raptureJesus comes in rapture to take believers to heaven into God’s Presence as things get worse on earth. Life is becoming so unbearable Jesus comes in the clouds in the greatest emergency rescue mission on earth in history.  The world will see with angels in the clouds at the trumpet call people will experience a lift off into the clouds to meet Jesus. As tribulations gets worse Jesus told believers prepare in advance for endtimes rejoice for your is near even at the door. The warning of Jesus is necessary to tell people of things to come to be ready for the rapture alive into heaven. The precise moment of the rapture is exclusively known by God. As the world goes is in tragedy groaning in pain and sorrow over all circumstances of the world, God sends Jesus to deliver those who believe in the rapture. God’s supernatural rescue will happen to take believers alive into heaven to see God.skydivers_floating_gifThe choice to be in rapture is a personal one so decision is yours to accept favour of God’s offer to save you from wrath of God on earth. Accept God’s help before mayhem destructions on earth by wars, famine, droughts, locusts and pestilence death of one third to one fourth people. Chaos cause frustrations so people turn on each other fighting killings continue. Situations of violent aggression destroy people’s lives, resources hunger so more deaths. God gives you the chance now to receive help before desperate times gets worse. God’s plan saves all who believe in the Rapture. Everyday life gets worse sadly unrelenting traumas continue and so turn to God for relief. Intense prayers and endless intercession to God to Hear in His Mercy and Grace to send Jesus to save people from evil not needlessly die. Some reckless people are destroyed for they are deceived the rapture is not real don’t believe in. God already prepared a place in heaven mansions for believers in advance. Jesus said some people will never die but live forever. All believers alive in the midst of tribulations will be taken alive into heaven in the rapture.tumblr_lligilFon01qizvnso1_500All who doubt, mock and ridicule God’s rapture Plan will not partake of it. God is able to take Jesus alive into heaven as Elijah and Enoch in Bible. God does not force people to believe in HIM, provided enough evidence to convince those who trust God to make up their own mind by their freewill to accept His offer to save you.  It’s your free choice decision to go in rapture to heaven. Determine to join Jesus and resurrected believers to go in the rapture. Consequence of your choice wisely to believe in God to be received by Christ in the clouds taken to heaven. All who reject rapture go through worse times unseen before or after rapture on earth. There is more earthquakes, fires,  volcanoes, floods, plagues, diseases and the sun scorching people to death from dehydration and starvation. Rivers, seas turn to blood, bitter wormwood falling star kills fish poisoned the people starve no clean water to drink. One third ships sink in confusion like Bemuda triangle.secret_raptureAll who believe rejoice and happy to see Jesus but mockers left behind mourn for they will suffer in GREAT TRIBULATION so end in judgement of God. The rapture is the hope of salvation of believers. Life gets worse events unfolding globally are all in the Bible. Its not surprising if you know God doing exactly as Jesus warns. Those who believe understand from the Bible these events will happen on earth. For inspiration strength encouragement in Christ ask the Holy Spirit to teach you God’s Truth during adversity. The Bible said perilous times and dangerous times will come but God has already Prepared Way of escape for all who believe, trust God to rescue them. If you don’t believe in rapture you will be left behind to go through GREAT TRIBULATION. Jesus has paid the price for your sin as children of brough INNER PEACE HEALING to those who want GODS GENUINE PEACE. War mongers fake peace bear brunt of chaos and hatred. God lets them do own thing by permissive now but God will punish them all Revelations 19:15 in the Bible.image tumblr_nqistdLTjp1uxt55go1_400

