A few years ago, every year I was always ill and miserable during winter consistently, so I dreaded the winter months. I had the cold, flu, pain and at times I had to stay in bed for weeks to recover. Eventually I started my life mission to find out what caused this regular illness as past of my personal journey to do something about my condition. So I found out that this situation was called Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD. This was caused by a whole combination of issues so each person has to deal with it according to what they feel is contributing to the condition. I discovered some personal choices made influenced my health so I started correcting my circumstances by listening to various experts who imparted tremendous knowledge to impact changes in my life. The first thing I discovered was the value of wearing quality shoes because whatever happened to the feet affected the whole body.

chart_feet_ RAC-Foot-chart

The chiropodist invited on TV talk show explained whatever the size of shoes worn, we must make room for feet to breath by adding half in inch on top of actual shoe size. For example, if your feet naturally measured size 6, add extra 1/2 inch on top of shoe size making it 6 and 1/2. This was explained that feet size changed at times so increased according to body weight. So the feet expands or shrinks depending on the body size and weight. However it takes some time to become aware of these changes while the feet is still squeezed into the standard size measured shoes. In addition, it was also further explained that leather expanded with weather changes. Shoes expanded on hotter days but became tighter on colder days so need to make room for socks and leggings. This expert emphasized the value of in-soles to help keep the feet warm and comfortable in winter and to wear appropriate light shoes in summer months. This information was illustrated with foot charts linking the feet with various parts of body organs. This means lack of care of the feet caused other health related issues not usually seen as directly connected to the whole health of the body.

So pay more attention to the shoes on your feet to protect the feet from harsh conditions that damage the body in the long-term. Learn to keep your feet happy, well wrapped or ventilated to breath properly to keep  soles alive to cater for nerve endings located in the feet. So I changed my shoe size accordingly and this enhanced the well-being of my feet and I felt better in my health as a result. The other important information I discovered helped to improve my health was layering my clothes especially in winter. The doctor advised that one thick jumper or clothing was not enough to protect the body from losing body heat. The skin in its highest magnified form resembles a pile of bubbles with gaps in between. The skin is not closely tight as seen by the naked eye. This means the skin is more subject to exposure of the elements than thought. A person may not always feel the depth of the cold instantly as the cold air seeps into the body gradually while the person remains unaware of effect of hypothermia in extreme cases. Circulation of blood flow, oxygen and nutrients become inhibited and restricted to the body cells until heart is the last to die. This is part of the reason of being ill in winter as the body feels more tired from the low blood pressure. Those with blood conditions like sickle-cell anemia, thalassemia or other blood related issues where hemoglobin count is lower than average must pay extra attention to clothe their body in layers to preserve body warmth or heat. This is the reason why those under this category must be kept WARM AT ALL TIMES because their body works twice hard to get blood supply but gets less blood oxygen. This causes tiredness, inability to perform at optimum best standard due to lack of oxygen, nutrients in the body.

