In Psalm 103:4, we are Crowned by God’s Love and Mercy among other blessings. Love conquers all things and covers a multitude of sins. We are told to owe no man anything except love. In the midst of life’s circumstances it is difficult to self propel love. Love is deep beyond natural capacity it takes God’s Enduring Love to flow through to all.


Love is often presented as a free choice under one’s full control. However, sooner or later, though we walk in love, we realise our ideas of love does not quite match up the popular definitions and assumptions about love. This is when it dawns on us that love is a conduit from God our Source of Love, flowing like a tributary of many rivers. We have Godly love but function in diverse forms of love to different people in our lives. For example, love for spouse, partner, friend shows love is different from motherly love.


Parental love different from a teacher’s appropriate professional love for the students. Love seems almost always only reserved for intimate affection but love comes under a broader umbrella by definition. It is really by paying closer attention to God’s meaning of love, we realise true love is an action enabled by God. It takes the Grace of God to love all the unlovable unconditionally. It is possible to have deep love and deep love connection only through Jesus’ love model for us all.


Though we were sinners Jesus loved us by the undeserving Love of God. God Still Loves us anyway so Provides Life, food, sunshine, rain etc on both the just and the unjust. So to be crowned with God’s kind of love requires fervently serving God to qualify to earn God’s crown of love. Often we do our best to please loved ones only to be treated with contempt and rejection. Our own efforts are not enough in an era when love grows cold because people become lovers of self, lovers of money, lovers of pleasure more than Lovers of God.


It sounds strange to some to be lover of God yet God is Love. If only we can take time to reflect more on the meaning of love according to God our love life will become easier. Understanding the true meaning of love becomes also effective in our lives. It saves us from heartaches or pain of being misunderstood or the disappointment of misrepresentations. Love is essential in driving cogwheels of life and relationships so not avoided if even we do not feel like loving people.


To love ourselves and others does not happen by chance. It also takes prayer, forgiveness and steadfast enduring love to go on in an age of instant disposable love. God crowns us with His Love to constantly remain connected to the source of love. Yes deeply love our spouses and love family and loved ones but God is the powerful source that keeps driving us to continue Loving in Jesus Name. We cannot love by our own strength so need the Holy Spirit’s help.


To be crowned with God’s Love involves also Enduring suffering like the Rose of Sharon Jesus Christ to qualify for Love Crowns. Love is described like a rose with thorns. One cannot expect to have one without the other. Through Love Example of the Rose of Sharon we can maintain our rose gardens too in Jesus Name. We all may not suffer much like Christ on the Cross yet bear our cross own too. Love is described like a rose with thorns. One cannot expect to have one without the other.what-can-separate-us


True love is hard work by the Mercy of God so carries on regardless of other distractions or issues associated by love into eternity as Christ Loves us. Love goes hand in hand with enduring times of challenges. True love is tested by adversity again and again. Often, as one overcomes the previous challenge matters surface to test love.

$_1This is reason why it is important to commit to go through thick and thin together than vamoosed at the slightest opportunity when the going gets tough. This is not endorsing a rebellious behaviour or condoning violence. True love thinks carefully through by the wisdom of God for guidance and understanding before embarking on the life journey. True love is not imposed if not accepted. So anchored in Christ knows when one door closes a better one opens in Jesus Name.


Many forced themselves on others because they felt they must have whatever they desire, only to realise too late the reasons why God did not approve of their in the first place. The world does not end because of any heartbreak of love. One is completely whole as a person in Christ made in God’s Image. Do not define yourself only through other. Be rooted and grounded in God’s Love First.


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