giphyThe living conditions get worse: famines food shortages, droughts, floods, forest fires, landmines, that prevent normal agricultural produce. Things spiral out of control, anger and frustration cause struggles taking place. Life becomes so unbearable and living conditions almost impossible. Rapture is really true but the impatient people want humans to predict God’s Timing. Many people want to be seen as most intelligent minds that decode the mystery of rapture. God said NOT EVEN JESUS KNOWS EXACT DAY OR TIME OR HOUR. Rapture happens up above the world so high earth is distant.awesome-educational-gifs-12Those who try to fix the date of rapture do so in vain so frustrate themselves in their attempt to READ GOD’S MIND. As a result become vexed failing to KNOW EXACT details exclusively known only to God. Inability to control exact days or dates of rapture prediction makes them give up to tell people it is not true. As a result of their narcissistic ego shattered because they cannot take pride and the glory for their clever genuis abilities of breaking the Secret to God’s mind. So in revenge they become bitter, angry with those who trust God. They begin to tell people rapture is not real because of their disappointment of not being the genious celebrity who named rapture the accurate date, time, hour or the rapture. Some wasted entire life time trying to decode God Time with bizzarre codes deceiving people on set days that never materialised. It is God’s Will to save the earth in His Own Timing. Those who try to fix God’s date put own dates but God in Control does whenever HE Pleases. Bible says who can Advise God or Query God’s Decisions? Only God Decides in HIS Time to do so. The people who refuse to study Biblical prophecies have a habit of discrediting those really devoted to God or studying word. They tell people God does not speak anymore directly to people. The fact God does not reveal His Date and Time of rapture to them does not mean it will not happen. As a matter of fact there is nowhere in the Bible God commands believers to go and consult university professors as sole experts to give exact date, time of rapture. God did not require people to go about trying to prove His Date and Time rapture. For Only God Knows His Exact Time for the rapture so it s futile excercise to try. God Will Cause rapture to happen in HIS Own Timing. Human beings dwell in a space station so many years above the earth as God dwells in heaven in mansions to take people from earth in the rapture by Jesus in cloudsd61a7a9d105681b5ebffdecee5ab60efThere are plenty of signs of end times and birth pangs all around since time of Jesus. The issue is to allow God to be God High Above mankind. The world is paying a hefty price for mispredicting birth of Isaac. When mankind in Bible decided to do their own thing to create minterpretation like Sarah did of Isaac the result was Ishmael. After 20 years became desperate only to realise later true miracle according to God’s agenda. This is why the Bible says there will come a time everyone will know God for himself or herself. Reading God’s word is not dependent on opinions of man. The Holy Spirit shines light on the word of God studying, meditating, seeking God’s Face. Rapture is not based on the traditions of men. ‘The trust me I am the specialist monopoly rapture expert’ causes so many to rely solely on others. Some do not own Bibles, read, study to know and understand God’s Will for them. Its important to make up own mind but beware of consequences. Those telling people there is no rapture will account to God for misleading other people. Everyone came to the world an individual will face God as individual. God will not accept any flimsy excuses misleading people. Belief in rapture is a personal choice to make one’s mind to believe God’s Word is TRUE. So listen to Jesus Who Knows God Best do not claim to be wiser than God in your own eyes. Depend on interpretation of Revelation as true because God’s words clearly say HIS specific TIMELINE of rapture. This good news but those who doubt, refuse to believe in rapture will be left behind according to their faith. Jesus said some will be taken while others left behind. Those who believe in rapture get to the heaven destination by sense of urgency associated with the rapture so prevent despair. A day is like 1000 years to God and 1000 years is like one day in God’s Sight. God is not mathematically proved by anybody’s lies. Exact date and time of rapture of God spiritual discernment by faith, confidence, trust in God so not calculated by secular man-made books. The future in God’s Hands to Unlock Apocalyptic Time Clock prophesy shows CLEARLY ONLY GOD KNOWS THE TIMEwp-1452001344743So nobody is to put life on hold waiting for rapture. Surely rapture will happen at any moment on God’s calendar years as God Expects. Jesus said the end will not come until the Gospel is preached to all as witness against them so they have no excuse for not knowing God. So every believer is to share God’s Truth of SALVATION Gospel first and foremost than waste time to prove God’s Agenda. God’s Rapture Date Department Is In Control so Belongs Exclusively to Him so rapture time-table is covered. It is essential not to be distracted wasting time on God ‘s Private Domain Matters or Issues. It is none of man’s business to go around setting any fixed dates on God’s Behalf. God is Capable Rapture Time Calculation Himself so Does not Help. Trying to scare people with fixed dates creates confusion and doubt. The end time is near since time of Christ. Rapture clues are in Bible prophecy so makes reading easier and clearer not to be fixated on God’s exact rapture time.

Christians of course need to know about the end times but Expert on Rapture is God not secular arguments in religious  classrooms. The rapture matter is not the once and for all religious debate but Reverence for God’s Sovereignty with a due Respect for God on His precise date for the rapture. No Old, New Testament scholar professor emeritus can give the precise day, time, hour of rapture Only God Knows so cannot predict rapture. The clues and the signs of end times are available but the best answer of exact time date of apocalyptic comes from God on rapture. It is necessary to talk about end time but due honour of exact day or time belongs to God if a pastor preaches about rapture every Sunday morning or heard speech many times before. 
God’s perspective on biblical prophecy and rapture will not change. So nobody needs to waste time trying to pinpoint God’s date that simply does not exist but we are we living in last days since Jesus walked on earth. There will be fire and brimstone and many things happening after rapture. The rapture is imminent as God wishes so nobody can figure out God’s Mind on exact date and time. Those who disbelieve in God’s words on the rapture will be left behind by God as Jesus said. Gospel Truth is not justified by man-made traditions or any church doctrine. Prophecy on rapture is pivotal moment Only God Controls not the church. The term “rapture” in the Bible in the New Testament is the idea of believers being “caught up in the air in clouds to meet Jesus as mentioned. Paul encourages believers to have hope and assurance of rescue. Christians who die in Christ will wake up in body to be recognise then disappear from earth before all hell breaks loose. The  Bible has many stories of God taking people alive into heaven including Jesus.
God walks with people through the valley of shadow of death snatching them out through eternal life. After the rapture in 7 years is the second coming declaration of Jesus’ return to earth to grant perfect justice to the oppressed, so all things will be made new. God knows exact precise details of when that will happen. Rather than predict God’s time dateline apocalyptic Revelation declare God’s GLORY, Power, Grace, Love saving sinners. The earth is seen from moon by astronauts shows heaven found by Nasa where God Jesus, angels, saints live in a third firmament above earth. God sends angels to intervene on the earth daily. Jesus will return to wipe away all tears from all eyes and make all things new in Second Coming after rapture. These  two different events: One helps prepare escape adversity of great tribulation but other is about life in future after world crumbles away to focus on the eternal glory of God. Those left behind given final chance of salvation by 2 witnesses and 144,000 evangelists. Later, God will restore new creation of His people in a redemption of final eternal celebration.