The sufferer of these conditions must also have body massages to release white cells trapped in the veins blocking blood circulation and causing sickle-cell crises pain.  So take care of the inside of the body for out of it flows life itself to nurture health. Look after the outside of the body by clothing yourself in layers. Wear thin item first like vest or singlet underneath, T-shirt next, plus shirt and jumper on top. For bottom part of the body wear under wear, tights, leggings or men’s long John’s under trousers or skirt in winter Some people say they are ‘ hot blooded’ so feel ‘hot flushes’ so leave windows open widely even in winter to cool down need to dress lightly not to suffocate their body. Others feel ‘cold blooded’ due to low oxygen flow caused by anaemia condition feels cold on the hottest day so need heating to keep healthy. The most important thing is to know your ‘body type’ to dress accordingly to feel comfortable in your own skin. Protect your skin with suitable sun creams and moisturizers. For extremely dry skin seek medical care and vaseline helps keep skin covered. Do not dress by peer pressure or fashion dress code only to keep up with the Jones to fit in with the in crowd. Your body needs to be wrapped especially in winter appropriately to maintain good health. Do not make a mistake by watching the bright sunshine in winter by assuming it warm enough to dress light. Remember, it is warmer indoors than outside so dress up well to suit outdoor temperature not by how you feel indoors before going out. If possible check weather forecast to prepare for unpredictable weather changes by having umbrellas etc or dress not to expose body to cold winter elements. You can unzip or unbutton top shirt or blouse for fresh air in extreme hot weather conditions if appropriate. Chose suitable fabrics for weather. Wear thick jackets in winter, scarfs, gloves, hats and light cotton jackets in summer. Prepare in advance before the thick the thick cold winter season by dressing as if is really cold already. This helps to keep the body warm throughout deep winter. Chose clothes appropriate and suitable according to season in. Take extra precaution to dress properly during changing transition season moments every wear from summer to winter and winter to summer. This is when the body warmth is most susceptible to changes that affect health. Another important thing essential is lighting your environment brightly ensuring use of halogen lamps to increase the room ambiance to see properly. Switch off light mains during night when in bed to save cost of electricity. Keep emergency light like a battery-powered lamp if medical treatment does not depend on 24 hour connection to electricity.  Those prone to jaundice are recommended to use special lights to help the body cells function better. Locating several extra lamps in the room in addition to main lighting over head is necessary. The health and safety standard precautions must be observed to use table lamps and reading lamps to avoid strain of the eyes. Due to less sunshine in winter those indoors most of the time, often lack vitamins A, vitamins C, vitamins D, vitamins K, among others usually obtained from the sunshine. So it is important to pay a particular attention to lighting to enhance room temperature to gain heat through heating the room. Also, a good diet source provides essential vitamins by healthy eating of whole soul foods that contain essential vitamins and nutrients required by the body daily. The body does not store vitamins so must be fed daily by the necessary food containing greens, red etc foods, balanced rainbow coloured menu. This is easy to prepare especially fiber and vegetables helps digestion, detox and cleanses the body.  It is cheaper to prepare fresh home-made sandwich and meals on budget with better fillings to cater for your personal taste as one-size bland meals are not suitable for blood conditions. There are reasonably prized affordable meats like ox liver full of iron necessary to build haemoglobin blood level for anaemic conditions. The idea is to feed the body well with good nutrition to sustain good health. It takes discipline, time and effort to look after the body to properly take care of yourself. Processed foods taste great due to the combination of sugar, salt and butter which is addictive. Some lack essential nutrients that makes one feel healthy by eating quality good foods. Since one becomes whatever one eats, so it important to check carefully what one feeds the body as it pays a hefty price for accumulated effects of junk food over a long period of time. Convenience foods are appealing due to clever marketing and advertisement but does affect body weight, size and impact general well-being and health due to the toxic ‘e’ chemicals, preservatives, pesticides retained in food processing industry. Be properly hydrated with water, milk to build calcium in bones, wholesome fruit juices and smoothies. Water is essential for blood circulation and detox of the body because life is in the blood. Tell friends, family, colleagues at work, schools about special needs of people with blood related conditions to educate them on how it affects their overall general performance in life. Condition symptoms interfere with studies affect school or work attendance due to chronic pain experienced by the sufferer.

In extreme cases they may be hospitalized for blood transfusion because their body does not produce enough hemoglobin through no fault of their own, Such hidden disability is unpredictable as it comes on often at times in the middle of the night during sickle-cell crises for example. Such a person cannot walk, talk, answer phone properly while in pain, take care of themselves, cook, feed themselves, bath, personal hygiene during crises. They must always have someone with them during crises and given oxygen to help breathing. Majority of sufferers tend to be ethnic minority not properly treated or well addressed as seem lazy to some people without full understanding of their pain. Furthermore, due to embarrassment some blend in to conceal pain to tolerate school or work. Their performance is often behind required standard put in by healthy colleagues so some may be wrongly targeted. Their academic performance suffers below optimum capability below their personal best yet no provision is made to let them rest in between lessons or take longer breaks necessary for health. No matter what others think of you or negative xenophobic attitudes, you have a right to be on this planet. God created you as a unique person so enjoy your life and make time for yourself. At the end of the day, your life is entrusted to your as the best person able to take care of you so respect and value your life daily. Do not have negative attitude towards your body saying you hate your body shape or size so neglect it. Although it may not be exactly probably how you would prefer your body the way you are, remember you are created in the Image of God whether you believe and accept this fact or not. Burying your head in the sand does not wish the sun away because God remains eternal as long as the sun and moon exist. Deal with any underlying traumas affecting your body, mind and soul by confidential therapy in a safe environment rather than let go of the body through pain and comfort eat to abuse and damage the body. Seek trustworthy reliable people to support each other and make time for yourself to rest and sleep properly. Make yourself happy by giving yourself small treats and look out for other’s well-being. You deserve to be happy in life.


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