In Romans 8:17, the Bible says through the spirit of adoption believers are the children of God so heirs of God and joint – heirs with Christ. So call God Almighty ABBA Father because now joint-heirs with Christ Jesus, the First Born Son of God. As adopted believer children of God we take on Yahweh God Elohim’s Family Surname. So become fully grafted into God’s family to enjoy God’s love, mercy, grace, forgiveness, blessings with same privileges as the natural siblings. In most families where adoption is successful, adopted child is integrated and well treated one cannot tell a person is adopted unless told so.
Similarly, God adopts His Christian Children believers into His Kingdom. Although, a grafted person has same privileges, a father does not displace or disregard the natural child in favour of the adopted child. Both are entitled to a fair share of inheritance of an adopted father’s wealth and assets according to his will. So can rest assured that both are loved equally because the father has room enough in his heart to embrace both equally without fear of losing love or affection of their father.
God loves those grafted in as He Loves the first – born. It is the deep love for the first born to gain siblings grafted in that caused God to use the last desperate measure of cruxifiction. In fact God loves them so much He Gave His First Born to die to save those grafted in. In appreciation and gratitude, God expects those grated in to learn from first – born Son, Who Lives since beginning of time. To respect and honour God’s Chosen Heir to the throne of David as entrusted Throne of God. God has given all power and authority in heaven and earth to Jesus Christ by the power of attorney so hear and obey Christ.
God chose Jesus among His Jewish siblings to accomplish His Plans and Purpose for mankind. An adopted child cannot assume superiority above a first born to discredit, blackmail, to destroy to perpetuate himself in his place. The adopted person has to submit to God’s chosen way to yield to God. In addition the other natural siblings must accept the adopted child although they may feel they have exclusive right of control over their father. Yet must adapt to love those grafted in to please their father. It may not be relationship of their choice but they have to obey father’s decision for their own good and peace of mind.
They cannot refuse to interact with new adopted sibling for they are joined together forever into eternity. Like any modern family understands, members are not identical clones. Each has own unique personality or annoying habits to put up with or different things to contend with. Yet still part of same family for life so the relationship is not negotiable. God knows many people may not like their siblings, brothers and sisters, family or extended relatives and in-laws but are stuck together forever for life. So must network with people of different traits whether one likes them or not in Jesus Name as God ordained.
One cannot tell God to keep the siblings you prefer and love then ask God to get rid of family members you hate or cannot stand. This is the Gospel truth of the Kingdom of God based on the multitudes of people from all various nations, tribes and tongues. One may not see things from God’s point view or agree with God’s choice but must value, respect and trust God Knows Best. This will help resolve many issues that face all God’s Children in His Kingdom today. Although it is true God’s Favour during the time of Gentiles enables non -Jews to become part of God’s Kingdom, yet nobody will ever replace God’s Jewish covenant. So replacement theology is not a sound Biblical doctrine. Jesus gave His Life first for the Jews to fulfil the new covenant so God wants all people saved. God is not a respecter of persons exclusively preferring a group above others. God treats believers as joint – heirs with His Son Jesus Christ to reign in life. God Embraces Jews and Gentiles equally in redemption blood of Jesus Christ so love another.


Screenshot_2015-11-18-12-09-06Trust God in tough times especially in moments when the circumstances of life make you feel like running as far away from God’s Presence as possible. You can rest assured in the fact that God does not slumber nor sleep so still wide awake on HIS THRONE FOREVER. THE GREAT I AM’S EYES ROAM TO AND FRO WATCHING OVER YOU ALWAYS WITH HIS ANGELS. AMEN


Jesus loves you even if you feel that He Has abandoned you because things did not turn out the way you anticipated. So things may seem different to your own desires and wishes sometimes. And so your expectations not achieved so you are disappointed yet hold on to God in Jesus Name. In battle of life God Wins. 


The LORD GOD JEHOVAH NISSI IS GOOD ALL THE TIME, ALL THE TIME THE LORD IS GOOD. THE GOOD OF THE GOOD TIMES IS ALSO GOD of bad times. The devil’s strategy is to try in vain to harass, intimidate, cause pain, sorrow so God is blamed as ‘ incompetent,’ or not efficient to try to cause people to become discouraged in difficult times. God is not responsible for the problems caused by mankind but cares deeply.