Some pastors emphasise and exaggerate the speed time of rapture make it seem more urgent in the minds of people. But it will happen in nano second twinkling of eyes important to teach people it will take place anytime anywhere anyplace Only God Knows Exact Time. Christian believers are not sit down watching the clock for rapture. Be busy winning souls for God sharing good news of salvation. Bible says in Matthew 24:42-44 wake up for you do not know the day your Lord is coming. If the master of a house knew when a thief comes at night he will stay awake and would not let his house be broken into. Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.


vrFxjBRThis cat was so surprised about the new born baby so gasped with eyes widely opened to express true feelings about the baby. A few hours later after baby settles in nicely, the family did a great job by introducing the baby to the cat. The rest is history as they bond well so keep each other in a close company. Bringing a happy ending to the cat’s encounter with the new baby.2746591600000578-3025540-But_it_s_all_ok_The_couple_later_shared_this_picture_showing_Rox-a-3_1428155246857Here they are comfortably lying down as one big happy family. The baby is calm and content under the keen eyes of the cat in the presence of watchful and alert parents to ensure the baby does not come to any harm from the cat. Others also have experienced an amazing and good positive interaction between their babies and cats.maxresdefaultThis baby seems fine in the company of the cat leaning on the baby’s head. The parents are always around whenever a cat is very close to the baby so is not hurt or scratched by the cat. Each cat is different so some are friendly, gentle and harmless. The personality of a cat determines if it safe to allow such close relationship between a baby and cat.baby_bites_catA lot of care is taken to protect a baby on a daily basis. These special pictures are taken when a cat surprises people by how they tolerate a baby. Some cats are usually playful so will play with all kinds of people including babies, adults guests or visitors in the family. They so much interact with people as if they are humans in the family. This cat mirrors the baby’s pose to synchronised moves.fS3qxNnThe baby seem happy to allow the cat to be their friend too. Some cats by nature are nurturing so treat the baby as they play with own kitten. Those who have cats often see the wonderful play time activities between cats and kittens. The male cats are equally kind to kittens so play with them nicely. They help clean kitten and roll on the floor with them by playing various games. Eating-food-with-cat-baby-wallpaperThe baby responds happily to the cat so lets the parents know by body language expression they are feeling good. So the baby’s response to the cat reassures the parents that it is alright to let baby play with the cat. The cat also understands if the baby enjoys playing or sitting close by them. So knows whether to sit with the baby or walk away. The cat’s have become so domesticated they learn the human behaviour around them.Picture 3In this particular picture above here in the video the crying baby was touched gently by the cat to comfort the baby. It is fascinating to see the intelligence of this cat treating the baby nicely. The baby seems calm so continued sleeping. The baby feels safe as aware of parent’s protection if in case anything happens. pregnant-woman-holding-catWomen expecting babies are often told to be very careful of cats. The pregnant mother becomes busy preocupied with detail preparations for the new- born baby. So is unable to intreact as much with the cat. Especially the pregnant women with complex health issues and allergies that can harm an unborn baby. Extra care warnings are given to such mothers to avoid cats. They let other people baby sit their cats throughout their pregnancy. After the baby is born some cats become jealous of a baby but adapt quickly to love the new babies.

maxresdefault-2Depending on the close bond between the cat owner and the cat, some cats are  treated with extra affection. They are hugged, kissed, cuddled intimately by the cat owner and treated like a person. The cat therefore feels replaced when a baby now receives such affection from the owner. Their personality changes as they begin to act strangely out of their usual normal calm character. This baby seems to think is a soft pillow so happy to rest his head on the cat.

1280x720-VimThe cat is checked to see their positive response to the baby to proceed to allow the baby near cat. If a negative reaction they remove the cat from the baby. This can create a tension between cat owner and cat. As new mother focuses more attention more on role of preparations for intergration new-born baby into the family. The cat then feels rejected and neglected because new mother becomes too absorbed with her new-born baby. In case of family health issues or any allergies a cat is removed forever from the home to avoid further complications. Cats that get involved enjoy music and so sing sometimes so recorded songs. 0ff53b73f50f4a6e6ee6b8c7575028c6

After attachment bond is strengthened and cat feels treated as a human being. It starts often as a joke of fun to include the cat. Once the cat enjoys such happy times with a family it wants more. The child also develops a more positive attitude towards cats so continues to play with the cat. Some cats behave as if the cat is a sibling. So follows child to play with him. Some cats copy human behaviour and actions over time. Some join in singing or plays piano watching and listening to people play at home.


They are able to learn simple tasks like how to open doors, switch light on, or even trained to use the loo or water closet toilet. Some are photogenic so have own shows or adverts and act in films. So cats are able to adapt to copy the human activities familiar with cats. Cats have a sensitive nature and caring especially for babies. They seem to join in to participate in whatever the baby is doing. Some want to share the cot somehow thinking they are twins. As long as the family is sure their baby is safe they are happy to let them get on daily of course supervised by adults.


A baby seems to love to enjoy interaction between them and the cat. A cat helps a baby crawl trying to chase the kitten. Indirectly moves not realising a cat is faster than them. This often is fun as a family watches the scenario and keeps photos of the occasion to show the child when they grow up. Children seem naturally drawn to cat by demonstration of healthy positive view of cats.


