christmas-love-picture-quotesSome choose Christmas Love Season as a best time to marry for double blessing of Christmas and the family gathering. This joyous moments means a lot to all especially the holiday break time helps spend quality time with loved ones. It is a time to put aside squabblibgs to have fun and happiness. Relatives not seen for years are together again to recall all the family stories to update each other.

merry-christmas-2012-2013-cake-wallpaper-picture-background-with-messagesChristmas love reaffirms love to enjoy good quality food, lots of nice meals so well prepared.The home has lovely aroma of food and baking done in thr company of loved ones. We celebrate good times and challenges overcomed. Everyone let’s the hair down gets along sobput away family differences for sake of peace, love goodwill towards all men.christmas_08Romantic love flourishes in the buzz of the moment. The room is filled with joyful laughter, noise, numerous conversations, snacks, lots of food everywhere. Everyone feels like walking on sunshine so take it to next level to consolidate emotions finding someone special to celebrate intense moment. People feel special due to the attention given, mutually received and enjoyed.

love-christmas-111214-5Children run around freely playing games, chasing each other hiding seeking one another. So many things are happening among people having good times together. Love is in the air everyone where one turns around. It  is a great opportunity to socialise to get along just fine. The whole narion is in a festive mood with lots of busy times to ensure everything happens accordingly.906248-bigthumbnailDeep sentimental romance freely expressed so some are forever tactile and cannot get enough of each. Young ones observing lovely and pleasant atmosphere soon foster their own puppy love romance or first love kiss encouraged under the mistletoe. This is done by those who think its fun to help people friend love through kisses. Not all people do this in the homes though.

311050Love is in the air everyone where one turns around. Deep sentimental love romance is freely expressed so some are forever tactile and cannot get enough of each other in own world among others. Others are more private with affection seen as sacred so not openly displayed in public. Soon gifts exchanged and so everyone tries to be on best behaviour. So Christmas means different things to various people but the central Gospel Message is it all about birth of Christ.

gifts-under-a-tree-598x336Others enjoy themselves so much they have no idea of what goes on for the rest of the day or night. So others take responsibility to ensure sent safely home afterwards. For others the night has just begun so they out into city to cinema or concert, party, dance, club all night. Others scontinue eating and feasting during the night. Many songs or lyrics are written about Christmas Love. Some sing or dance along karaoke joined in by all. Some prefer church all night service of thanks for God’s Love.



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    • CHRISTMAS Love flows from God through Christ to all those who truly believe and accept God’s Son Jesus Christ. So Christmas is the time and the season reminding all to extend love goodwill especially during celebration and beyond into the rest of each year into infinity. Thanks and God bless you

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