2 Corinthians 4:7-10 says we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us.We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair, persecuted, but forsaken; struck down, not destroyed; always carrying in the body the death of Jesus, so the life of Jesus is manifested in our bodies causing us to triumph in Jesus Name always eternally. Romans 8:38-39 convinces us that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[a]neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.


recession-what-recession-400-richest-americans-added-300b-to-their-total-wealth-in-the-past-year In Mark 4: 25: Jesus said, ”Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.” Also in Matthew 13:12 “For whoever has, to him more shall be given, and he will have an abundance; but whoever does not have, even what he has shall be taken away from him. Again in Matthew 25:29 “For to everyone who has, more shall be given, and he will have an abundance; but from the one who does not have, even what he does have shall be taken away. Furthermore in Luke 8:18 “So take care how you listen; for whoever has, to him more shall be given; and whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has shall be taken away from him.” In addition Luke 19:26 “I tell you that to everyone who has, more shall be given, but from the one who does not have, even what he does have shall be taken away. The above words from the Bible seem to sound like Jesus endorses, guarantees and authorises the rich to go and grab more wealth to get richer to deplete the poor to become poorer to fulfil Jesus’ saying. So this seems to spur on the rich with the right of entitlement to grab all assets to increase their wealth even if it causes suffering and death of the rightful owners. This favourite popular quote seems to boast the ego of the rich at the expense of the poor to use business guerrilla tactics to dabble in TTIP increasing stinking filthy rich wealth without conscience or compassion. The justification underlying this rich getting richer strategy is that those who are rich work extremely hard so are rewarded by their effort. This statement implies the poor are very lazy people who do very little or nothing at all yet expect to be automatically wealthy from crumbs of the rich. So the 99% of all resources of the land are invested in the best quality highest value for the 1% rich because they deserve it. On the other hand, the left overs if not completely depleted 1% resources are to be distributed among the rest 99% of the world. As a result the privileged few have super abundance beyond their 1000 generational capacity while millions die from acute and chronic malnutrition and poverty. In spite of this glaring injustice of rich super abundance, poverty level gets worse even among extremely hardworking classes. In fact, if hard work was genuine criteria for wealth acquisition the working classes should be the richest of all. After all, they toil day and night costing them arm and leg in most instances throughout their lives down to their descendants. They have have forced to succumb to those who took their resources and comply with unreasonable laws meted out to protect the privileged few. The fact is unfair horrible history gives advantage head start to rich pickings enjoyed by descendants of those who created this phenomena. While continuing to expand and grab land and resources globally the multi nationals corporations ensure perpetual domination. Yet, they project onto the poor constantly, insults, abuses, unreasonable demands they will not mete out to their pet animals, austerity consequences of wars they create to sell ammunitions and magazines onto precious fellow human beings. The poor are being stripped of dignity although many worked for years to give their lives, blood and sweat to build and preserve the comfortable luxury they indulge in daily.