A baby does not fully understand the relationship but is aware of attention from the cat towards them. In return babies extend their affection towards the cat. There is a mutual relationship existing between cats and babies. It is amazing how a pet influences babies bonds into sharing food and learning to take care of pets from an early age. The child who grow up with pets do show compassion or level of tolerance and responsibility. Some parents have been encouraged to get pet for child to help calm down if suitable. This enables the child to develop friendship, express their feelings, emotions, communicate better.

babies_and_cats_being_too_cute_640_47Pets can be helpful as long as they are well trained and properly cared for. The cat is also immunised and checked by vets so parents are not worried over any concerns of an interaction between baby and the cat. In any event of doubts the cat is sent to be injected so treated of any issues of health. There is none or minor concerns of cats and babies. In extreme cases a cat is not allowed to get too close if there are any worries. In case of family health issues allergies a cat is removed forever from the home to avoid further complications.

In places where cats are seen as threats to babies and humans in general, cats are well fed but kept at a distance. In case of wild feral cats, they can become aggressive so uncontrollable. It is not wise to get near them because they tend to carry viruses and germs. They are not registered with reputable veterinary doctors for vaccines and health checks. In places where cats are not intimate with people the cats are not treated as pets to avoid spreading the diseases or germs they may carry. Where cats are close to people they are also bathed regularly, groomed and so hygienically clean and neat. Despite this, due care is taken to ensure babies and cats safely play together near the adults watching.


is-our-life-a-reflection-of-jesusJesus is reflected in a Christian’s life as a testimony of living sermon. Every day is an opportunity to show Jesus in action to others through lifestyles. A reflection time of gratitude appreciates God and to thank Jesus for salvation in Christ. Each goes by faster than the previous years for some reason. It is said that time runs faster when one is busily preoccupied minding own business or helping family and loved ones and friends. As we take stock of our lives we soon realise we negotiate a curve towards new year. Some experiences of a year may bring great joy and happy elated feelings. To count all our blessings as we have so much to thank God for. We are so grateful for family and friends and for our very breath of life given to us by God daily.Q1.3-life-is-a-reflection-of-youTogether we enjoy celebrating memorable occasions with each other to strengthen a family bonds. We feel highly blessed and favoured by God’s Grace and Favour and to rejoice in Christ. At the same time face many challenges and adversities. God in His Mercy Faithfully carried us through the fire and water in weathy heavenly places of God in Jesus Name. Our mouths filled with laughter as we rejoiced over the good things. But despite God’s amazing blessings cry in the valley low moments supported and encouraged with hope in Jesus Lily of valley endure adverse grief. everything-in-your-life-is-a-reflection-of-a-choice-you-have-made-if-you-want-a-different-result-make-a-different-choice-520x245We recall good times or challenges with  confidence in God to endure by faith to let nothing stop us from growing every day. Our life stories may not be one of a bed of roses, but we have choice to trust God. God’s Plans for us is always much better higher thoughts not comprehend fanthom, understand or consider. Life turns out not as we plan or anticipate or think possible. We either beat ourselves over regrets for or put stop to negative feelings of procrastination to recreate life better. Experiences of life journey is not in vain but life lessons to guide us.self-reflectionWhat the devil meant for evil God turned around to help others realise no situation defines them. Most people, no matter how strong of faith or how competent life is can experience unexpected surprises. But does not mean God is judging anyone, it means principles God designed follows in nature happens to affect the circumstances of life. One cannot be in total control of all events in life at the same time. Some things give because its impossible to juggle all details alone. Some areas of life is turned over to God by faith by believing and trusting God has our best interest at Heart. Everything will be just fine. However, when things are different from expection God Still Able to work all things together for our good.  Sheri-TarotSocialPost-Image6-300x300Be encouraged during each season of your life to draw closer to God. Do not be fooled by the devil that if God really trully loved you there will be no problems in life. It is mankind to blame deceived by the devil to unleash his unreasonable wickedness against fellow human beings. The world continues to be imperfectly controlled by man who abandoned God to do their own thing. God warns of consequences of reckless decisions affecting people to impact lives globally. It is necessary to observe you are not suffering alone. The whole is going through difficult times as Jesus warned in Bible. It is no surprise world events get worse. The only hope if salvation is Christ Jesus for Christian believers to receive eternal life.everything_in_life_reflection_choiceEach year rumours of war in the news and internet responses in the media reports in writings seem gloom and doom. Yet these things are happening as Jesus has warned about to help to prepare all to make better choices of eternal life. The course of events running in motion show its critical time to hold on to God more than ever before. The last enemy to be conquered is death then evil things coming against mankind ceases forever in Jesus Name.life-is-only-a-reflectionThen all sorts of a frivolous lifestyle nitty gritty change helps understand life9 better about God. God is Someone Interested in all those who worship God. Things are  set on course by God for thousands of years is unfolding in our time. Study scripture, you will find God’s consequences of all those going against God’s Will sin against God. It Almighty God in HIS MERCY making a way out of destruction of punishment through Jesus Christ for all mankind. According to the word of God mankind can finds a Real Peace by submitting to God authority.27083-cm-sleep-wake-muscles-wallet-want-need-social-320x186If we draw nearer God automatically God draws nearest to a person. God says come to HIM just as you are for His yoke is easy and His burden light. A world’s problems is caused by mankind but Only God solves them. The secret is to ensure every action is in line with the word of God the Creator not imposed enforced will against people by others to displease God. God demands global policies and decisions align with the Will of God the way it is in Bible. So media reports must make efforts to teach people what God Hopes for in all mankind. It will bring change of mind to focus on God.28453-cc_winter_safetravels_1100.500w.tnDesire to reach out and inspire all people if you feel vulnerable in need of change to inspired but believe in yourself no matter what the circumstances. You can recreate your life going forward to live beautifully. A reflection of life brings a deeper insight into all one is going through. The journey of rediscovery brings out most beautiful best self inside you. Realise uniqueness of life so precious. Life goes through various seasons of winter, spring, summer and an autumn. Life can hit with a financial loss, disappointments, death of the loved ones, broken relationship, loss of job, a divorce, falsely accused or a victim of crime. These can shatter life to pieces but it is never too late to do something about it to recover.29070-cc_NY_Numbers6_24-26.500w.tnLife is a gift from God and so you deserve to be happy irrespective of your age, race, gender, background or financial situation. be urged to appreciate the gift you have to see you are precious and valuable. Never lose sight of who you are; begin to create new visions and dreams for your life. Let nothing stop you from growing every day. Reflection message to is simply value your life and rediscover your potential. Do not allow anybody to destroy you or rob you of living a joyful life. Be patient with yourself. Be honest with yourself. Forgive yourself. Trust in yourself. Respect yourself. Be good to yourself. Love yourself. Your life is not wasted you have just started on a different path of phase in life Trust God to help you.Merry Christmas 2015 wishes-messages (5)God will use your test as a testimony to help others to restore their lives again to hope exuberance. Please join me to encourage and inspire others. You have a story to tell, you can contribute and participate in the dialogues here. Let us all learn from one another’s experience and reach others with the gift of love and kindness. Share your experience by emailing or making comment. Celebrate your uniqueness because there is only one you. Begin to renew and transform your mind and thinking to believe in God to help strengthen your life joyfully to fully live in Christ Jesus Name. God is abundantly blessing you daily so have a BLESSED Happy life with thanksgiving.


