Gifted children often fascinate all those who meet and interact with them because they impact lives with huge implications. Some baffle educational experts who expect all children of a certain age to fit into a particular mould. Therefore any child who is an exception to the rule regarding any particular stages of the perceived growth spurt is considered as a great genius like Akrit Jaswal. When it comes to IQ, these kids certainly pass the test. Look back at the most memorable little geniuses. For example Akrit Pran Jaswal (born April 23, 1993, Nurpur) is an Indian adolescent who is a child prodigy as a surgeon. He performed his first surgery at the age of just 7 years old when he performed surgery for the first time, operating on the hands of a young burn victim. Akrit was not a doctor but was considered a medical genius celebrated by his native India for bringing who used his intellect to ease suffering to improve health to another human being. By 7 years he read books like Gray’s Anatomy, textbooks on surgery, anaesthesia, anatomy and physiology, researched cancer as he saw pain at the hospitals he visited as a child. His achievements and super-specialty knowledge procured at an incredibly young age is quite pretty and impressive. At 12 years he was invited at Imperial College of England to share his intellect, surgical skills, and medical knowledge with expert academics. At 13 years old, Akrit has an IQ of 146 and was considered the smartest person his age in India a country of more than a billion people. Akrit at 17 years old worked on a master’s degree in applied chemistry, zoology, botany and is now 22 years old. Instead of celebrating and acclaiming his accomplishment some criticise, ridicule, vilify and mock him with disdain by established educational institutions with monopoly control of robotic surgery for knowledge is power. Ashok Banga and co. Quora haters of Akrit’s ingenuity need to review origin and sources of plant and herb medicine of local societies conducive to their health before big pharmaceutical corporations lobbied medical experts to transform health care today. It is important to understand children living conducive real life situations are more advanced and emotionally matured in spatial environment counterparts elsewhere wrapped in bubble lifestyle. History education reveals it is used to translate native languages to consolidate territory imposing political power restrictions of rule of empire to conquer nations globally. Languages, traditional knowledge and culture was banned replaced by devastating effects and consequences. In schools changes meant traditional hands on nature study in the 1960’s education was banned in the science laboratory for political correctness. Lack of motivation for non practical dissection of animals due to animal rights campaigners enforce protection of animal testing so students no longer exposed to blood in science and biology lessons. Therefore those environments with live animals surrounding them means children are used to animals gotten rid of for survival of people as part of normal upbringing. Such a child does not have Western inhibitions therefore does not fit that mould. The genius child outside the educational box puzzles experts because they strongly think without formal training it is impossible for children of a certain age to accomplish such a high level of good success like the gifted child Akrit. Those with access to refined advanced medical resources often in Western society have no idea how billions have to improvise through no fault of their own. In sophisticated societies, children usually programmed and conditioned after birth follow standard educational concepts designed by the experts. Some of which have never carried a child or raised children personally apart from observing them play like Pavlov’s experiments did in other creatures. Therefore parents are inadvertently lobbied by giant corporations with vested conflicts of interest investments to raise children in such environments with play toys. They advise parents on child development stages of growth spurt and guide parents on standard expectations above or below the line in the red book. As result, children’s personal development is compared with others similar in that age group to determine if they are developing well.  Designer education focuses on brain development, motor skills, cognitive skills, eye movements, hand grip, balance, balance, logical reasoning like stacking plastic bricks or rings according to shape and sizes, play social skill with other children, hearing and listening skills. All these tests are excellent and great to help determine any possible impairments to detect and correct them early before it is too late. These standard educational concepts are necessary and very useful in extreme lifestyle society as it is designed to help select the most intelligent who accomplish test easily. Those unable to pass such logical reasoning skills developed by combination of sponsored educational institutions and giant toy manufacturers are seen as not being intelligent or having advance  memory skills. The parents aware often prepare their children by creating a conducive environment with the necessary gadgets to help boost the child’s development to pass these assessment tests. These tests mainly focus on memory development and intelligent cognitive ability, rather than on the early learning practical hands on life skills. This is due to the educational psychology theory that children’s brains are not fully formed before 7 years so the rule in place is no serious teaching must be done at that age. Therefore the manufactures have come up with the play learning approach which encourage children to play with accurate replica toys that mimic real life scenarios without real life risks of toy carpentry sets, toy kettles or cooker burning child, toy washing machine electrocuting children. While this great insight is commendable and makes life easy for children and the significant adults. It causes children not to be in a real life scenario that the majority of other children globally living in harsh environment live in. Through no choice of their own grow in communities without such privilege of designed development available to them.  