God Willingly gave us Jesus Christ The Mighty God to be born to save mankind on earth. To some, Jesus Christ the Son of God, Named as Mighty God and born of flesh is incomprehensible so sounds strange to them. So why is Jesus called Mighty God? People cannot understand why if Jesus is truly Mighty God, is born in the flesh, crucified, died, rose again. Attributes of Jesus Mighty God, granted all authority and power in heaven and earth is seen as a powerful Deity. So is not supposed to have human feelings, characteristics of flesh or die as Jesus did and rose again. So puzzles some a mortal is called Mighty God. Yet God purposefully created Jesus Mighty God phenomenon to relate with us in the flesh. God showed us Jesus is the Mighty God manifested in the flesh to interact with fellow human beings. This is because God loves us so much He gave Jesus Christ to die to save us. Cheerfully gave Jesus so loves cheerful givers as in 2 Corinthians 9:6, people give gifts they decide in their hearts to give, not reluctantly under compulsion. So Christmas is a truly ultimate giving season once again when many gifts are exchanged between loved ones, family members friends and colleagues.


So an important aspect representing the action of giving is to make a long list, to ensure everyone is remembered and the appropriate gifts are given. So GOD ALMIGHTY made sure we receive the greatest gift in life, His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is remembered this season to celebrate Jesus Mighty God & Everlasting Father to mark GOD’S GREATEST GIFT to us. GOD giving His Greatest gift Jesus demonstrates His Love to save all mankind from human failure and sin. This is most priceless gift anyone can receive and give back to others especially loved ones. God spoke about Jesus Christ, Messiah’s birth in Isaiah 7:14 that Jesus will be born through Virgin Mary and called Emmanuel God with us. Jesus tells us in Matthew 28 He is always with us.


God gave exact details of Jesus’ titles, role, job descriptions 800 years before His birth in Isaiah 9:6-7 to us a Child is born, to us a Child is given, the government will be on His Shoulders. He will be called Wonderful CounselorMighty God and Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Jesus showed perfect example of wonderfully applying Godly Counsel throughout His Life and during His Ministry. God’s words in Psalm 1 in the Bible encourages us to follow great example of Jesus Christ The Wonderful Counsellor Jesus Christ Mighty God Jesus Christ is celebrated globally in December each year though His actual birth took place in autumn or fall and not in the winter. This is due to attempt by the politically correct Constantine to conveniently merge the time of various festivities to please other celebrations. So this caused him to fix Christmas on Gregorian calendar in December. The most important thing is to give due honour to the Son of GOD ALMIGHTY and rightful heir to GOD’S THRONE as the Mighty God, born. Similarly, ALMIGHTY GOD Decided the Messiah is HIS HEIR so appropriately called Mighty God. There is no competition or confusion in title given because GOD Chose to call Jesus Mighty God. A royal child is honoured immediately on announcement of conception and given due respect by all including adults who bow to heir child after birth although older than the child. GOD ALMIGHTY is not become diminished in any way because Jesus Christ is called Mighty God. Neither does it mean Christians serve more than one GOD. Jesus Honours GOD ALMIGHTY AS THE ONLY ONE TRUE GOD DESERVING WORSHIP. Jesus received all Power and Authority in heaven and earth from Father GOD ALMIGHTY to act on His behalf. Jesus deserves the praise and Honour GOD ALMIGHTY grants Him as His Heir.


With God all things are possible so Mighty God Jesus was born for us. Like other royal births, Mighty God is given these suitable titles and positions to use as adult in later life to fulfil God’s Mission to Rule in both heaven and on earth. ALMIGHTY GOD Chose Jesus The Mighty God to represent Him on earth among all people, nations and tribes. Often kings and queens on earth choose heirs to the throne so train and prepare them in advance for many years in before commencing royal duties and responsibilities. Although some heirs may have to wait for many years to assume their office, yet they are highly respected and equally treated as if they are already in office, due to their title and powerful position in life. They are given honour, feted, privileged and given the best of everything in life to match their life status.


