Dancing is an intrinsic part of the festive season. People get together to dance to their favourite music. Dancing is a joyous moment to express good feelings in tune with the music. Some people dance every week routinely as their way of finding happiness and enjoyment. So many dance in the line dancing style with fellow dancers. Often words of familiar songs are well known so people sing along while dancing. At wedding parties people usually dance intimately especially romantic couples. A child danced along parents to indulge in special moment.


Other people dance together as part of a larger group in a circle holding hands. Every dance is associated with a unique or particular patterns of movements according to specific tunes familiar to dancers. Sometimes only the men are allowed to dance with each other. So women dance with women all the time in such settings or cultures. Dancing is a wonderful time to relax to let the hair down to socialise to have good time to dance with family and friends. There are so many types of varieties or genres of music. From classical music to the traditional dances, jazz, dance music, gospel music, reggae, highlife, hip hop, popular music, twist, boogie, rock, the blues, concerts, tap dancing, break dancing, folk dances, maypole dances R&B, country music, borborbor, list too numerous to include all here. Whatever style is preferred is to personal interest, love, passion of genre of music chosen. Whatever music one grew up with or chooses to listen or dance to suitable and appropriate for the occasion.


Weddings and birthday parties often have specific songs and dances as part of  new trends. As part of the ceremony people meet to practice dance moves in advance and rehearse prior to event so show off their beautiful dance. Dances are helpful in bringing people together during celebrations. People synchronise in tune with the music. The atmosphere is pleasant and lovely. People interact with each other by changing partners to ensure everyone is included. Someone starts dancing and pretty soon others join in to participate in dancing.


People use various parts of their body in dancing. Some lift up their hands often waved along the music. Others tap their feet or use both their feet and hands simultaneously. It is amazing to see such coordination between between the hand movements and the feet together. Still some people free style in their own different forms and shapes according to choice. Each person therefore dances to contentment of their heart to enjoy the moment to go with flow of the music.


Others dance as part of a fitness regime in the gym to help relieve stress and tension. The endorphines are released so the person feels better after dancing excercises. Dancing is encouraged to build body muscles and keep joints fit. Those not into the hard core physical exercise often choose dancing as subtle excercise. As part of healthy lifestyle it is recomended people take up dancing if it is suitable for their activities.


There are professional dancers who start learning to dance from the early childhood. Some become full time dancers who earn a living from dancing or teaching others to dance. Dancing can become a life passion promoted through competitions. Many months are spent learning new dance routines to enter competitions. This helps keep the body in good shape too. King David danced publicly in front of a procession to worship God, so put on your dancing shoes to jive for God in church or at home turning on or playing worship music. Music does good for the body, mind and soul. Join in festive season to dance for GOD ALMIGHTY.


If dancing is good for king David it is good for you so do not be shy. Come on there is no excuse numerous dancing styles are available to pick and choose from. You do not have to stick to one routine as you are spoilt for choice. You also do not need worry about details, professionals will guide you. You can also enjoy the leisure and pleasure of dancin good for king David so good for you. Some particular songs remain the same so fixed style dance routine goes permanently with that song over the years. Others are adapted and remixed with new versions and upbeats cover by song writers to promote the music. Be aware of etiquette of dancing to respect and honour dancing partners. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you or what Jesus will do in your dance situation if in any doubt or in predicament and unsure.


With a bit if hard work and sweat you may be crowned as the next dancing champion of the year. Like Grease was to become a phenomenon and the Abba group turned legends. There is enough room for everyone although free range dancers require an unlimited space to reign in their talents and skills on show for all to watch. They entertain crowds looking on cheering applauding them to pull out their best dance moves. Soon it becomes the show time that everyone is clamouring for attention to hit a dance floor with people clapping, encouraging them with anchor anchor meaning do it again again more repetitions requested till the dancers become too exhausted to dance any more exotic dance moves.


Some people show their love and also appreciation to the dancers by giving them gifts of money tucked into their pockets, hats, chest or at their feet. In the Bible Salome entertained the king so pleased, he wanted genuinely to reward her with any requests she made. Unfortunately it was the mother who made the choice decision on her behalf. Dance anyway if even if your dance moves does not even merit a reward. You are your own best benefactor and champion as you win by having fun. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Dancing makes Jack attractive exciting man. So dancing spices up your life like you may not realise until you try it. It is important to respect boundaries while dancing. So do not recklessly bump into other people to hurt or knock them by an excessive, over the top dance moves. Do remember it gets hotter dancing so dress appropriately to have good times. Drink plenty of water to hydrate body if dancing as the body perspiration losses vital body fluids. Stay alert and rest in between dancing as much as possible.


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