the-rich-get-richer-while-the-poor-get-poorerWhy would Jesus want the silver, gold and the fullness of the earth including a cattle on a thousand hills and mankind who belong to God to be unfairly treated by the privileged few who taken over all things?  Some of whom even claim God does not exist cruelly deprive others. Unduly exploit and excessively waste natural resources, cause climate warming, destroy tons of of perfect food worth billions of dollars while others starve daily. Why is the luxury personal wants of the privileged rich few more valid than the basic necessity needs the majority treated badly by those who perceive themselves in their own eyes as superior to ordinary people on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Ironically, although they have it all, yet still continue controlling all resources globally. This is to consolidate their commercial conflicts of interests to dictate what others deserve in their opinion to ensure the lion share remains for their exclusive use only. Although many are born with diamond and golden spoons in their mouths they are never content with their lot. They crave more and more to expand territory and conquer more. In the process have no idea of the implications and consequences of their actions of the kind of poverty lifestyle imposed on others. Local subsistence farmers are deprived of prime land owned by multi national corporations employing locals to work on gigantic plantations. So few older farmers cannot afford expensive technical farming methods to produce enough to feed their people. Food imported is not often suitable to local organic diet needs of the people. Yet their attitude is be grateful for the condescending sacrifice gifts donated by charitable NGO’s and eat it or die. Many therefore wonder why the gap of imbalance of wealth only tips higher on the billionaire side of the scale of life while the poor are left almost with meagre crumbs or nothing in extreme cases. Why do people assume Jesus accepts the rich to get richer while they make the poor poorer? Enough resource can be rallied where is goodwill to give to the poor, perfect foods and goods. Instead of burying them in landfill sites give it to millions who perish from starvation, famine, droughts, cyclones, poor genetically modified crops unsuitable for hostile environments. Recently the pollen from a genetically modified farm blew into neighbour’s organic farm destroying their crops in England because the wind knows no boundaries. In developing countries, food grain seeds imported deliberately modified means the germination process is destroyed so people cannot plant and harvest locally to feed themselves. Despite many years of live aid and expensive adverts costing billions, requests continue for generous donations which would be better spent on the appalling malnourished children propaganda images shown on TV. Malawi land perfect to grow tobacco is restricted for cigars so people deprived from growing food crops. People globally are forced against their will to comply to the god of mammon mark of the beast schemes.

hqdefaultThe seed multiplication crops are laced with DDT and traces of anthrax contained in pesticides that destroy fallow ground and natural harvest cycle. IMF loans create markets in such local regions to depend always on imported food. The global ozone pollution affects all regions damaging rain patterns, seasons and weather conditions. On the other hand, let’s take a closer look at the great example set by Jesus Christ Who gave up even His Life to save all. Jesus often provided and fed 5,000 and 3000 people depending on size of the crowd present free and gives extra food to take home. Can it be said that this same Jesus Christ recommends the rich go round all over the world to ensure they grab all resources to reduce others to poverty? Some scandalous guerrilla tactics used plants land mine manufactured by the selfish rich to stop farmers planting crops to feed themselves. The super abundant over produced genetically modified foods become products and commodities for greedy business profit, instead of nutrition and nourishment for people by the people. So the next move is to export surplus to others because they cannot consume it all on their own. So ensure markets exist globally to sell their products and commodities to local people who cannot compete with cheaper subsidised imports. The truth is the multi nationals are blood suckers who dare not flip off their sources of natural resources and historical origins of their wealth otherwise their industries and businesses will collapse like a pack of cards, if there is fair trade deals globally. This is why they make global trade rules, place sanctions and embargoes on other nations to protect their dominant interests from generation to generation. In addition, the educational structure ensures preference for multi national imported goods rather than promotion of abundant local resources. Thereby condition and brainwash people to identify more with dominant culture than appreciate local values or sponsor own products locally. This is why young people feel more in solidarity with Western lifestyle than local values. Hence the more educated they become, they more they feel too posh to farm, eat local foods or dress in local costumes. They continue to propagate imposed clothing lifestyle stopped by Mahatma Gandhi in India unsuitable for hot climates. Everything is still tied to constant motion of permanent dependency created to protect global business interests from abroad. Hence many will not actively plant crops to feed themselves as Cuba encouraged citizens to do during 50 years of sanctions. All are taught from childhood sophisticated hardworking imperialist is example to aspire to. Yet many forget the unrealistic head start of slavery and colonialism continues through financial and economic slavery. No nation on earth has yet been granted financial and economic freedom because they need their natural resources to survive. Many people lack understanding that gold, diamond mines, timber, rubber, soya, oil plantations are still owned by giant multi national corporations and banks. Go the most rural village on earth and their imposing presence is seen in giant bill boards marketing adverts. The saddest thing is many are convinced if they apply guerrilla tactics in those places they will soon ‘develop and become advance’ like companies sponsoring them through revolving door policies. If these was realistic why are such countries getting worse despite thousands of years of trading with dominant ones. The absolute truth is photographed projects publicised wells, clinics, food warehouses do not last long-term and so not enough to get people out of acute chronic poverty imposed on them. Donations and food aids are just a tip of the ice-berg of complicated webs of problems entangling such nations. It is better to adapt local environmentally friendly resources to build suitable structres using solar energy than impose foreign designed imported gadgets unsuitable to environ. Take Iraq war for example, soldiers were exposed to elements like sore thumb because camauflage clothing armoured vehicles were not appropriate for hostile conditions. So cost precious lives needlessly but took many years to change to current adapted uniforms or vehicles.
