wp-1453014085580.jpgJESUS said many things during His Work on earth including His resurrection that came true. So Jesus spoke of the rapture that He has Prepared place in heaven so will come back to take those who believe to be with Him in God’s Presence. When God Feels Enough is Enough Jesus will come based on praying to God to shorten the evil days. In 2 Peter 3:10, the day of the Lord will come as a thief at night for rapture to take believers into heaven.

b4d4d5451921cc5f987df0c61b2b00fcGod said give Him no Rest day or night until He Restores The Peace of Jerusalem connected to all world peace. Messiah Jesus Christ is so Perfect one would not expect word thief to be associated with the Son of God. Jesus Chose to use word thief to warn people of His unexpected coming. God will send Jesus to earth in the clouds to rescue believers who accept rapture unexpectedly like thief at night.1 Thes 5_1-2wp-1453285095593.jpgJesus said His Coming Will be sudden so be vigilant day or night. There are TV documentaries of transformed thief shows property owners weakest link in entry points so enable them to select property to rob. It includes gates left wide open or broken locks not fixed or repaired. Jesus warns to be wide awake not in spiritual darkness with regard to coming for rapture in clouds anytime.

second_coming_every_eye_shall_see_Him_111120353_stdWindows left ajar or the door unsecured. Other information include exhibitionism so tenant occupier’s daily movement or routines is easily monitored due to their carelessness. With shocking details of anonymous phone calls to test run if  a property is empty. Tweeter information hints access of absent owner of property.

imageAs chilling as this information sounds, the transformed person guides the public on how to secure premises to make sure it becomes harder for easy target access. Similarly, Jesus is reinforcing the importance of Christian vigilance at all times, day or night. The night time is dark so easy to blend in darkness to conceal stolen goods. Jesus tells us where our treasure is there our heart will be. Seek heavenly wealth that is more precious and of a great price.imageHowever with the night vision tracker it is impossible for the bugler to run and hide. God makes provision for protection inside His Son to hide from the painful impact of robbery. Jesus said His Coming Will be so sudden like a thief’s cunning timing of the property owner we so must always  watch out for Him. The believer is not to live in fear or dread of Jesus coming as a thief causes anxiety.imageRather the believer is to carry on daily life normally yet like seasoned Christian soldier in readiness on call of duty. Jesus Will return when the world is busy doing its own things as usual. There will be so much to do to keep people occupied and with things of this world. It is this time of busyness that takes focus on God to other distractions. This is the crucial time to watch out for Jesus’ return.

wp-1453015401774.gifthief-in-the-night-5Jesus forgave pardoned thief on the cross at Calvary  assuring him of salvation and entry into paradise with Christ. Thief was able to recognise Christ in humility so pardoned and saved into heaven. So rejoice for your SALVATION is near. Even at the door according to GOD’S Time table to rescue Christian believers and the Children of God in Christ. End time relentless cataclysmic overwhelming events occurring simultaneously show God’s warning of changes comingGcsoon. Mankind is able to live consistently in the space station above earth. So GOD’S Home Above earth has mansions for all His Children to be taken to live in after rapture. There is hope for believers to be saved from God’s Wrath.

wp-1453015024387.gifThen 144,000 chosen male Virgin Jews will work with them to save countless MULTITUDES from all tribes and nations more than SALVATION has ever achieved throughout living history. If you are the property owner entrusted with GOD’S most treasured asset you, be sure to secure yourself in Christ  and be saved in Jesus Name. The cucified thief on the lookout for salvation received God’s Love and Mercy extends to him same day. For material things you may risk your life for are perishable.The repented thief asked Christ to remember him in Glory. The thief comes to steal, steal and destroy but Jesus came to give abundant life more abundantly.

wp-1453015458279.jpgJesus forgave the thief and those who crucified Him by saying “Father forgive them for they no not what they were doing. So GOD’S Mercy and Grace extended to the sinner who asked for forgiveness. Jesus is warning on many occasions using different parables to confirm His Coming to save mankind. The world events show birthpangs end time agenda of GOD’S Own Timing.

wp-1453013448799.gifSince nobody can predict exactly precise moment on GOD’S Mind, Jesus said it could happen day or night. So it is good to have a test run of how earth looks like at night should God choose to send Jesus at night for rapture. It is such wonderful sight to observe but the quick action of rapture means it will be so rapid like the twinkling of the eyes. The people need to be ever ready for Christ Coming to save.wp-1453013495940.gifThis means one may not have privilege of seeing that view in action on the way into heaven. However, it is good to be in the know of how rapture may seem while ascending ALIVE into heaven. The view from earth will be distant memory. God has Compassion on all those left behind to give them a last final chance to repent before it then becomes forever too late. After rapture, God will send back Prophet Elijah, Prophet Enoch or Moses to evangelise people on earth.

wp-1453015134858.jpgThen 144,000 chosen male Virgin Jews will work with them to save countless MULTITUDES from all tribes and nations more than SALVATION has ever achieved throughout living history. If you are the property owner entrusted with GOD’S most treasured asset you, be sure to secure yourself in Christ to be saved in Jesus Name. If opportunist  thief on the lookout for vulnerable entry points GOD’S Love and Mercy extends today. As material things risked life is perishable.


So seek greatest asset treasure salvation of your soul. God said when you first seek first your personal SALVATION and the salvation of others all other things will added to you. You do not have steal from no one because. JEHOVAH Jireh the great Provider will provide to supply all needs according to GOD’S Riches in Glory by Christ Jesus

wp-1453015214108.jpgThe world in spiritual darkness globally will be saved if only people choose to accept the SALVATION plan of God. As busy as people maybe buying, selling or being given in marriage and getting married there is greater joy beyond the modern understanding of God. It is also necessary to make effort to love God

wp-1453015278585.gifIf you thrive by depriving others also to enrich yourself unjustly remember that earthly material things are completely useless in heaven. Jesus said seek the imperishable treasures that do not rust or could be stolen by the thieves. So God says invest in souls as the greatest asset treasure of God into eternal life. So do not gain the world and lose your soul. You are so precious and a priceless to God He Sent Jesus to die to save you into eternity. No matter labels choose Life, God’s blessings for your life and the loved ones in Jesus Name.


2 thoughts on “JESUS COMES AGAIN

    • The Bible says even the righteous person may fall 7 times. As long as life is as it is on earth a believer is still work in progress. So not perfect but changing from glory to Glory. Therefore must recognise the sinful nature potential to stray off track unawares. So must quickly turn to God in repentance. However, the Grace of God, His Mercy and Compassion are not licence to sin. But Reverence not to sin against God. After Christ returns in the cloud in the rapture those left behind have the final chance through 144,000 Jews evangelising with Elijah and Enoch or Moses for 3 and 1/2 years. After that time there is NO MORE MERCY EVER AGAIN BUT JUDGEMENT AND DESTRUCTION BY GOD AND JESUS IN DAMNATION IN HELL. THOSE SAVED LIVE FOREVER IN BLISS IN HEAVEN THEN IN NEW JERUSALEM DESCENDING TO EARTH. Thanks God bless.

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