jesus-with-children-images-pictures-photos-747JESUS LOVES & ADORES CHILDREN  giphy (1).gifJESUS HEALS & PRAYS FOR CHILDRENjesus-christ-blessing-children-nephite-158467-wallpaperJESUS BLESSES & LISTENS TO ALL THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLDjesus-with-children-2302JESUS PLAYS WITH THE CHILDRENjesus-with-children-0409JESUS LOVES ALL CHILDREN IN THE WORLD RED YELLOW BLACK WHITEchildren_of_the_world_olsen_l__36214_zoomJESUS LOVES ALL LITTLE CHILDREN jd_JesusSportsJESUS CHRIST TALKS TO CHILDREN20081115-6618-us-with-childrenJESUS CHRIST CUDDLES AN INFANT jesus-and-child-1JESUS CHRIST WALKS, TALKS, HEALS LITTLE CHILDREN.


LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 15: New Dragons Nick Jenkins, Sarah Willingham and Touker Suleyman attend the reinvention of Ghost on Kings Road hosted by Touker Suleyman on April 15, 2015 in London, England. Pic Credit: Dave Benett

The lateste guide to having it all, by the £12m Dragons’ Den mum of four: Sarah Willingham reveals how she juggles her high-flying career with raising her children. The entrepreneur, 41, says all working mums can be as successful as her. But they have to be willing to compromise and live by strict rules, she says. The partners must share all the family’s responsibilities and never mix family and work time. The multi-millionaire who juggles her high-flying career with bringing up four young children and remaining a loving, attentive wife. The Dragons’ Den star Sarah Willingham is superwoman but hardwoking restaurant entrepreneur, 41, says all the working mothers can be as successful as her. They must be prepared to live by a string of strict rules and learn compromise. Sarah Willingham, pictured with fellow new dragons Nick Jenkins (left) and Touker Suleyman (right) Sarah Willingham, pictured with fellow new dragons Nick Jenkins (left) and Touker Suleyman (right)0CA1C59900000514-0-image-a-24_1437179950492 (1)

In addition to the hit BBC show reported to be worth £12million – said this was the recipe which enabled her to have the best of both worlds. Her highest priority is keeping business separate from her time with children Minnie, eight, Monti, seven, Nelly, five, and Marly, four. One-on-one time with her children and date nights with her husband Michael Toxvaerd, 40, are blocked off in the family diary, which is run with military precision. She has no voicemail on her mobile phone turns off email alerts to make sure there are no distractions when she is with her children. Enter the new dragons is mumpreneur, a multi-millionaire who fled Moscow in fear of his life and the businessman who bounced back from rock bottom. The mum whose son has struggled with serious food allergies has cooked up £4 million with her own range of gluten and dairy free deluxe ready meals homemade into business!

While a cleaner helps Miss Willingham with chores at her Oxfordshire home four days a week, the personal assistant sacked so she can be fully in control of her own life. Miss Willingham made her name turning The Bombay Bicycle Club into the largest and most successful Indian restaurant chain in the UK. She now invests in various businesses from her home office with her entrepreneur husband. Miss Willingham, originally from Stoke-on-Trent, said: ‘For me, I have to be a mum. I feel it in my tummy. I can’t sacrifice it. But that doesn’t mean I have to be a mum all the time. Far from it. It is about finding balance. Sarah Willingham pictured when she was a judge alongside David Moore on The Restaurant +5  Sarah.‘Our diary is the one solid foundation that stops everything falling down.


