In Zechariah 14:1-5 and Daniel 2:44, The God of Heaven Will Visibly Come to Reign from His earthly Capital  City Jerusalem with Jesus Christ and the saints who return on white horses after 7 years of rapture. The LORD GOD Almighty of Heaven Will Set Up His Kingdom on earth that will never be destroyed or be left to any other people ever again according to Daniel 7:22, Titus 2:13, Jude 14-15, Revelation 19:11-.21. God’s Visible Presence is confirmed in the Bible in Zechariah 5:5, Matthew 25:31, 2 Thessalonians 1:7-10, God’s establishment of His Kingdom on earth will be met with opposition from human kingdom governments who refuse to hand over power back to God according to Luke 21:31. Whether people recognise Jerusalem or not accept God’s decision and choice of Israel as His City, Jerusalem is God’s capital state. The All-Powerful God takes revenge on all who oppose God so furiously destroys His enemies who used to worship God but no longer do so. Those who hate the Act of God The Father join all the anti-Christ against the Lord Jesus Christ, The True genuine, authentic, Messiah using weapons of mass destruction against Israel. Those destroying God’s people and possessions, God ruins His enemies because the enemies of God’s people are enemies of God. God killed Pharaoh’s and all the first born of Egyptians, destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah by fire, Noah’s generation perished by flood Korah’s rebellion swallowed by opened earth, those who believed evil report of 10 spies never reached promised land as punishment by the Biblical God of Israel. Alliances formed against God’s people in end-time fulfil God’s Agenda of gloom and doom to those who think THE GOD OF LOVE cannot allow or tolerate wrath of God of unpalatable magnitude of destruction of humanity. in zechariah 14:3, God Will Fight all nations as Jehovah Nissi, the Almighty ONE in battle fights. Those who reject God and Christ wuill be destroyed by God of heaven Who Sets up His Kingdom in Jerusalem His City. As Judas Iscariot died in Matthew 27:5; Acts 1:18 for not repenting for betraying Jesus, God kills all enforcers used to destroy His enemies. God Destroys all enforcers HIMSELF according to Isaiah 33:1. All those who insist on coming against God and the apples of God’s Eyes, the Jewish people as God’s Chosen, God’s Beloved, the Jewel of The True Living God’s Crown, God declares He will Roar from Zion and thunder from Jerusalem, the earth and heavens will tremble as Jerusalem is invaded, ravaged and destroyed. Let nobody deceive you God is only invisible so does not relate as a loving Father to His Children in the flesh on earth. God appeared 44 times in the flesh to various people in the Bible. God will come to dwell on earth among mankind so come to terms with God’s plan. In John 16:1-4, Jesus said, these things I spoke to you about so that you will not be offended or stumble to desert God Whom you Trust. They shall persecute you, attack you, throw you out of synagogues, temples, churches, etc. Yea, the time will come when those who kill you think they are doing God’s work or service. But they do these things because they do not know the Father God Almighty Jehovah Nissi or His Son Jesus Christ. These things Jesus prophesied so that when these times come you will remember them. Physical structural churches are targeted and crushed to force anti-Christ rule from Jerusalem. Revelation 13-16, 19:11–21, Ezekiel 38-39, reveal nations are mobilized to divide and destroy Israel. Two-parts of the city will be destroyed leaving one part to fight against anti- Christ who sets up rule in God’s Temple Mount Holy City demanding worship in place of Almighty God Jehovah Yahweh Elohim.

When it seems Israel is about to be wiped out completely from the face of the earth, God Steps in by fire from heaven to destroy His enemies to save Israel in one day battle of Armageddon to finish mankind’s rebellion against God forever. In Zechariah 14:1-20, the literal feet of Jesus Christ with nail prints will actually stand on mount Olives and the mountain split in half during the second coming of Jesus with God. On that day darkness will end with extra light emitted by Radiant Light of God and Christ’s Presence. Zechariah 14:2 says in the Holy Scriptures say there will be the residue of the people and the chosen elect who shall not be cut off from the city during the crisis moment but be saved because Jerusalem belongs to God. Jerusalem is the only city on earth where God wrote His Name because heaven and earth meet in Jerusalem. The whole world is commanded to pray for the peace of Jerusalem because peace affects all people on earth. Jerusalem in the past was ravished by 6 empires that captured, destroyed and occupied Jerusalem in the past in history but are no more . Therefore the most important thing to do to handle God’s Truth is ensure one comes into agreement with God directly through Jesus Christ to be saved in Jesus Name eternally.


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