Jesus came to reconcile us to God no matter who we are or what we may have done or not done. Reconciliation with God is based on God’s terms and not on any merit of ourselves. We are all encouraged to come just as we are in Jesus Name. God sees us through the finished work of Jesus Christ. We must come boldly with confidence and believe God means what He Says. It may seem too good to be true not to be asked by God to accomplish any list of tasks before earning right of salvation. Jesus Christ Achieved Reconciliation and Forgiveness, Mercy, Grace of God for us as part of God’s Plan from the foundation of the earth. Therefore God expects us to acknowledge and accept  finished work of Christ Jesus on cross.


Yet it seems impossible for some to receive God’s Greatest Gift because people feel they are getting something for nothing. These are others who feel they do not qualify to accept God’s Call into His Kingdom because they think they have fallen too much from God’s Grace beyond redemption. Sometimes God backs off to let people experience what He tries to protect them from so they can tick the box for themselves and say yes, they done that and got the T-shirt to prove it. God does not want people lost or to destroy themselves. However, at times God’s Hand is forced to “condone” permissive will. Then the consequences become too unbearable and the pain though preventable, yet the damage is already done. This is when God Steps in through Jesus Christ to reconcile us to Himself Loving Father.


It takes effort and humility to accept compassion and Forgiveness to not let ego reject empathy. Jacob had to escape from Esau and missed out on family interactions with each other. After spending many years in exile to get all his heart’s desire and marrying the love of his life eventually he still missed his sibling and family. Many people feel if they abandon family and go out into the unknown world they will replace family and be happier. Only to make their problems worse due to lack of support from family. God waits with Open Arms without counting their sins but in Mercy and Forgiveness receives the lost person who comes to their senses. At times they may not regain their rightful mind but God draws them to Himself through a supernatural miracle intercession and intervention.


To insist on remorse and apology first is due to pride so missing the point of God’s method of doing things. Jacob had no empathy or conscience during his moment of greed in duping Esau his older brother. God knew Jacob would “surpass” his brother so not surprised at his cunning means to achieve goal. After so many years of their forced separation Jacob came to conclusion that he was better off with his family. Having been given a taste of his own cheating medicine by his father in law he learnt his lesson and longed for home. He thought he got away at first from the consequences of how he treated Esau by deception with the help of their mother. Yet in the end realised there is no place like home he missed so much where everybody knows his name. So does God recognise those compelled through family feuds to return from escaping wrath of family.


God is inviting all vagabond wanderers to return to even the place of pain and hurts. As Jacob took a big risk of possible rejection, at worst revenge of getting killed by his family. Yet still went along so devised a plan to save his family members if Esau was not willing to forgive him. He brought along gifts to make a way for him but Esau rejected the gifts so that Jacob may not assume it was gifts that paved the way for reconciliation. The opportunity to reconcile was totally  therefore the Lord’s doing. This is God’s Ultimate Truth for mankind to realise and recognise that human efforts are limited. So it is God that works behind the scenes in the hearts of mankind for change. Though it may seem like it was Jacob’s own efforts that accomplished reconciliation yet his plans were also Favoured by God. The reconciliation in other words required more than a mere human effort for reconciliation which is not often enough. This great example of forgiveness and reconciliation also pleased God to see brothers walking in the love of God. So for the sake of God first, Esau accepted brother’s apology  and realisation of the pain he caused Esau for a bowl of porridge to dupe him to acquire his inheritance as first – born. He saw the humiliation and intensity of the hurt and the loss of his status and position. Esau managed managed to get by on the left over crumbs of his inheritance to survive and succeed to the surprise of everyone. God taught him to depend entirely on Him alone even when he was betrayed by family.


In the end, Jacob’s risk paid off to unite his family and get to know his extended family to recreate their bond together. Similarly, Joseph reconciled with his siblings and so saved their lives from hunger and starvation. Joseph had a great opportunity for vengeance and pay back time yet chose to forgive and reconcile with his family. People feel they must show love and kindness only to people who did not offend or did not hurt them. Sometimes God demands we show live to those who have hurt us the most. It may even seem like double punishment to be asked by God to bring joy and happiness to the very person who causes us so much pain and suffering. Despite depth of anger, rage that may be felt while obeying God, it is better to obey God rather than men in doing the right thing to please God. For God’s Ways are not our ways. It may not be always easy to fully understand or figure out God’s terms.


However, we can rest assured that all will be well, so things will turn out well for our own good in the long run. There is a cost to reconciliation and a price to pay for the privilege of dwelling in love and unity. The effort to demonstrate love at times cost pain because hurting people hurt others. So the thought of a pain free or offence free relationship is unrealistic expectation. People’s personalities are so different that they certainly clash by rubbing off each other. The best thing is to focus on the strengths not find faults or weakness. God wants reconciliation with mankind through Christ with others.


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