compassion650x198Whole nations are compelled or under mined deliberately by such male dominant culture to think they are more ‘civilised’ and better equipped to provide for less fortunate as part of generous nature obliged duty of care. However, continue to increase resources for themselves yet have no inclination to improve local lot others. Wealth is used to control and subdue people to keep them weak hoping they cannot fight back to collect usurped wealth. The uppermost fear of privileged few is loss of usurped wealth so grow wealth to avoid returning to original poverty exchanged with others by force to get rich beyond realistic reasonable means. In addition, sear their conscience by use of propaganda to denigrate real true owners of wealth. They are so ashamed and embarrassed to be seen lavishly indulgimng while others around them starve. They feel uncomfortable to be seen enjoying spoils of war and bankruptcies of others. So vilify defenceless people who never answer back or demand their wealth back so endure pain and suffering due to their loss. This is the reason why such nations pretend to have more sophisticated wealth as entitlement of reward of their ‘hard work.’ Yet the foundation of their well is embellished and tainted with blood and history of others, no matter how long past ump years of history they still enjoy the rich pickings of billions of deprived people for generations. They seem to have a selective memory that Jesus told the rich young lawyer to sell all his wealth to give to the poor but that seems to fall on deaf ears somehow. In Luke 19:1-10, Zachaeus took initiative and told Jesus he will compensate and replenish those he duped doing the right thing to restore wealth extorted through exhorbitant taxation. In Matthew 19:21, Jesus told a rich young man who asked Jesus what actions bring eternal life if he wants to be perfect to go sell possessions and give to the poor. For Jesus looked at him, loved him and said to him, “There is one thing you lack, go, sell all you possess and give proceeds to the poor and you will have eternal imperishable riches of wealth and treasure precious than silver, more costly than gold and more beautiful than diamonds. When he heard this, he became very sad, because he was a man of great wealth. Christ is here giving counsel of perfection as an obligation to all to do the right thing because all wealth originates from God directly to specific regions to bless people living there. Enjoyment of earth’s abundant rich treasures from God our loving Father, Jehovah Jireh’s provisions is for all equally to enrich themselves to bless others. Unfortunately, heartless interference of globalisation outsiders does not elevate all nations equally. So Jesus does not endorse greed because wealth resources require God’s eternal glory of true fairness justice in distribution of wealth to all nations. Many lack full knowledge and understanding of God’s purpose of wealth for mankind so misuse it to their hurt. Many are far from understanding man’s life does not constitute of material possessions which will all be left behind.


So the Bible says, why gain the whole world and lose your soul?  “Go, sell everything you duped others to gain and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven. The counsel of Jesus our Lord is a general command because Philippians 2:4 says,Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.  Everyone is to look to the interest of others especially those in the household of the kingdom of God no matter how small there is someone always less fortunate than you. You complain about shoes someone, you moan your vision others have no eyes, you are upset about your luxurious surroundings some are homeless, while you rant about your food millions starve and die daily through no fault of theirs. Remembers little drops of water make a mighty ocean so show little kindness and share to please God because he who gives to the lends to God. If you help the poor you are lending to the LORD Who will repay you! The King James Bible in Proverbs 19:17, says those who take pity on the poor give indirectly back to the LORD God who created them. In Matthew 10:42 and Matthew and Luke 14:12, Jesus said as long as you give to the least in society you give to Christ. Jesus said, And if you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will give to Him. And whoever shall give to drink to one of these little ones only a cup of cold water. It appears plainly, all who live Godly in Christ Jesus must be provided for. Jesus said, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you do for one of the least of these is active faith love of Godly good works done for God’s sake through Jesus Christ. So, whatever they need, physical or material provisions, food, support given to those infirm or on sick beds, in prison, homeless is God’s service. Jesus said to his host, “When you give a luncheon or dinner, do not give only to your relatives or rich neighbours, lest they invite you in return and you be repaid, but give also to those who cannot repay you. For that which you give will be rewarded by God so be generous and lend to all for you never know when you entertain angels, Jesus or God Almighty Himself in disguise. 



