God’s Free Gift is Jesus Christ Who Gives us Eternal Life in Jesus Name. Instead of death as punishment for sin, offences, mistakes God FORGIVES through Jesus Christ because GOD LOVES HIS CHILDREN. So Eternal life is God’s Grace, Mercy, and Compassion for mankind is to receive Christ to take death punishment. FORGIVENESS of all sins in Psalm 103 talks about God’s Redeeming Love from death. God created mankind so the sole Patent Owner yet chooses to forgive us. God’s free gift is available for pardon of sin.


If God only kills to punish mankind daily for mistakes against God, nobody will ever live or remain on earth. God used spiritual death for punishment throwing out Adam and Eve from His Presence in paradise garden of Eden. God forgave them through Seed Jesus so bruised satan’s head under His Feet. Once again God sent Help through Jesus to rescue mankind to conquer death by resurrection to give ETERNAL LIFE to those who believe and receive Jesus Christ the Son of God.


Again God destroyed through death in Sodom and Gomorrah by fire saving Lot and family. Mankind did not change when the flood killed people though God warned them and provided  the Ark to save them. God realised death was not appropriate method used to correct His Children. God GIVES ETERNAL LIFE to save people from mistakes, offences eternal damnation punishment death.


For they behaved worse despite death so it did not deter people to sin against God. God Figured Out people cannot do good by their own strength. Neither can they help others if they cannot first help even themselves.  Mankind’s DIY – Do It Yourself kind of salvation will not work so not acceptable to God. Eternal life therefore lasts beyond death to infinity. It is important to receive God’s Gift of ETERNAL LIFE saves from sin.

wp-1450435851155.jpgGod says in Bible, that there is a way that seems good, right, suitable, better, perfect to mankind but that end is death and destruction. God says in Bible, there is a way that seems good, right, suitable, better, perfect to mankind but that end is death or destruction. Physical death is not end of life due to God’s Gift of ETERNAL LIFE. So those who receive God’s Eternal life means name written in God’s Book of Life in heaven.

wp-1450436086362.jpgEven physical death is not end of life due to God’s Gift of ETERNAL LIFE. Eternal life means God is in control of each life submitted to God in Christ. So gives ETERNAL LIFE in The urn to Others by sharing the Gospel Good News. Every Christian believed is to give freely to God by sharing testimony of God’s Goodness and Love to all mankind. The world desperately needs to hear this GOOD News message of God’s Gift of ETERNAL life to all. So share ETERNAL life Christ Jesus FORGIVES all sin.imageGift giving is part of true meaning of Christmas. Gift giving helps to focus on Christ to thank God for salvation Gift of His Son in John 3:16. God in Isaiah 9:6 says, gift giving reminds us of Magi gifts to Jesus. The focus of Christmas is to thank God for gift of His Son Jesus Christ. Giving to others is natural expression of gratitude for God’s gift. God is Ultimate gift-giver and gracious Heavenly Father. Every good and perfect gift is from God the Father in the heaven James 1:17. The key is to focus on ultimate gift-giver, gracious Heavenly Father, God’s Sovereignty.


Even the heathen know how to give good gifts so much more our heavenly Father God is Pleased to give us good and perfect gifts. This Christmas give good, relevant,suitable and appropriate gifts to bless and enhance the lives of others. Put lot of thought carefully into giving and ask the Holy Spirit to guide and direct you to give heartfully.





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