In the Bible, Deuteronomy 4:9 says, “Only take care, and keep your soul diligently, lest you forget the things that your eyes have seen, and lest they depart from your heart all the days of your life. Make them known to your children and your children’s children. First of all God Commands you, all the days of your life to take care of God’s Words related to your life and store them in your heart to remind you daily to follow GOD’S Purpose and Plans for your life. God’s Methods are tailored so specifically to suit your life. This includes your taking best care of your physical body created in Priceless Image of God the Father. Treasure your human figure and physique because you are unique as one of a kind among billions of people on earth. Whatever shape or size your body is this is a special gift from God to you. You may perhaps not prefer what God gave you but God in His Wisdom Sees it fit to give you this special specific one entrusted to you. So corporate with GOD and work with God studying His Manual the  Bible carefully to agree in line with GOD’S WORDS for your life. This is the only way you will find rest in God and peace of mind. God’s Way is often different from the world’s ways. It is important to Remember you are  accountable to God in this life and after in eternity. So your life and all that concerns your life, all that matters to you is of priceless value to God. You are a great asset treasure of great importance to God a steward of Christ. This means the full responsibility of your life rests squarely upon your own shoulders. You do not do this do by your own strength but it is through Power in Christ. God Gives all the believers Inner Strength through the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name. This is the only way to be at one with God in your inner spirit in tune with God.


This verse continues secondly saying you must keep your soul diligently. One must be steadfast, unrelentless in the fight for your soul. All the seasoned sportsmen understand the tough game of holding unto a ball, being pulled under attack and challenged to release the ball by opponents. Opponents are not your best friends looking after your best interest. They want the ball from out of your hands or distracted from you to score against you to defeat you. Then celebrate in your face to humiliate you. This is the same principle in life as God expects you to ensure nobody is able to use any tactics, tackles, tricks to deceive you out of GOD’S Hands. You are responsible to keep alert to focus on your team mates to pass the ball to ensure your team wins. So your life is synchronised by God to have positive influence to build up your soul. God’s Idea is you feed your soul with GOD’S SOUL FOOD daily to maintain healthy diet to sustain your life. God Chose you for His Glory and Purpose so no life is useless in GOD’S Scheme of things in life. You may not necessarily feel good, always happy, pleasing God but better be in GOD’S Good books in obedience.


Thirdly you are to maintain relationship between you and Father God through all the generations. It means looking after yourself well, loving God and the family to ensure they follow GOD’S Way. God Instructs Christian believers to teach own children then children’s children. So that from generation to generation God is Remembered in the family. You do not leave the thriving of your body, souls or minds to anybody else. God ordained parents as stewards to do this teaching on GOD’S behalf. Even if child goes to school, family matters at home must be centred on God. So there is no negotiation or any compromise when it comes to Godly matters. This is the secret to good success in life. You are given responsibilities by God so ensure you fully understand the part you must play in God’s Agendas. Other people are sent to help you in life but onus is first on you to maintain your life and the life of all those entrusted to you. Knowing God intimately through His words also reveals God personally to you to trust God more as a personal friend of God.


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