Gifted children often fascinate all those who meet and interact with them because they impact lives with huge implications. Some baffle educational experts who expect all children of a certain age to fit into a particular mould. Therefore any child who is an exception to the rule regarding any particular stages of the perceived growth spurt is considered as a great genius like Akrit Jaswal. When it comes to IQ, these kids certainly pass the test. Look back at the most memorable little geniuses. For example Akrit Pran Jaswal (born April 23, 1993, Nurpur) is an Indian adolescent who is a child prodigy as a surgeon. He performed his first surgery at the age of just 7 years old when he performed surgery for the first time, operating on the hands of a young burn victim. Akrit was not a doctor but was considered a medical genius celebrated by his native India for bringing who used his intellect to ease suffering to improve health to another human being. By 7 years he read books like Gray’s Anatomy, textbooks on surgery, anaesthesia, anatomy and physiology, researched cancer as he saw pain at the hospitals he visited as a child. His achievements and super-specialty knowledge procured at an incredibly young age is quite pretty and impressive. At 12 years he was invited at Imperial College of England to share his intellect, surgical skills, and medical knowledge with expert academics. At 13 years old, Akrit has an IQ of 146 and was considered the smartest person his age in India a country of more than a billion people. Akrit at 17 years old worked on a master’s degree in applied chemistry, zoology, botany and is now 22 years old. Instead of celebrating and acclaiming his accomplishment some criticise, ridicule, vilify and mock him with disdain by established educational institutions with monopoly control of robotic surgery for knowledge is power. Ashok Banga and co. Quora haters of Akrit’s ingenuity need to review origin and sources of plant and herb medicine of local societies conducive to their health before big pharmaceutical corporations lobbied medical experts to transform health care today. It is important to understand children living conducive real life situations are more advanced and emotionally matured in spatial environment counterparts elsewhere wrapped in bubble lifestyle. History education reveals it is used to translate native languages to consolidate territory imposing political power restrictions of rule of empire to conquer nations globally. Languages, traditional knowledge and culture was banned replaced by devastating effects and consequences. In schools changes meant traditional hands on nature study in the 1960’s education was banned in the science laboratory for political correctness. Lack of motivation for non practical dissection of animals due to animal rights campaigners enforce protection of animal testing so students no longer exposed to blood in science and biology lessons. Therefore those environments with live animals surrounding them means children are used to animals gotten rid of for survival of people as part of normal upbringing. Such a child does not have Western inhibitions therefore does not fit that mould. The genius child outside the educational box puzzles experts because they strongly think without formal training it is impossible for children of a certain age to accomplish such a high level of good success like the gifted child Akrit. Those with access to refined advanced medical resources often in Western society have no idea how billions have to improvise through no fault of their own. In sophisticated societies, children usually programmed and conditioned after birth follow standard educational concepts designed by the experts. Some of which have never carried a child or raised children personally apart from observing them play like Pavlov’s experiments did in other creatures. Therefore parents are inadvertently lobbied by giant corporations with vested conflicts of interest investments to raise children in such environments with play toys. They advise parents on child development stages of growth spurt and guide parents on standard expectations above or below the line in the red book. As result, children’s personal development is compared with others similar in that age group to determine if they are developing well.  Designer education focuses on brain development, motor skills, cognitive skills, eye movements, hand grip, balance, balance, logical reasoning like stacking plastic bricks or rings according to shape and sizes, play social skill with other children, hearing and listening skills. All these tests are excellent and great to help determine any possible impairments to detect and correct them early before it is too late. These standard educational concepts are necessary and very useful in extreme lifestyle society as it is designed to help select the most intelligent who accomplish test easily. Those unable to pass such logical reasoning skills developed by combination of sponsored educational institutions and giant toy manufacturers are seen as not being intelligent or having advance  memory skills. The parents aware often prepare their children by creating a conducive environment with the necessary gadgets to help boost the child’s development to pass these assessment tests. These tests mainly focus on memory development and intelligent cognitive ability, rather than on the early learning practical hands on life skills. This is due to the educational psychology theory that children’s brains are not fully formed before 7 years so the rule in place is no serious teaching must be done at that age. Therefore the manufactures have come up with the play learning approach which encourage children to play with accurate replica toys that mimic real life scenarios without real life risks of toy carpentry sets, toy kettles or cooker burning child, toy washing machine electrocuting children. While this great insight is commendable and makes life easy for children and the significant adults. It causes children not to be in a real life scenario that the majority of other children globally living in harsh environment live in. Through no choice of their own grow in communities without such privilege of designed development available to them.  