raptureAs things get worse on earth life is also becoming unbearable so going to be the greatest emergency rescue intervention ever seen in history. Already the world is experiencing a great tribulation Jesus talked about to help people prepare in advance so not to be overwhelmed. This warning given by Jesus is necessary to warn people to be ready for take off event alive. The precise moment of the rapture is exclusively determined by God. As the world goes through tragedy with groanings in pain and sorrow of all the circumstances all over the world, God is getting ready His Supernatural Rescue Expert Jesus once more on this lifetime mission He already once was taken alive back into heaven.


skydivers_floating_gifIt is an optional choice so the receiver makes a personal decision to accept God’s offer of help. Those peaceful loving people who have had enough of wars and destructions have seen enough. They do not want to continue in situations of violence and aggression any more. So a chance is given to those really in need of desperate help as part of God’s planned desperate measures. Events day after day get worse sadly in unrelenting traumas so people look up to God for relief. Through their intense prayers and endless intercession God Sees and Hears by His Mercy and Grace to send Jesus to save many innocent people not to be needlessly recklessly destroyed. A place is already prepared in heaven for them in advance as God said some people will never die. Those who believe and are alive therefore in the midst of the great tribulation will be taken alive into heaven.

tumblr_lligilFon01qizvnso1_500On the other hand, those who through doubt mock and ridicule God’s Rescue Plan will not partake of it. God does not force people to believe Him. Rather, He Provides enough evidence to convince those who trust God to make up their own mind by their freewill. Although it is freewill decisions made individually will determine consequences of choice. Those who choose wisely to believe God will be received by Christ in the clouds to take them into heaven. Those who reject God’s offer will go through even much worse times as never seen before and ever seen again after the rapture.

secret_raptureSo those who believe in God must hold on and endure to the end. This is the hope of salvation as life gets worse. The events unfolding globally are all in the Bible so not surprising to those who know their God and do great exploits. It important therefore to read the Bible for your own inspiration, God strength, encouragement by faith in Christ and asking the Holy Spirit for God’s Truth during adversity. The Bible said that perilous times and dangerous times will come but God has already Prepared The Way of escape for those who want it. So those who refuse to believe will be left behind to go through great tribulation. JESUS BRINGS INNER PEACE HEALING to those who want peace. The mongers and accomplices of war will bear brunt as God sadly lets them do own thing by permissive will God grants reluctantly.


giphyThe living conditions get worse with famines causing food shortages, droughts, floods, forest fires, landmines, that prevent normal agricultural produce. Things spiral out of control with anger and frustration caused by the struggles taking place. Generally life everywhere becomes unbearable, living conditions almost impossible.The rapture is very real but impatient people want humans to predict God’s Timing. Many people want to be seen as the most intelligent minds that decoded mystery of rapture. God said NOT EVEN JESUS KNOWS EXACT DAY, TIME OR HOUR. As rapture happens up above the world so high earth is seen in distance.d61a7a9d105681b5ebffdecee5ab60ef

Those who try to fix date of rapture do so in vain so frustrate themselves in attempt to READ GOD’S MIND. As a result become vexed failing to KNOW EXACT details exclusively known only to God. Inability to control exact days or dates of rapture prediction makes them give up to tell people it is not true. As a result of their narcissistic ego shattered because they cannot take pride and the glory for their clever genuis abilities of breaking the Secret to God’s mind. So in revenge they become bitter, angry with those who trust God. They begin to tell people rapture is not real because of their disappointment of not being the genious celebrity who named rapture the accurate date, time, hour or the rapture. Some wasted entire life time trying to decode God Time with bizzarre codes deceiving people on set days that never materialised. It is God’s Will to save the earth in His Own Timing.

597970845_125842God Will Do His Own Thing Whenever He Pleases. The Bible says who can Advise God or Query God’s Decisions? Only God Decides in His Own Time what To Do. The people who refuse to study Biblical prophecies have a habit of discrediting those devoted to studying it. They even tell people God does not speak anymore directly. The fact that God does not reveal His Date and Time of rapture to them does not mean it will not happen. As a matter of fact there is nowhere in the Bible God commands believers to go and consult university professors as sole experts to give exact date and time of rapture. Infact God did not require people to go about trying to prove His Date and Time rapture. For Only God Knows His Exact Time for the rapture so it is futile excercise to try. God Will Cause rapture to happen in His Own Timing. If human beings dwell in space station for so many years above earth why cannot God dwell in heaven in mansions so bring people in rapture?


