imageThe Bible tells us to look at flowers and birds to encourage us to have Confidence in God to Trust in Jesus to be assured of His Love daily. This means in face of adversity, no matter the circumstances, after all the tears and crying we can still smile. God demonstrates Eternal Love towards us in His Mercy by His Grace so we can still laugh. The flowers show God’s Majestic Beauty and Glorious Eternal Love. In appreciation the flowers respond to GOD’S Greatness by showing off boasting GOD’S Creative Power. When time is taken out to stop to smell the roses, pay closer attention to the simple things in life, suddenly GOD’S Wonders is recognised in the flowers smiling gloriously with Joy.

imageThe birds are made wonderfully so do not toil or reap, God Provides for them. Pondering over nature and life as God intends teaches us so many beautiful lessons taken for granted. So there is need to dwell more on natural beauty than distracting all mankind into solely concentrating on digital age exclusively. To interact with the environment to fully appreciate these Great Blessings God showered on us daily. Jesus preached mostly in parks, local neighbourhoods, open mountain tops to enjoy fresh air. Jesus took time out into country side, walks in wilderness to seek God’s Face on One to One basis with Father God.

imageMechanised life is convenient and also useful in so many ways thanks to new technology. Mankind does not have to miss out on beauty surrounding them. It is almost impossible in the concrete jungle age to find the paradise organic gardens all around anymore in certain places. As it is rapidly disappearing to provide more housing needs. An inbuilt nature centre around local parks helps appreciate and enjoy nature walks by going for hikes. Taking time out to walk about in appropriate suitable clothing in outdoors helps calm minds. Reflecting on God’s Great Wonders helps regain our reconnection to God on daily basis. In practice, God’s Beauty and Goodness is all around us to enjoy tranquility.


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