So those dismissive of such children who do not fit the mould often lack an understanding of the practical life maturity of such children. Often they are viewed from a Western perspective as if they grew in the West as children and being exposed to such harsh environments. In reality the harsh environments dictate they grow up faster than children of similar age in developed countries as little adult. They work alongside parents according to their ability and strength with the size of equipment they can handle. They do not often have the privilege of child size facilities or resources because of historical disadvantages. So when a child growing in a society where nothing good is expected to come out they happen to shock and be treated with disdain because they prove the stereotype expectation wrong. So gifted children from such unfamiliar backgrounds although fully in control of their talents and head start diversity abilities, most people do feel they can safely trust such a raw informal education talent that does not conform to their norm. So set tests to ridicule them to show they may be intelligent and talented as gifted children but not in their back yard. However, those condemning and judging them may be able to survive in the harsh conditions or background they defy. It is interesting that even when skills traditionally performed by adults are competently done by such genius they are not celebrated because it discounts other theory that people of a certain kind are inferior so not capable of achieving such talents and abilities. The greatest joke is that the very text books written by the educational theorists read and studied by gifted children are still not good enough to have confidence in their knowledge. They may be capable or reproducing the factual knowledge accurately to perform a surgery in the case of Akrit Jaswal the 7-year-old surgeon in India.


Another young man William Kamkwaba in Malawi village built a wind turbine. William Kamkwamba, generated wind power in Malawi, Soyapi, as an African student, he built wind turbine to combat problem of lack of electricity in the village needed to charge mobile phones. So the Malawi youth builds wind turbines to create solar power energy in Malawi in Africa reading Western textbooks. There seems to be some sort of underlying fear of threat of loss of business earnings by the established giants from such young experts entrepreneurs not really thinking of such threats at all. They are passionate about their talents so love to do what they do. Those who endured the fixed method of years of training before achieving such level of expertise feel angry at innocent children who devote their time to studying books some adults even dread to look at. Rather destroying the talent of children or keeping docile by infantile unrealistic life skills it is important to celebrate the few genius children who dare accomplish things adults fear to thread. These generation has so much information highway even exposed to while in the womb so respond to familiar music or any sound that particularly interests them after birth. Recently, an infant baby as young as 6 months in the book Your Baby Can Read was able to identify names of images read on flash cards designed by her father to help recovering stroke victims to regain speech in the therapy method. Robert C. Titzer (born June 1960) is an American professor and infant researcher who created the product name “Your Baby Can Read on his own children learning to read using the multi-sensory approach that he developed. Titzer received his teaching credentials from San Diego State UniversityTherefore children are getting younger especially where parents invest in early years to focus on a specific pedigree child talent like medicine, maths, dance or music progeny. Elite schools and educational institutions regard education as their sole right therefore any parent educating their children privately at home is seen as not competent or efficient although child progeny are descendants often of parents who are already high achievers. In exceptional cases certain children are gifted purely naturally without previous input by parents like Akiel taught Art by God. So instead of a negative attack on gifted children undermining their talents in mainstream education, enthusiastic parents give up career to nurture them. It cost gifted children’s parents to invest in expensive medical books, music equipment Kumon training to achieve a head start above those children without such investment. Gifted children’s parents sacrifice time, careers, designer clothing, shoes some invest in to train their child early to develop without numerous distractions. It is important not to condemning and subduing gifted children by envious jealous counterparts angry for their training for years plus debt of loans outwitted by gifted children. One size of education does not necessarily fit all if those imposing their standard globally are sincere in their purpose and motive for education. Education is currently designed as capitalist selling point to fix certain patterns of dominant culture for life. Therefore, other cultures are considered substandard even if those trained by them apply theories in those textbooks. The elite minority often cater for their version of