vrFxjBRThis cat was so surprised about the new born baby so gasped with eyes widely opened to express true feelings about the baby. A few hours later after baby settles in nicely, the family did a great job by introducing the baby to the cat. The rest is history as they bond well so keep each other in a close company. Bringing a happy ending to the cat’s encounter with the new baby.2746591600000578-3025540-But_it_s_all_ok_The_couple_later_shared_this_picture_showing_Rox-a-3_1428155246857Here they are comfortably lying down as one big happy family. The baby is calm and content under the keen eyes of the cat in the presence of watchful and alert parents to ensure the baby does not come to any harm from the cat. Others also have experienced an amazing and good positive interaction between their babies and cats.maxresdefaultThis baby seems fine in the company of the cat leaning on the baby’s head. The parents are always around whenever a cat is very close to the baby so is not hurt or scratched by the cat. Each cat is different so some are friendly, gentle and harmless. The personality of a cat determines if it safe to allow such close relationship between a baby and cat.baby_bites_catA lot of care is taken to protect a baby on a daily basis. These special pictures are taken when a cat surprises people by how they tolerate a baby. Some cats are usually playful so will play with all kinds of people including babies, adults guests or visitors in the family. They so much interact with people as if they are humans in the family. This cat mirrors the baby’s pose to synchronised moves.fS3qxNnThe baby seem happy to allow the cat to be their friend too. Some cats by nature are nurturing so treat the baby as they play with own kitten. Those who have cats often see the wonderful play time activities between cats and kittens. The male cats are equally kind to kittens so play with them nicely. They help clean kitten and roll on the floor with them by playing various games. Eating-food-with-cat-baby-wallpaperThe baby responds happily to the cat so lets the parents know by body language expression they are feeling good. So the baby’s response to the cat reassures the parents that it is alright to let baby play with the cat. The cat also understands if the baby enjoys playing or sitting close by them. So knows whether to sit with the baby or walk away. The cat’s have become so domesticated they learn the human behaviour around them.Picture 3In this particular picture above here in the video the crying baby was touched gently by the cat to comfort the baby. It is fascinating to see the intelligence of this cat treating the baby nicely. The baby seems calm so continued sleeping. The baby feels safe as aware of parent’s protection if in case anything happens. pregnant-woman-holding-catWomen expecting babies are often told to be very careful of cats. The pregnant mother becomes busy preocupied with detail preparations for the new- born baby. So is unable to intreact as much with the cat. Especially the pregnant women with complex health issues and allergies that can harm an unborn baby. Extra care warnings are given to such mothers to avoid cats. They let other people baby sit their cats throughout their pregnancy. After the baby is born some cats become jealous of a baby but adapt quickly to love the new babies.

maxresdefault-2Depending on the close bond between the cat owner and the cat, some cats are  treated with extra affection. They are hugged, kissed, cuddled intimately by the cat owner and treated like a person. The cat therefore feels replaced when a baby now receives such affection from the owner. Their personality changes as they begin to act strangely out of their usual normal calm character. This baby seems to think is a soft pillow so happy to rest his head on the cat.

1280x720-VimThe cat is checked to see their positive response to the baby to proceed to allow the baby near cat. If a negative reaction they remove the cat from the baby. This can create a tension between cat owner and cat. As new mother focuses more attention more on role of preparations for intergration new-born baby into the family. The cat then feels rejected and neglected because new mother becomes too absorbed with her new-born baby. In case of family health issues or any allergies a cat is removed forever from the home to avoid further complications. Cats that get involved enjoy music and so sing sometimes so recorded songs. 0ff53b73f50f4a6e6ee6b8c7575028c6

After attachment bond is strengthened and cat feels treated as a human being. It starts often as a joke of fun to include the cat. Once the cat enjoys such happy times with a family it wants more. The child also develops a more positive attitude towards cats so continues to play with the cat. Some cats behave as if the cat is a sibling. So follows child to play with him. Some cats copy human behaviour and actions over time. Some join in singing or plays piano watching and listening to people play at home.


They are able to learn simple tasks like how to open doors, switch light on, or even trained to use the loo or water closet toilet. Some are photogenic so have own shows or adverts and act in films. So cats are able to adapt to copy the human activities familiar with cats. Cats have a sensitive nature and caring especially for babies. They seem to join in to participate in whatever the baby is doing. Some want to share the cot somehow thinking they are twins. As long as the family is sure their baby is safe they are happy to let them get on daily of course supervised by adults.


A baby seems to love to enjoy interaction between them and the cat. A cat helps a baby crawl trying to chase the kitten. Indirectly moves not realising a cat is faster than them. This often is fun as a family watches the scenario and keeps photos of the occasion to show the child when they grow up. Children seem naturally drawn to cat by demonstration of healthy positive view of cats.


A baby does not fully understand the relationship but is aware of attention from the cat towards them. In return babies extend their affection towards the cat. There is a mutual relationship existing between cats and babies. It is amazing how a pet influences babies bonds into sharing food and learning to take care of pets from an early age. The child who grow up with pets do show compassion or level of tolerance and responsibility. Some parents have been encouraged to get pet for child to help calm down if suitable. This enables the child to develop friendship, express their feelings, emotions, communicate better.

babies_and_cats_being_too_cute_640_47Pets can be helpful as long as they are well trained and properly cared for. The cat is also immunised and checked by vets so parents are not worried over any concerns of an interaction between baby and the cat. In any event of doubts the cat is sent to be injected so treated of any issues of health. There is none or minor concerns of cats and babies. In extreme cases a cat is not allowed to get too close if there are any worries. In case of family health issues allergies a cat is removed forever from the home to avoid further complications.

In places where cats are seen as threats to babies and humans in general, cats are well fed but kept at a distance. In case of wild feral cats, they can become aggressive so uncontrollable. It is not wise to get near them because they tend to carry viruses and germs. They are not registered with reputable veterinary doctors for vaccines and health checks. In places where cats are not intimate with people the cats are not treated as pets to avoid spreading the diseases or germs they may carry. Where cats are close to people they are also bathed regularly, groomed and so hygienically clean and neat. Despite this, due care is taken to ensure babies and cats safely play together near the adults watching.


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