If it’s not in the diary then it is not allowed,’ she said. So she can spend a guilt-free day with the children, Miss Willingham claims to fit three days worth of work into just one. ‘You do have to be super-efficient with your time,’ she said. ‘When I am working I am all over it, head down, not a single second is wasted.’ Referring to her new role on Dragons’ Den, she said: ‘I’m think I’m a new breed of Dragon. I’m different to anyone that’s gone before me because I am a working mum. I think I’ve done alright for myself and now I’m standing up and saying “I love being a mum.” I hope other mums see this and realise they could do it too. There is always, always, always a way.’



IMG-20200404-WA0019IMG-20200404-WA0023JESUS gold diamond bling crown is the popular priceless asset in rich famous collect. Jesus is crowned King of kings Lord of lords by LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.IMG-20200404-WA0022JESUS gold diamond bling collections of JESUS wearing crown of thorns on His Head tell real story of JESUS Christ pain suffering for all mankind’s sin in Bible.wp-1451251599445.jpgJESUS had passover meal with disciples and told them about betrayal by Judas and falsely accused. 30 pieces of silver is bribe paid to Judas to identify Jesus to the soldiers in Garden of Gethsemane. IMG-20200404-WA0009$_1-1 Jesus was crucified on the cross for all sins to save people from damnation and eternal separation into God’s Presence. JESUS took all sin away by His death to set you free from God’s punishments.IMG-20200404-WA0018IMG-20200404-WA0000Angels comfort JESUS in while praying at Gethsemane and on the Cross. JESUS sweats blood tears agony for sin. JESUS had a passover meal with His disciples before Final moments of His betrayal by financial advisor traitor Judas Iscariot.IMG-20200404-WA0015JESUS CARRIED HIS CROSS TO CALVARY died, buried arose from grave victorious alive into heaven crowned with Glory. Jesus Reigns Forever over earth. JESUS IS IN HEAVEN SEATED AT THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD. JESUS GOOD SHEPHERD CARES HIS SHEEP HEAR HIS VOICE.IMG-20200404-WA0012
JESUS reassure you of His love for you. God’s angels 24/7 deliver precious your answers to prayers in Jesus Name. And JESUS IS BEST FRIEND ASSET VALUED BY CHRISTIAN believers who love Him.star-of-africa-cullinan-iStar of Africa is considered the largest Diamond in the world worth millions. No jewel, gold, bling compares with the PRICELESS LOVE OF GOD IN CHRIST.IMG-20200404-WA0008article-1058861-02BD5C6600000578-564_468x509JESUS IS MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN ALL THE PRECIOUS GOLD, DIAMOND AND SILVER, TOPAZ ETC. JESUS IS PERFECT AND SHINES HIS FLAWLESS GLITTER IN OUR HEARTS MORE THAN GOLD.IMG_20200404_9281sefaduIMG_20200404_48278Largest diamond cannot compare with Jesus shinning light. JESUS IS BIGGER JEWELS that cannot save your soul. Repent, accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour before its too late. IMG-20200404-WA0021Wearing bling jewels is good but it does not make you a Christian so accept Jesus and be saved. PRICELESS JESUS BLOOD IS SO PRECIOUS ABOVE GOLD JEWELS.w620-q80 (1)JESUS THE NAME ABOVE ALL NAMESIMG-20200404-WA0024w620-q80JESUS BRIDEGROOM OF BRIDECHURCH  HipHopJesusBlingBlingJESUS LOVES THE HIP HOP FANS TOO.IMG-20200404-WA0006JESUS is always helping to save you so accept His free offer of salvation to be your good shepherd to protect you.