There are plenty of signs of end times and birth pangs all around since time of Jesus. The issue is to allow God to be God High Above mankind. The world is paying a hefty price for mispredicting birth of Isaac. When mankind in Bible decided to do their own thing to create minterpretation like Sarah did of Isaac the result was Ishmael. After 20 years became desperate only to realise later true miracle according to God’s agenda. This is why the Bible says there will come a time everyone will know God for himself or herself. Reading God’s word is not dependent on opinions of man. The Holy Spirit shines light on the word of God by studying, meditating, seeking God’s Face. Rapture is not based on the traditions of men. ‘The trust me I am the specialist monopoly rapture expert’ causes so many to rely solely on others. Some do not own Bibles, read, study to know and understand God’s Will for them. It is important to make up own mind but beware of the consequences. Those telling people there is no rapture will account to God for misleading other people. Everyone came to the world an individual so will face God as individual. God will not accept any flimsy excuses misleading people. Belief in rapture is a personal choice to make one’s mind to believe God’s Word is TRUE. So listen to Jesus Who Knows God Best do not claim to be wiser than God in own eyes.


Nobody depends on interpretation of Revelation as a metaphor because God’s words are clear and specific in line with the rapture. The good news is those who refuse to believe rapture will be left behind according to their faith. Jesus said some will be taken while others left behind. Those who believe in rapture or not get their due destination. The sense of urgency associated with rapture is to prevent despair. A day is like 1000 years to God and 1000 years is like one day in God’s Sight. God is not mathematically proved by anybody. Exact date and time of rapture of God is spiritually discerned by faith, confidence, trust in God so not calculated by secular man-made books. The future is in God’s Hands to Unlock Apocalyptic Time Clock prophesy shows CLEARLY ONLY GOD KNOWS THE TIME.
So nobody is to put life on hold waiting for rapture. Surely rapture will happen at any moment on God’s calendar years as God Expects. Jesus said the end will not come until the Gospel is preached to all as witness against them so they have no excuse for not knowing God. So every believer is to share God’s Truth of SALVATION Gospel first and foremost than waste time to prove God’s Agenda. God’s Rapture Date Department Is In Control so Belongs Exclusively to Him so rapture time-table is covered. It is essential not to be distracted wasting time on God ‘s Private Domain Matters or Issues. It is none of man’s business to go around setting any fixed dates on God’s Behalf. God is Capable Rapture Time Calculation Himself so Does not Help. Trying to scare people with fixed dates creates confusion and doubt. The end time is near since time of Christ. Rapture clues are in Bible prophecy so makes reading easier and clearer not to be fixated on God’s exact rapture time.
Christians of course need to know about the end times but Expert on Rapture is God not secular arguments in religious  classrooms. The rapture matter is not the once and for all religious debate but Reverence for God’s Sovereignty with a due Respect for God on His precise date for the rapture. No Old, New Testament scholar professor emeritus can give the precise day, time, hour of rapture Only God Knows so cannot predict rapture. The clues and the signs of end times are available but the best answer of exact time date of apocalyptic comes from God on rapture. It is necessary to talk about end time but due honour of exact day or time belongs to God if a pastor preaches about rapture every Sunday morning or heard speech many times before. 
God’s perspective on biblical prophecy and rapture will not change. So nobody needs to waste time trying to pinpoint God’s date that simply does not exist but we are we living in last days since Jesus walked on earth. There will be fire and brimstone and many things happening after rapture. The rapture is imminent as God wishes so nobody can figure out God’s Mind on exact date and time. Those who disbelieve in God’s words on the rapture will be left behind by God as Jesus said. Gospel Truth is not justified by man-made traditions or any church doctrine. Prophecy on rapture is pivotal moment Only God Controls not the church. The term “rapture” in the Bible in the New Testament is the idea of believers being “caught up in the air in the clouds to meet Jesus as mentioned. Paul encourages believers to have hope and assurance of rescue. Christians who die in Christ will wake up in body to be recognise then disappear from earth before all hell breaks loose. The  Bible has many stories of God taking people alive into heaven including Jesus.
God walks with people through the valley of shadow of death snatching them out through eternal life. After the rapture in 7 years will be second coming declaration of Jesus’ return to earth to grant perfect justice to the oppressed, so all things will be made new. God only knows precise details of when that will happen. Rather than predict God’s time dateline of the apocalyptic Revelation declare the Glory, Power and Grace of God’s Love to save sinners. As the earth is seen from moon by astronauts so God Jesus, angels, saints in heaven see earth daily so God sends angels to intervene.
Jesus will return to wipe away every tear from all eyes to make all things new. Second Coming is not the rapture. These are two different things. One helps prepare to escape adversity of great tribulation but do not neglect life in the present world crumbling away yet do focus on eternal glory. Those left behind are also given final chance of salvation by the 2 witnesses and the 144,000 evangelists. God will restore creation of His people in redemption final eternal celebration.


Is true some pastors over emphasise to exaggerate the speed time of the rapture to make it more urgent in the minds of people. So it seems to happen in nano seconds yet important to teach people it will take place anytime anywhere anyplace Only God the Knows Exact Time. A Christian beliver is not sit down watching the clock for rapture. Rather be busy winning many souls for God telling them good news of salvation. The Bible says in Matthew 24:42-44, therefore, stay awake, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming. But know this, that if the master of the house had known in what part of the night a thief was coming he would have stayed awake and would not have let his house be broken into. Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.




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