It is GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF WHO NAMED JESUS Mighty God through the prophet Isaiah who accurately foretold Jesus’ birth. So it is important to accept title given by GOD ALMIGHTY to His Son to be called Mighty God so easy to rejoice with GOD. Congratulate GOD for His Son Jesus given to us. Even some ordinary human beings are accepted as as gods so given status of deity and bowed to in honour. How much more is the LIVING GOD ALMIGHTY’S SON Jesus Christ His Beloved Mighty God celebrated. GOD ALMIGHTY’S CHOICE OF NAME FOR HIS Son Mighty God is perfect to accept for Christ Jesus. Like FATHER GOD so is His Son Jesus Father God. Therefore Jesus is called Everlasting Father in addition to GOD ALMIGHTY THE EVERLASTING FATHER because Jesus is the everlasting father into eternity. Some claim nobody else must be called Everlasting father apart from God so refuse to call Jesus Father but acknowledge earthly fathers and daddies happily. Their argument is Only ALMIGHTY GOD is The EVERLASTING FATHER but GOD’S HEIR to His Throne.


Jesus is called Everlasting Father by God and countless billions of people from generation to generation. s since creation. So people cannot pick or choose what ALMIGHTY GOD Decides to Call His Son. Hardly anyone in public outside royal circles is ever consulted to propose appropriate title or name for any royal child or heir to the throne. Yet people oblige and call the royal child whatever name is announced by official royal spokesperson. So seems strange a church doctrine to help increase faith and belief in God, is often based on the arguments of names and titles Chosen by THE ALMIGHTY GOD given to His Son the Mighty God to us. People rejoice when they have sons and daughters, so GOD ALSO REJOICES OVER JESUS CHRIST HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON. GOD ALMIGHTY reached a compromise with humanity through Jesus Christ. ALMIGHTY GOD Willingly accepted mankind’s rejection of Himself as too invisible and too big to be contained by mere mortals to relate with YAHWEH so gave Jesus His Son to represent Him. This is why God manifested Himself in human form to please mankind to interact through His Son Jesus Christ Name


Those who feel ALMIGHTY GOD is too formidable and too Holy to approach now have Jesus Messiah to reconcile them to God. The government is placed upon Jesus’ shoulders because of fact mankind has proved from Adam and Even in Genesis that they are incapable of ruling themselves. History proves time and again people cannot survive without GOD’S INPUT on a daily basis. So after allowing so many centuries of man’s inability to govern themselves, ALMIGHTY GOD Spoke and Decided His Son Jesus Will Rule mankind. Jesus’ government on His Shoulders has no end so lasts into infinity and beyond. All those fighting to keep GOD’S KINGDOM on earth must remember the true owner is coming to take His Rightful Place to Rule on earth. This is not fantasy or illusion but a real actuality that will happen on earth. So it is important and necessary to come into agreement with God’s Plans today for your own good.


Jesus Christ is born to Rule as the King of kings and LORD of lords. Politics and world government is very much part of GOD ALMIGHTY’S AGENDA for mankind to regain control of His property. God created the world and everything in it yet rejected by man by rebellion. Yet some chisel, carve or sculpt their own gods and it seems OK to them. God has seen and heard enough of squabbling by various people over the planet so Chose Jesus to Come Back to take power back and be in charge to control mankind. Not many people are willing to submit to God’s Decision so will try to fight God’s Plans to overrule them. Mankind can never win fights against JEHOVAH NISSI THE MIGHTY ONE IN BATTLE so perish by own rebellion. Those who humble themselves and yield to  EVERLASTING GOD through His Son Everlasting God Jesus will not perish but have everlasting life in eternity. This is a personal decision every one has to make for themselves. It is only after Prince of Peace Jesus Christ transition happens then Great Peace desired by mankind will truly take place to enjoy perfect peace on earth. So this is the reason for the season of Christmas holidays to celebrate the birth of the Mighty God and Everlasting Father Jesus Christ
Son of EVERLASTING FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. So celebrate and enjoy Christmas and keep Christ in the heart at the centre of CHRISTmas. It is all about celebrating the birth of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ with family friends and loved ones to honour God.


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