dancingguyimage8531211lcroppedDancing is an intrinsic part of a festive joyful festive season. People get together to dance to favourite music. Dancing joy expresses good feelings in tune with the music. Some people dance every week routinely as a way of finding happiness and enjoyment. Many dance in line style with fellow dancers, words of familiar songs are well known people sing along while dancing. Wedding parties, people dance intimately as romantic couples as child danced with parents indulged in a special moment expressing family love.img_7695-version-31Other people dance together as part of a larger group in a circle holding hands. Every dance is associated with a unique or particular patterns of movements according to specific tunes familiar to dancers. Sometimes only the men are allowed to dance with each other. So women dance with women all the time in such settings or cultures. Dancing is a wonderful time to relax to let the hair down to socialise to have good time to dance with family and friends. There are so many types of varieties or genres of music. From classical music to the traditional dances, jazz, dance music, gospel music, reggae, highlife, hip hop, popular music, twist, boogie, rock, the blues, concerts, tap dancing, the break dancing, folk dances, maypole dances R&B, country music, borborbor, list too numerous to include all here. Whatever style is preferred is to personal interest, love, passion of genre of music chosen. Whatever music one grew up with or chooses to listen or dance to suitable and appropriate for the occasion.img_1701Weddings and birthday parties have the specific songs and their dances as part of  new trends. As part of the ceremony people meet to practice dance moves in advance and rehearse prior to event so show off their beautiful dance. Dances are helpful in bringing people together during celebrations. People synchronise in tune with the music. The atmosphere is pleasant and lovely. People interact with each other by changing partners to ensure everyone is included. Someone starts dancing and pretty soon others join in to participate in dancing.Club-Disco-Dancing-PeoplePeople use various parts of their body in dancing. Some lift up their hands often waved along the music. Others tap their feet or use both their feet and hands simultaneously. It is amazing to see such coordination between between the hand movements and the feet together. Still some people free style in their own different forms and shapes according to choice. Each person dances to contentment of their heart to enjoy moment to go with flow of the music.IMG_7823forwebOthers dance as part of a fitness regime in the gym to help relieve stress and tension. The endorphines are released so the person feels better after dancing excercises. Dancing is encouraged to build body muscles and keep joints fit. Those not into the hard core physical exercise often choose dancing as subtle excercise. As part of healthy lifestyle it is recomended people take up dancing if it is suitable for their activities.164ee0f1e25504cc4ad09f51c6da51ffThere are professional dancers so some who start learning to dance from their early childhood. Some become full time dancers who earn a living from dancing or teaching others to dance. Dancing can become a life passion promoted through competitions. Many months are spent learning new dance routines to enter competitions. This helps keep the body in good shape too. King David danced publicly in front of a procession to worship God, so put on your dancing shoes to jive for God in church or at home turning on or playing worship music. Music does good for the body, mind and soul. Join in festive season to dance for GOD ALMIGHTY.20150502-ZX2A8954If dancing is good for king David so it is good for you so do not be shy. Come on there is no excuse numerous as dancing styles are available to pick and choose from. You do not have to stick to one routine as you are spoilt for choice. You also do not need worry about details, professionals will guide you. You can also enjoy the leisure and pleasure of dancin good for king David so good for you. Some particular songs remain the same so fixed style dance routine goes permanently with that song over the years. Others are adapted and remixed with new versions and upbeats cover by song writers to promote the music. Be aware of etiquette of dancing to respect and honour dancing partners. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you or what Jesus will do in your dance situation if in any doubt or in predicament and unsure.99b578f9b77378ee11d93ba680d19004With a bit if hard work and sweat you may be crowned as the next dancing champion of the year. Like Grease was to become a phenomenon and the Abba group turned legends. There is enough room for everyone although free range dancers require an unlimited space to reign in their talents and skills on show for all to watch. They entertain crowds looking on cheering applauding them to pull out their best dance moves. Soon it becomes the show time that everyone is clamouring for attention to hit a dance floor with people clapping, encouraging them with anchor anchor meaning do it again again more repetitions requested till the dancers become too exhausted to dance any more exotic dance moves.dancing-people-silhouettes-20419883Some people show their love and also appreciation to the dancers by giving them gifts of money tucked into their pockets, hats, chest or at their feet. In the Bible Salome entertained the king so pleased, he wanted genuinely to reward her with any requests she made. Unfortunately it was the mother who made the choice decision on her behalf. Dance anyway if even if your dance moves does not even merit a reward. You are your own best benefactor and champion as you win by having fun. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Dancing makes Jack attractive exciting man. So dancing spices up your life like you may not realise until you try it. It is important to respect boundaries while dancing. So do not recklessly bump into other people to hurt or knock them by an excessive, over the top dance moves. Do remember it gets hotter dancing so dress appropriately to have good times. Drink plenty of water to hydrate body if dancing as the body perspiration losses vital body fluids. Stay alert and rest in between dancing as much as possible.wp-1577458020955.gifwp-1577110572234.gif


christmas_carols_by_jasuli93-d4jqkgaThe word Christmas carol theme about  “Christmas” based on music related to Christmas. Christmas carol hymns  had  lyrics  message of Christmas. Christmas carol is sung traditionally at Christmas itself or in holiday season. Christmas carols are regarded as the subset of the broader category of Christmas music.christmas-carolsSequence” or “Prose” was introduced in the Northern European monasteries as developed by Bernard of Clairvaux into sequence of rhymed stanzas. In twelvth century the Parisian monk Adam of St. Victor began to derive music from such many popular songs, introducing closer ones to the traditional Christmas carol.16273000-christmas-carol-singers-theme-23-1024x949In the thirteenth century, in France, Germany, and Italy, under the influence of Francis of Assisi a strong tradition of Christmas songs in their regional native languages as the music styles develop.  Christmas carols in English first appear in 1426 by John Awdlay, Shropshire chaplain, lists 25 “caroles of Cristemas” sung by groups of the wassailers who went from house to house.31477660-christmas-carolThe songs we know specifically carols were originally communal songs sung during celebrations like harvest time as well as Christmas. It was only later that carols begun to be sung in church, and associated with Christmas. Research has conducted on carol singing, but one of the few sociological studies of caroling in the early 21st century determined sources of songs are misunderstood.

6d4cc6b4663cfa06f7afd45a4f9631d9Some think it is simplistic to suggest the caroling is mostly related to Christian beliefs. Other carol singing reinforces the preservation of diverse national customs or local family traditions. This entry encourages you to sing carols with friends, family, loved ones to create camadier. Singing is therapeutic to clear the head. The Christmas song lyrics are biblically based with words of hope celebrating the birth of JESUS Christ.