So those dismissive of such children who do not fit the mould often lack an understanding of the practical life maturity of such children. Often they are viewed from a Western perspective as if they grew in the West as children and being exposed to such harsh environments. In reality the harsh environments dictate they grow up faster than children of similar age in developed countries as little adult. They work alongside parents according to their ability and strength with the size of equipment they can handle. They do not often have the privilege of child size facilities or resources because of historical disadvantages. So when a child growing in a society where nothing good is expected to come out they happen to shock and be treated with disdain because they prove the stereotype expectation wrong. So gifted children from such unfamiliar backgrounds although fully in control of their talents and head start diversity abilities, most people do feel they can safely trust such a raw informal education talent that does not conform to their norm. So set tests to ridicule them to show they may be intelligent and talented as gifted children but not in their back yard. However, those condemning and judging them may be able to survive in the harsh conditions or background they defy. It is interesting that even when skills traditionally performed by adults are competently done by such genius they are not celebrated because it discounts other theory that people of a certain kind are inferior so not capable of achieving such talents and abilities. The greatest joke is that the very text books written by the educational theorists read and studied by gifted children are still not good enough to have confidence in their knowledge. They may be capable or reproducing the factual knowledge accurately to perform a surgery in the case of Akrit Jaswal the 7-year-old surgeon in India.


Another young man William Kamkwaba in Malawi village built a wind turbine. William Kamkwamba, generated wind power in Malawi, Soyapi, as an African student, he built wind turbine to combat problem of lack of electricity in the village needed to charge mobile phones. So the Malawi youth builds wind turbines to create solar power energy in Malawi in Africa reading Western textbooks. There seems to be some sort of underlying fear of threat of loss of business earnings by the established giants from such young experts entrepreneurs not really thinking of such threats at all. They are passionate about their talents so love to do what they do. Those who endured the fixed method of years of training before achieving such level of expertise feel angry at innocent children who devote their time to studying books some adults even dread to look at. Rather destroying the talent of children or keeping docile by infantile unrealistic life skills it is important to celebrate the few genius children who dare accomplish things adults fear to thread. These generation has so much information highway even exposed to while in the womb so respond to familiar music or any sound that particularly interests them after birth. Recently, an infant baby as young as 6 months in the book Your Baby Can Read was able to identify names of images read on flash cards designed by her father to help recovering stroke victims to regain speech in the therapy method. Robert C. Titzer (born June 1960) is an American professor and infant researcher who created the product name “Your Baby Can Read on his own children learning to read using the multi-sensory approach that he developed. Titzer received his teaching credentials from San Diego State UniversityTherefore children are getting younger especially where parents invest in early years to focus on a specific pedigree child talent like medicine, maths, dance or music progeny. Elite schools and educational institutions regard education as their sole right therefore any parent educating their children privately at home is seen as not competent or efficient although child progeny are descendants often of parents who are already high achievers. In exceptional cases certain children are gifted purely naturally without previous input by parents like Akiel taught Art by God. So instead of a negative attack on gifted children undermining their talents in mainstream education, enthusiastic parents give up career to nurture them. It cost gifted children’s parents to invest in expensive medical books, music equipment Kumon training to achieve a head start above those children without such investment. Gifted children’s parents sacrifice time, careers, designer clothing, shoes some invest in to train their child early to develop without numerous distractions. It is important not to condemning and subduing gifted children by envious jealous counterparts angry for their training for years plus debt of loans outwitted by gifted children. One size of education does not necessarily fit all if those imposing their standard globally are sincere in their purpose and motive for education. Education is currently designed as capitalist selling point to fix certain patterns of dominant culture for life. Therefore, other cultures are considered substandard even if those trained by them apply theories in those textbooks. The elite minority often cater for their version of history and education books while the