4526074Those who reject God and His Teaching from the Bible are doing themselves a great disservice. GOD’S Commands and laws are for your own good. There is also God’s protection in His Words for those who receive Godly instructions. God’s laws seem like God’s restrictions to kill joy or fun. Doing GOD’S Will helps to protect the person even if God’s laws do not make sense to a believer. There are consequences for actions taken in life whether GOD’S approval is sought or not before undertaking ventures or not. The trouble is God is often blamed when it all goes wrong. Instead of humbly asking God’s help for wisdom, guidance Mercy Forgiveness from God, turn away rather in anger towards God. God’s Still is sad about being misunderstood that a person draws away from Him. So it is time to realise God Cares so much to return to God instead of avoiding God. God’s Love is so Abundant, so deep, so wide there is room enough for all.
On the other God has eventually a time limit on His Own Terms. This means as a loving Father Tolerates His Children’s behaviour for so long up to a point. So God is Compelled to Take a Decision by His Hands Being Forced by the actions often self-inflicted. Therefore God like a Loving Father Has to Allow His Creation to make their own mistakes. Eventually God let’s them find out the hard way by their unnecessary suffering. By thinking the grass is greener on the other side go away from God’s Safe Protection. So cause themselves in towards heartache and pain. All along, God Never Gives Up on His Creation Waiting Lovingly for the prodigal son to return. God Permits the person to continue to seek Forgiveness time after time Hoping their misery and suffering will teach them a life lesson to change. A few have wake up and so call on God humbly by turning from broad way to the narrow Way. So are restored to their first love Jesus Christ if saved. If not a committed believer backslider, has to make a decision to commit life to God. As a result of GOD’S Compassion God is revealing things in stages to warn people against playing with fire. God’s Strategic Patience Lets people see and hear GOD’S plans and Agenda in place towards end time preparations in Bible like beasts.
Although GOD’S Grace, Mercy Endures Forever, God does not like to be taken for granted. This means those who still refuse to accept Christ cannot assume that God will let them remain indecisive forever. There comes a point God Will Act to Change suffering in life forever for total peace. Those who continue to be rebellious God said He will send Christ as Conqueror to Rule to exact revenge for vengeance for ignoring God all these years. God will send strange beasts from the sea and birds in the air to consume the carcass cardava of those slaughtered by Christ Sword. So God’s Words are not mere fairy tale but Real Truth that gives Everlasting life. Take full advantage to accept Christ Jesus as Saviour to be saved from death and condemnation in the hell Fire. God Truly Loves you so much He Sent Jesus to die in your place to save your life. Do yourself a favour and accept Jesus GOD’S Gift of Eternal life to you. Do accept Jesus to be saved to obey God. Jesus loves you so does not want you to perish from GOD’S Loving Presence.

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