The Christian Post Exclusively Partners with Revcontent to Increase Performance and Maintain Brand Integrity

December 2, 2015  Katherine McDermott  FeaturedPartnerships

The Christian Post is one of the most trusted news sources for the Christian community, and today, we are proud to announce our newest exclusive partnership.

With millions of readers trusting their brand worldwide, brand protection and integrity are top priorities for The Christian Post. Luckily, The Christian Post found their ideal content recommendation partner in Revcontent, and together, our brands will provide quality, engaging content to dedicated readers while increasing on site performance and maintaining brand integrity.

Will Anderson, CEO of The Christian Post said,“In a true partnership based on shared values, we are excited to partner exclusively with Revcontent for great performance and brand protection. Revcontent deeply cares for our audience and content, and together, we are building something great for the Christian community.”

Integrity is a core value at Revcontent, and like we’ve discussed with data integrity, brand integrity for our partners is important to us. John Lemp, CEO and Founder of Revcontent, said, “Knowing how important The Christian Post brand is, it is humbling for them to partner with us in a long-term agreement. The brand protection we offer is really exciting, so to see them using those tools is a powerful thing.”

For official press release, please visit Yahoo Finance.



Katherine is the Brand Manager at Revcontent. With two years of social media marketing experience and a strong writing background, Katherine serves as the head of Revcontent’s marketing strategies.

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