4b5dd714aa873a10f94160c5378e87b1Sing your heart out to JESUS CHRIST and use your voice given by God to thank, praise and worship Lord God Almighty. Do not worry about not being a musician not professionally trained. God loves to hear voice so sing from your heart to God. Express yourself and sing even your own written songs to God. God is not requiring perfection from your songs just expression of your feelings, thoughts, joy to glorify God and bless His Holy Name. chrstmas-carols16157-caroling-kids-400x200


758px-Bouguereau_The_Virgin_With_AngelsALMIGHTY LORD GOD YAHWEH HIMSELF gave Jesus by sign fulfilled in Virgin Mary who Conceived by Holy Spirit. Jesus Yeshua Son of God is Called Immanuel, LORD God with us in Isaiah  7:14. To us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon His shoulder, and His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace in the  Isaiah 9:6. Felix Mendelssohn composed tune to the Hark, The Herald Angels Sing lyrics in 1840 but original tune was solemn one written by Charles Wesley at inception of the carol one hundred years earlier in 1739HARK-2007f3-centerimageAngels from God in heaven announced Jesus’ Birth to the shepherds watching their flock at night in Jerusalem, Israel. The angels sing daily in God’s Presence so these lyrics helped ensure jubilant celebration of Messiah’s Birth. Many songs change so the original lyrics by Wesley reads like, Hark how all welkin heaven rings. And  a colleague George Whitefield changed a line to the one we know today played globally. Heaven and earth join together in unity to thank and worship Almighty God. The whole world rejoices in the birth of Messiah.hark-the-herald-angels-sing-lynn-bywaters-1Mendelssohn’s song originally part of a cantata commemorating printer Johann Gutenberg. This familiar music applies lyrics 15 years after Mendelssohn’s composition by W.H. Cummings English musician. Angels sing for God with Holy Spirit and Jesus in heaven who will rule from Mount Zion, the city of the living God, heavenly Jerusalem and angels to Yeshua. God’s Kingdom cannot be shaken as we are entering the City of the Living God, heavenly Yerushalayim. So myriads of angels in festive assembly of community of the Firstborn whose names recorded in Heaven as spirits of righteous people. Jesus the Judge of God and mediator of New Covenant, Yeshua sprinkled Blood speaks better things all blood of Abel says Hebrews 12:22–24.VictorianChristmasCarolers-1This beautiful Christmas song is one of the best produced in relation to the with heralding of the birth of Christ Jesus. It is particularly special accompanied by musical instruments. This classic song makes Christmas a pleasant occasion to celebrate JESUS YESHUA MESSIAH. Angels announce messages from God and still SING HEAVENLY SONGS TO GOD, Worshipping, PRAISING KING JESUS CHRIST THE LIVING LIGHT OF THE WORLD BRINGS LIGHT in darkness over the earth to save all. CHRIST JESUS RECONCILES TO GOD multitudes FROM ALL NATIONS. GOD’S HEAVENLY CHOIR JOIN CHRISTMAS SONG REMEMBERING BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST.MESSIAH.shepherds-and-angelsAngels from God in heaven announced Jesus’ Birth to the shepherds. GOD’S ANGELS SING WITH US DAILY TOO, MANKIND UNITES WITH HEAVEN IN CHRIST TO JOYFULLY CELEBRATE TO PRAISE GOD. MAY HAVE VISIONS AND DREAMS REVEALING GOD’S BEAUTIFUL ANGELS SURROUNDING US, PROTECT, DEFEND, DELIVER US IN JESUS NAME. GOD SENDS HIS ANGELS DAILY TO US ON EARTH TO COMFORT AND SERVE AS GOD’S MESSENGER’S TO HELP US.Stevie-Nicks-Singing-for-Angels--42407GOD’S ANGELS SURROUND US DAILY ON AND SOME SING WITH HEAVENLY VOICES ACCOMPANYING HEAVENLY VOICES MUSIC SINGING ALSO LOVELY CHRISTMAS CAROLS TO PRAISE GOD & JESUS GOD’S PRINCE OF PEACE.Daniel angel1angelsAngels appear in dreams as Jacob’s Ladder, where “He had a dream in which he saw a stairway resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven and angels of God were ascending and descending in Genesis 28:12. Scriptures gives no numbers, but countless multitudes of angels exist in heaven according to the Bible in God’s Presence. By river of fire pouring flowing from God,. Zillions beyond numbers angels  from nations minister to many stand to attend to God in session to open Book of Life or sent as messengers in Daniel 7:10. Angels are not subject to death or any form of extinction; therefore they do not decrease in number. Angels exist before and since creation by God, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1 “For by him were all things created in heaven, on earth, visible, invisible, thrones (qronoi), powers (kuriothtesprincipalities (arcai), dominions (exousiai) This refer to angels and all things created by HIM for HIM,  HE is before all things and by HIM all things consist in Colossians 1:16-17. ch06-bb-15In the Pre-Adamic Age, before the creation of mankind, God created these celestial beings. But the time of their creation is never definitely specified in the Bible. There are several qualities common to personality all of which angels possess in personal existence, intellect, emotion will. As personalities they interact with over and over again through the Bible. Each angels has it’s own distinct names and referring to them in Psalm 147:4. The Bible does not reveal the names of every angel and since there are an innumerable number of them. Angels follow a hierarchical structure. There are different kinds of angels with different characteristics and roles. Unnamed angels appear often in Scripture doing various tasks.maxresdefaulthark_the_herald_angels_sing1They mostly Praise and Worship God as the main activity portrayed in heaven in Isaiah 6:1-3; Revelation 4-5. They serve as messengers to communicate God’s will to men. They help reveal the law to Moses in Acts 7:52-53, and serve as carriers of God’s Words and action plan material in Daniel and Revelation. So sent to deliver good news to Mary on Jesus’ conception and announced birth. This is why Christmas songs include a message from angels celebrate Christ0hark-the-herald-angels-sing-charles-wesley