believe it.because he knows that is where his life was ruined.
    As you are reading this, the devil is much afraid because the prince of this world (the devil) was judge and cast out through the cross.
    Anywhere you see the devil operating quickly cast him out through the victory at the cross don’t think twice.


    Amen and Amen, absolutely true our salvation is in Victory achieved by Christ Jesus at Calvary Cross. The Cross is salvation to all who believe but foolishness to those perishing. The devil goes around like roaring lion seeking “those” to devour. So does not devour all, only “those” who allow it. God’s Grace, Mercy, Divine Protection Cover by Blood of Jesus in Jesus Name saves for eternal life. Thank you and God bless you abundantly for your comments.

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