God’s given you your life more priceless than diamonds and precious treasures. So remember to value and appreciate your most valuable, irreplaceable precious life created in the Image of God. In tough times, though challenges may test faith and confidence in God, hold on, anchored in Christ Jesus. The most important asset is to value and treasure your life above all else.

Do not tag your life value to material things. Although significant in making world go round, you are more precious in God’s Sight. God your Maker Loves you. You are so loved that if you are the only person on earth Jesus will still die and resurrect to save you. Thank God daily for your life by His Grace for God’s Provisions by His Mercy, Compassion and Love for you in Jesus Name.
You may not yet be what you feel you want to be but you have managed to come this far by faith in Jesus Name. God is the same yesterday, today and forever so continue to trust God to be with you throughout until the end in Jesus Name. God promised that with long life He will bless and Sustain you. So rejoice in God’s lifestyle for you and God is Pleased to know you are faithful.


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