history and education books while the global majority living in harsh condition meaningful life is not considered relevant. So educational designers do not see the need to celebrate those who may by-pass numerous years of taking many exams before certified as qualified as a good source of business strategy. Many people can identify with going through useless data courses, pressure and stresses of irrelevant exams  collaborations which have nothing to do with real life issues faced after education. So much emphasis is laid on mind and brain development to leading white-collar jobs. Therefore vocational skills are considered as blue-collar jobs so education is seen as the requiring training that often lead to service industry. Those who are not prepared to invest in their children often make the excuse gifted child’s parents are hard task masters depriving their children of innocent childhood. Imported education must be adapted to use local resources available to overcome debt of delicate expensive technology not suitable for the harsh tropical weather and environments. Take a good at the track record of majority of wholesale education children, or parents invested in designer gears rather than educational development and statistics speak for itself. Compare it with loving parents devoted to good foundation versus those with pressure on them to stop child from learning early in formative years. This is part of reason for attack against devoted parents of gifted children to early learning. Life of is full of care and choices of doing what is best for each person under normal circumstances.  This consequently means parents need to look beyond today to fast forward the kind of future desired for their children. It is easier to teach a child in the malleable years than trying to undo damage of influence in later years. Trying to teach a 7-year-old the alphabets when they want to play with their friends is not easy. Children are frustrated as they grow in an environment they cannot decode.   Each parent must decide what is best for their child because many have gone through years of education and training yet still without any proper jobs they paid thousands of pounds to train in. Meanwhile, many accomplish great things in life just developing their God-given talents and abilities. At the end of the day, education is not for brain washing people to keep them in bondage for life, but a genuine education is about building up people’s talents and abilities. Just as special needs children require extra resources to integrate them into mainstream education, so gifted children need extra support to nurture their gifts, talents and abilities often not available to teachers overwhelmed by pressure of teaching in classrooms of over 30 children in one hour. By the time coats are taken off, books taken out and lap tops switched on and set up, children settle down, it is impossible to give one to one personal attention to each child as parents do privately at home. The parents educating their children directly fill the gap by supervising their children to ensure distractions of mobile phones, other websites children access does not interfere with lessons. It is not easy for the teacher simultaneously to stand over each child to ensure they are actively listening and doing their work properly. It is the parent’s duty of care and responsibility to ensure their children do their home work and submit it on time even if gifted. And teachers must talk to parents about the child’s performance each week not once a year. Teachers do a great job yet some gifted children are more learned than teachers which should be the case to challenge knowledge irrespective of age of child genius. Daniel in the Bible had more wisdom and knowledge than all his teachers, so schools need to incorporate training of child prodigy who often drop out to develop at their optimum best level possible. Schools alone cannot educate a child for it takes a whole community to raise a child. Whenever faced with nature or nurture‘ question, it’s always both the school and community must work together as team. To study child development a French psychologist kept a child in cave necessary to isolate him from external influence to prove how crucial input was to growth. Over the past years after regularly spending such extended periods of time in silence but well fed in the caves their own version was proven accurate to change mindsets of significant others and parental to impress them on the value of input into children. Such a experiment cannot be approved by human rights today so not necessary to participate artificial test. Important to recognise and know the strength, creativity, talent, abilities, interests, to create the most suitable environment for each child to develop because one size does not fit all in education. This explains why billions are globally educated from generation to generation but the education is of no effect to the majority of the society. The focus of 10% of the mind neglects 90% of real life long term real life issues not included in education. Life is made up of mind development alone therefore any hands on practical informal skills necessary for the community is of the essence more than head knowledge and gadgets that do work in such environments. Imposing one particular kind of education for marketing purposes to undermine rich culture and resources of others ruins the world and fills it it junk and waste from rapidly constantly changing equipment useless but toxic pollution on such places. The whole suffers from mechanised gadgets in places where there are really not functioning without electricity. Above all, Jesus Christ taught experts in Synagogues and temples at 12 years old, so alright to encourage youth to excel in life.