e5c02fe5a6687b0e580a6b43230da671Saga Christmas tree ranges from this exquisite beautifully accomplished tree cookies above to various debates over natural tree use and later chipped for recycling. So is the synthetic plastic, paper tree also popular among others. However, some feel preoccupation with choice of trees harms the environment. Others argue Christmas trees depart from the exclusive focus on birth of Christ to the unnecesary attention on decorations but it is all about Jesus.

article-2242798-16594F15000005DC-991_634x927The top of the tree has an angel at the highest point reminding us of angels who announced the birth of Jesus. Still others place a large star representing the star of Jesus followed by 3 kings of oriental who gave gifts of gold, myhrr and frankinscence to Jesus. The tree specialists grow the Christmas trees so harvest them during Christmas season. This is a very big business considered as more environmentally friendly than the plastic trees. Others feel trees have a pagan fertility origin incorporated into the Christian faith over the years. New movements advocate CHRISTmas tree.

boss_creationsIn Britain the traditional Christmas tree was made popular by Queen Victoria’s Christmas tree introduced by Prince Albert her German husband. Soon other people started decorating, so from then on homes had Christmas trees as part of the celebration. Christian puritans felt Christmas celebration or trees were distraction from faith wasting money.regalos-de-reyes-arbol-de-navidad-2011However it took off and is still used in modern times. The new trend is the paradigm shift to other styles of trees to save environment.  So some bought plastic trees repeatedly used each year and stored away. It was a good idea at the beginning but soon the instant, disposable, minimalistic and younger generation prefer fresh trees each year. Therefore recycling program collected old trees and destroyed them. christmas_tree_paper

New novelty ideas and designs include edible Christmas trees and Cross tree to pacify or encourage reluctant Christians to join in Christmas celebration. Some Christians still today refuse to join in to celebrate Christmas because they feel Jesus was born in September not in December on the Gregorian calendar. Constantinopole changed Jesus’ time and date of birth to suit his agenda.

119013101Whatever the case the Christmas tree seem to become part of the celebrations  with numerous styles of decorations. These include bubbles, stars, angels, bells, lightings, candles, homemade paper cut outs, patterns from fabrics, pom poms, cards, anything one fancies. Some are edible with intricate design, impressive electronics using electricity. Others maintain craft design creations so avoiding an unnecessary excessive materialism. Spend quality family time creating more  precious memories.

Large family eating Christmas dinner

Extra care and caution is often required to ensure all is well so nobody gets hurt by tree as meals are eaten near the tree. The most important thing is the quality time spent in each other’s company in the presence of God to remember Jesus’ birth through Holy Spirit. Christmas is about relationship and togetherness. Fruits, vegetables, chocolates, cheese etc. used as the edible Christmas trees decoration in tune with festive season theme. The overall effectiveness of Christmas trees brings a joyful, happy and a loving atmosphere in Christ. homemade-edible-christmas-trees-vegetables-fruits-ideasThe Christmas tree turns the season from depressive, cold boring winter blue season into Christ centred, lively beautiful Christmas festive time of celebration to cheer all up. Though it is centre piece of Christmas decoration for parcel gifts, Christ is the Gift to us . Others use natural trees as remaining planted rooted in ground so decorated. This minimises damage to trees and the environment. The City street trees are decorated standing live during festive season. Cut trees on the other hand are later removed from homes. Decorations are first removed and put in storage for the next Christmas season. The most important thing is Jesus is the reason for the season.


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    • The Bible describes people as trees in Psalm 1 the righteous is like a tree plantd by water. The river nourishes the tree so bears good fruit. Visions of trees interpreted as people. Trees according to God represents people. So trees are not worshipped though part of Christmas. JESUS CHRIST is FOCUS of Christmas not the mere physical trees decorated. Trees enhance the ambience of Christmas so make Christmas joyful. Thanks and God bless.

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