global majority living in harsh condition meaningful life is not considered relevant. So educational designers do not see the need to celebrate those who may by-pass numerous years of taking many exams before certified as qualified as a good source of business strategy. Many people can identify with going through useless data courses, pressure and stresses of irrelevant exams  collaborations which have nothing to do with real life issues faced after education. So much emphasis is laid on mind and brain development to leading white-collar jobs. Therefore vocational skills are considered as blue-collar jobs so education is seen as the requiring training that often lead to service industry. Those who are not prepared to invest in their children often make the excuse gifted child’s parents are hard task masters depriving their children of innocent childhood. Imported education must be adapted to use local resources available to overcome debt of delicate expensive technology not suitable for the harsh tropical weather and environments. Take a good at the track record of majority of wholesale education children, or parents invested in designer gears rather than educational development and statistics speak for itself. Compare it with loving parents devoted to good foundation versus those with pressure on them to stop child from learning early in formative years. This is part of reason for attack against devoted parents of gifted children to early learning. Life of is full of care and choices of doing what is best for each person under normal circumstances.  This consequently means parents need to look beyond today to fast forward the kind of future desired for their children. It is easier to teach a child in the malleable years than trying to undo damage of influence in later years. Trying to teach a 7-year-old the alphabets when they want to play with their friends is not easy. Children are frustrated as they grow in an environment they cannot decode.   Each parent must decide what is best for their child because many have gone through years of education and training yet still without any proper jobs they paid thousands of pounds to train in. Meanwhile, many accomplish great things in life just developing their God-given talents and abilities. At the end of the day, education is not for brain washing people to keep them in bondage for life, but a genuine education is about building up people’s talents and abilities. Just as special needs children require extra resources to integrate them into mainstream education, so gifted children need extra support to nurture their gifts, talents and abilities often not available to teachers overwhelmed by pressure of teaching in classrooms of over 30 children in one hour. By the time coats are taken off, books taken out and lap tops switched on and set up, children settle down, it is impossible to give one to one personal attention to each child as parents do privately at home. The parents educating their children directly fill the gap by supervising their children to ensure distractions of mobile phones, other websites children access does not interfere with lessons. It is not easy for the teacher simultaneously to stand over each child to ensure they are actively listening and doing their work properly. It is the parent’s duty of care and responsibility to ensure their children do their home work and submit it on time even if gifted. And teachers must talk to parents about the child’s performance each week not once a year. Teachers do a great job yet some gifted children are more learned than teachers which should be the case to challenge knowledge irrespective of age of child genius. Daniel in the Bible had more wisdom and knowledge than all his teachers, so schools need to incorporate training of child prodigy who often drop out to develop at their optimum best level possible. Schools alone cannot educate a child for it takes a whole community to raise a child. Whenever faced with nature or nurture‘ question, it’s always both the school and community must work together as team. To study child development a French psychologist kept a child in cave necessary to isolate him from external influence to prove how crucial input was to growth. Over the past years after regularly spending such extended periods of time in silence but well fed in the caves their own version was proven accurate to change mindsets of significant others and parental to impress them on the value of input into children. Such a experiment cannot be approved by human rights today so not necessary to participate artificial test. Important to recognise and know the strength, creativity, talent, abilities, interests, to create the most suitable environment for each child to develop because one size does not fit all in education. This explains why billions are globally educated from generation to generation but the education is of no effect to the majority of the society. The focus of 10% of the mind neglects 90% of real life long term real life issues not included in education. Life is made up of mind development alone therefore any hands on practical informal skills necessary for the community is of the essence more than head knowledge and gadgets that do work in such environments. Imposing one particular kind of education for marketing purposes to undermine rich culture and resources of others ruins the world and fills it it junk and waste from rapidly constantly changing equipment useless but toxic pollution on such places. The whole suffers from mechanised gadgets in places where there are really not functioning without electricity. Above all, Jesus Christ taught experts in Synagogues and temples at 12 years old, so alright to encourage youth to excel in life.


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