CHRISTMAS meals vary depending on the family tradition from generations. Yet there is a standard food including the main major item, the turkey which is eaten by most people during Christmas. The size of the turkey also depends on the number of people in the family. So bigger families require more than one turkey. Others may cook ten or more turkeys for extra large groups of people in bigger families. Bigger companies tend to order the Christmas meals from a catering business and event planners.


This is more convenient because of lack of facilities and the resources to provide such grand scale meals by themselves without help. They organise the full course meals including drinks and desserts at a large venue or in a tent brought to the premises. The turkey is cooked for hours to ensure it is properly done and does not cause food poisoning in those who eat the meal. Others eat different meals such as lamb, chicken, fish, sea food according to their taste and available ingredients. Various meats are served with rice, the roasted potatoes, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Special nuts are also associated with Christmas and roasted to accompany main meal. This ensures a good selection of foods to cater for the non meat eating guests or family.


The preparations for Christmas meals sometimes starts from many months in advance to make special Christmas pudding. This is carefully prepared by storing bread pieces in a container and soaking it with a drink and turned to ensured it is thoroughly mixed. Then covered and left for so many months, baked in small portions kept wrapped until needed on Christmas day.  Many different foods served are chosen from personal taste or general trends and location of people. Those near the coast tend to eat the local Seafoods. Others import or buy whatever they like to eat not affected by place. Supermarkets enable constant supply of foods during peak seasons. Others grow own foods.


Or they bring food in from outside the region and country from other places where some foods are grown, produced in abundance. Extra food is bought due to unpredictable weather in winter and to prepare for the party crushers. Those who follow invited friends along to the party. In addition, some give each guest extra food packaged to take home as part of the standard hospitality. Among other practices, in some places people bring own food along to eat together. So this helps to ease the burden or pressure on one person especially in church among family and friends.


The senior members of the church and the families in need are given food boxes contributed towards by all to ensure all have a good time during Christmas. So people show kindness, compassion, love and goodwill towards all men. The homeless on the streets are also looked after by some and so invited indoors at this time. Some stay in beautiful warmer hostels, temporary accommodation or taken in by friendly generous hearted people.


Unfortunately limited resources mean some remain outside in the freezing cold so not all get this opportunity. Others receive hot food donated by charities or church or individuals in vans on the streets. They also give out warm winter clothes, coats. Christmas season is so special even enemies at times stop fighting to eat together on Christmas day. Only Jesus Christ has the power to soften hearts by the miracle to forgive each other for His Name Sake to please God. Unfortunately continue fightings afterwards as usual. Eating together is so important it helps get to know each other better to understand what goes on during discussions of each other’s day. Jesus cooked to feed the disciples and always participated in meals. He provided food many times during His minsistry to feed 5,000 people at one point not counting the women and children.


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    • CHRISTMAS meals are ultimate cuisine ofculinary perfection. So a lot of thought is put into planning of the menu. It is comprehensive to ensure everyone present has someting to eat. Some people have allergies so cannot eat anything without first checking the label of ingredients. So the host and hoster must cater for a variety of taste buds and favourite foods. On the whole everything turns out well. All have a good time celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and eating Christmas meals. Thanks and God bless you.

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