JESUS ANDANDOLifting eyes to the Hills means looking upwards above problems circumstances towards God in heaven above to Christ.  God sent Jesus to rescue mankind from sin by his death and resurrection. In the same way God is sending Jesus to rescue from the evil times. As things get worse there will be no buying or selling unless a person takes the mark of the beast on their forehead or chips on right hand. So those who refuse to oblige are killed this is why GOD is urgently rescuing His Children in rapture.

13202-open_my_eyesAs the new year begins with great hope and assurance God sustains and keeps all those who put their confidence and trust in Christ. Things happening now globally only get worse. So necessary to regain more strength in the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. As worse things become a daily occurrence the need for help from God becomes even more urgent.

24459-lift-my-eyes-800x600This is why the Bible tells us to refocus on God to look up to God more. This means to take the time to read GOD’S word to find the relevant answer to all problems. It is during good relaxing times that God’s words must be stored handy in our hearts to recall during adversity. It difficult to read and study the Bible if in pain, or going through trauma. The mind becomes fogged and unable to focus or concentrate. People require God’s Divine intervention miracle to make it through the valley in low times.

jesus-appearingOne is never too young or too old to call upon Jesus Christ to rescue from sin or to be in the rapture. Be encouraged to seek God yourself. You can call on God by His telephone line Jeremiah 33:3 freely always available to you. Only God can deliver mankind from the tragedy caused by wicked  man – made policies destroying people everywhere in the world. Day or night Jesus gives answers in line with God’s desire for you.

imagens-de-cristo_965068702_cristo028Remember the most valuable asset God gave you is your life so value life and do believe in God no matter what people say about you. You need to rely more on God personally in perilous times. The man made policies do not bring peace or love to the world. Finding refuge in Christ in God is the secret to life into eternal life. Jesus paid the price your life so honour God live by His word.

16821-cm-philippians-4-6-7-anxious-anything-situation-prayer-petition-thanksgiving-present-requests-god-peace-understanding-socialChallenges cause despair hopelessness so people want quick redemption and relief from pain. The things people go through come upon them as a result of imposed decisions out of their control. So choices made by others impact their lived even if they want it or not. This when to run into the loving arms of Christ Jesus. He had suffered greatly on earth, been rejected so Perfectly understands pain and grief.


During pain fear tries to knock on the door to intensify hurt so thoughts turn to the Goodness of God. The answer is to continue holding onto God even more not to question God to unravel Him. The troubles on earth are often man -made self-inflicted victims of success. Pursuit of wealth is promoted relentlessly so God is pushed to the back of the mind. Hence consequences affect all globally. This is the time to know God’s Way of life to shut the door to enter God’s Doors for us.

15320-god-shuts-doorThough the Bible says the love of money is root of all evil people are encouraged to LOVE MORE money at the expense of loving people. Choices are usually made to destroy people for the sake of making more money. So whole communities and nations suffer due to inhumane global policies that benefit the few. Many query God for not stopping such destruction and blame God instead of those causing suffering. Sadly, the wealth cannot save those who prefer wealth to obeying God’s Plans concerning wealth for all people.


The most important thing to remember is the world is controlled by spirit of error instead of Spirit of Truth from God. This means actions taken are not in line with God’s Plan for mankind. Adam and Eve abandoned God so refused to look up to God anymore. This is the change miracle only God can do to touch hearts to show compassion to all people. God Provides sunshine and rain for the just and unjust. So much wealth is abundantly available by God the Great Provider for you.


Those who dedicate their lives like Levi’s and disciples of Jesus will never lack any good thing. God Faithfully Provides as the time and services are totally devoted to God. Forcing people to kowtow to only the pursuit of wealth is deception that had no eternal value. The Bible says seek the Kingdom of God First then all things and God’s Way of prosperity will be added to you. Pursuit of other priorities causes the problems of the world. This is why the Christian believer is in the world but not part of system that destroys God’s Wealth so must look up to God in Christ.


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