In Romans 8:17, the Bible says through the spirit of adoption believers are the children of God so heirs of God and joint – heirs with Christ. So call God Almighty ABBA Father because now joint-heirs with Christ Jesus, the First Born Son of God. As adopted believer children of God we take on Yahweh God Elohim’s Family Surname. So become fully grafted into God’s family to enjoy God’s love, mercy, grace, forgiveness, blessings with same privileges as the natural siblings. In most families where adoption is successful, adopted child is integrated and well treated one cannot tell a person is adopted unless told so.
Similarly, God adopts His Christian Children believers into His Kingdom. Although, a grafted person has same privileges, a father does not displace or disregard the natural child in favour of the adopted child. Both are entitled to a fair share of inheritance of an adopted father’s wealth and assets according to his will. So can rest assured that both are loved equally because the father has room enough in his heart to embrace both equally without fear of losing love or affection of their father.
God loves those grafted in as He Loves the first – born. It is the deep love for the first born to gain siblings grafted in that caused God to use the last desperate measure of cruxifiction. In fact God loves them so much He Gave His First Born to die to save those grafted in. In appreciation and gratitude, God expects those grated in to learn from first – born Son, Who Lives since beginning of time. To respect and honour God’s Chosen Heir to the throne of David as entrusted Throne of God. God has given all power and authority in heaven and earth to Jesus Christ by the power of attorney so hear and obey Christ.
God chose Jesus among His Jewish siblings to accomplish His Plans and Purpose for mankind. An adopted child cannot assume superiority above a first born to discredit, blackmail, to destroy to perpetuate himself in his place. The adopted person has to submit to God’s chosen way to yield to God. In addition the other natural siblings must accept the adopted child although they may feel they have exclusive right of control over their father. Yet must adapt to love those grafted in to please their father. It may not be relationship of their choice but they have to obey father’s decision for their own good and peace of mind.
They cannot refuse to interact with new adopted sibling for they are joined together forever into eternity. Like any modern family understands, members are not identical clones. Each has own unique personality or annoying habits to put up with or different things to contend with. Yet still part of same family for life so the relationship is not negotiable. God knows many people may not like their siblings, brothers and sisters, family or extended relatives and in-laws but are stuck together forever for life. So must network with people of different traits whether one likes them or not in Jesus Name as God ordained.
One cannot tell God to keep the siblings you prefer and love then ask God to get rid of family members you hate or cannot stand. This is the Gospel truth of the Kingdom of God based on the multitudes of people from all various nations, tribes and tongues. One may not see things from God’s point view or agree with God’s choice but must value, respect and trust God Knows Best. This will help resolve many issues that face all God’s Children in His Kingdom today. Although it is true God’s Favour during the time of Gentiles enables non -Jews to become part of God’s Kingdom, yet nobody will ever replace God’s Jewish covenant. So replacement theology is not a sound Biblical doctrine. Jesus gave His Life first for the Jews to fulfil the new covenant so God wants all people saved. God is not a respecter of persons exclusively preferring a group above others. God treats believers as joint – heirs with His Son Jesus Christ to reign in life. God Embraces Jews and Gentiles equally in redemption blood of Jesus Christ so love another.



  1. Interesting
    Do you think it’s dangerous to withhold information if there is hereditary issues like depression, health traits etc or deal with as happens?

    Keep up good work

    • There is no need to bog a child down with a parent’s health details unless the child displays potential signs of the traits that can be inherited. Such traits have to treated whether it is inherited or not because it can be triggered by stress. Also a child’s own life is impacted by circumstance not always necessarily inherited from parents as is often seen in many cases. At the end of the day God is creator giver of life and healer in Jesus Name whether a condition is inherited or not. The best one can hope for is to trust God to protect and preserve your life covered by the blood of Jesus.

  2. Should the child never be told his or hers history or where they come from? Its wonderful to treat like own but what if child starts query differences?

    Great post 😊 👍

    • In theory if excellent adoption blends successfully siblings are not supposed to feel different to query origin. Yet the right of every child to know their roots if things work well. In certain cases some never get to know because of circumstances beyond their control. Adopted parents try to contact source of origin but may not succeed because things were set up differently years ago compared to right of freedom of information today. The most important thing to understand is adopted family faces challenges just like the natural families. So it is necessary not to tag every situation to adoption label to blame problems on diferences. At times it seems too good to be true a person can love a child not their own flesh and blood yet happens in real life. All parents put up with numerous things from children yet still have an unconditional love for them. So God has Unconditional Love so puts up with all humanity through Jesus Christ to reconcile us to God. It is a personal choice and decision to focus more on strengths in unity and love to get along than dwell on differences than divide and tear families apart. It is easier to love than be drained by negative energy of bitterness and hatred. The Gospel Message is God is Love so those who love God must love neighbour including family first. For charity and love begins at home. So it is the Holy Spirit that enables us to love the unlovable so we cannot do it in our own strength. Strong love is more powerful & fruitful than anger, hatred played on by emotions to divide or destroy family relationships. God bless you always in Jesus Name in following

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