20200830_180809Dinah was defiled in Genesis 34:2 in Bible by Shechem son of Hamor a Hivite prince who saw her, took, lays with her to defile in rape. Dinah is Jacob’s only daughter so  went to see women in Shechem but the son of Hamor took her by force and kept her to marry. Hebrew name Hamor, donkey means animal known for strength, intelligent, keen sense of curiosity, stubbornness, arises from instincts of self-preservation. Shechem told father Hamor to help to secure Dinah’s hand in marriage. Hebrew woman Dinah is irresponsible in her actions not misfortune. In Hebrew, a male youth na’ar נער a female youth na’arah נערה in Dinah’s adventure to see daughters of the land. Torah calls her a na’ar and not a na’arah. The difference of one letter letter hey (ה) used in abbreviation for the name of God is suffix makes words a feminist in Hebrew gender-based language. His heart drawn to Dinah daughter of Jacob he loved young woman [han-na-‘ă-rā, הַֽנַּעֲרָ֔] spoke tenderly to her.” Genesis 34:3 says If unaware of how precise, exact Torah scribes are think its a simple typo technical error. Precise Torah scholars transcribe this Torah scroll, to suggest Dinah’s solo jaunt in a city was without awareness of her vulnerability. Dinah was going to visit women of the land not the men.  As a sister of 12 brothers, she longed for female company of her own age is natural. She felt safe as her family lived in the area in peace. They bought the land they dwell on from sons of Hamor. Dinah went in confidence, naive, not conscious of predator dangers of entering city as a young woman. Women need to know vulnerability to walk in wisdom not put themselves in situations where purity or sanctity of mind, soul, body is endangered. Parents have spiritual, legal, responsibility to teach, warn, advise their children about virtuous realities in life.Young girls lack knowledge of brain CORTEX not formed to understand daily risk and the consequences of actions. Modern teaching is saying “women can do anything men do and better, no way suggests women should sit at home. Whatever her reason was Dinah bore responsibility for venturing out alone, while Shechem carried a full responsibility for his criminal violent act towards the defenceless woman. The whole town paid hefty price as all the men were killed by Diana’s brothers. They achieved this feat by asking them to be circumcised to marry Dinah. Nursing fresh wounds pounced on in revenge killings to punish all for defiled Dinah. In Genesis 39:6-23 Joseph escaped from Potiphar’s wife to rape him. He escaped without cloak, left in her hand, run out of the house. She lied told her husband the Hebrew tried to rape her, she used her powerful position. So innocent Joseph who feared God and refused to sin against God punished for 13 years. Dinah’s brother Joseph almost raped suffered fate to seduce to rape by Potipher’s wife. A case of relying on confession testimony perpetrator for verdict is unreliable justice. An innocent survivor punished by society as perpetrator goes Scotch free but God will deal with them on judgement day. Another case in point is Amnon, David’s oldest son in 2 Samuel 13:1-22-39 first in line for the throne was Tamar’s half-brother. Amnon son of David fell in sin lust with Tamar a virgin and beautiful sister of Absalom son of David. Amnon longed for Tamar he became lovesick. Its difficult she was a virgin meant available for marriage, but not to Amnon as marriage between half-brother or half-sister was forbidden. Amnon infatuated is obsessed over Tamar’s beauty. Amnon’s friend Jonadab the son of Shimeah, David’s brother advised him to fake sickness invited Tamar to cook for him so alone with Tamar. David agreed responsible, not refuse to let Amnon fake illness to deceive and to force himself upon Tamar in bedroom. This plan of Amnon isolated her asked siblings to give them privacy. This terrible mistake to leave the two alone on their own because Ammon’s motive towards his sister was evil. He forced himself upon his sister and raped her. Amnon hated her worse than he loved her destroyed Tamar’s virginity, reputation and damaged her life. Amnon rejects Tamar  hated her so his hatred greater than the love he loved her.Amnon said to her, “Arise, be gone!” Sent Tamar away worse than rape as nobody will marry her defiled in those days.

What Amnon did to Tamar was wrong so he could redeem situation by marrying her or pay her brideprice says Exodus 22:16-17 and Deuteronomy 22 :28-29 and compensate her for Tamar not married because no longer a virgin. Her privileged position as a princess dressed in a robe of many colours extended all the way down to wrists and ankles. Her garment of virginity soiled, called servants to put ‘this woman out and bolt door behind her.’ Tamar deserved better treatment as an Israelite, relative, sister, a princess. Amnon treated Tamar as “this woman.” Verse 19-20 says Tamar mourns and Absalom comforts her. Tamar put ashes on her head, tore her robe of many colours on her, laid her hand on her head and went away crying bitterly. Absalom her brother said, “Has Amnon your brother been with you? hold your peace, my sister. He is your brother; do not take this thing to heart.” Tamar remained desolate in her brother Absalom’s house, put ashes on her head, tore her robe: Tamar treated this calamity not hide truth of the terrible crime committed against her. She didn’t give place to voice of shame, this was your fault. David did not punish Amnon’s lust despite pleas from Tamar’s mother and brother. And so Amnon refused to marry her was disgraced never married. Her God’s gift to marry was never accomplished is considered ‘damaged good’ in community. Coerce, non-consensual unwilling participants in sexual unions had sex. The contract agreement of marriage is condoned by rape of spouse. Punishment for rape is never enough as trauma of wo/man. Honour, tribal purity is useful to women not seen as damaged goods. Rapist forced to pay buy victim. In contrast if woman voluntarily gives up her purity marries the perpetrator.2c6b792d101d3e06f9491567bb026944Some kill babies jailed perverts transgress a family as a liability. Coerced sex is wrong to children or spouse in marriage. In UK age of consenting adults for sex is 16 years. Some think as David wronged Bathsheba, Amnon wronged Tamar, “like father like son.” Two wrongs don’t make things right rape, sexual abuse not justified under any circumstances revenge because vengeance belongs to God. Trauma lifelong pain lasts destroys marital intimacy violate lives in nightmare forever. Absalom planned his revenge years later by inviting siblings to family get together party. He gave secret instruction to servants to kill Ammon during the family party in revenge. 20200830_180809Modern liberal society view sexual intimacy in selling cars and material things source of pleasure not taught about a relationship. It diminishes and devalues romance, original choice of proper use of the sexual intimacy. Porn and on-line website perverse adult site dehumanize sex with terrible consequences. Rejection of survivor in some communities of rape pregnancy do not fall in love with a rape child. It mitigates God heavenly Father, Jehovah Jireh provider supplier of all needs. Pregnancy is from God and the childbirth is blessing from loving heavenly father’s help. Hagar and Ishmael God provided for after a sexual abuse of Abraham instigated by his wife Sarah. They prosper and rich to date in Genesis 16:1-16; Genesis 21:14-21. Bible says  do not indulge flesh there are consequences. Targeted person does not love victim so not keen or interested in marrying them its just pursued lust to seek relieve. Survivor deals with a rape and sexual abuse consequences for life. Perpetrators don’t  remember sexual abuse, rape because they treat people as sex objects. So manipulate, beat, kick, pull hair, grope, hurt, blackmail with guilt its survivor who lives with pain, injury, broken bones, from violent abuses and remain affected for life. So it is important not to trivialize sexual abuse, promiscuity, immorality, entrenched. Lot’s family  escaped from evil treatments of God’s sacred body temple wife turn to pillar of salt. The heathen Sodom and Gomorrah’s promiscuous life in Genesis 19:31-38 led to daughter’s incest near town of Tzo’ar by the first born daughter. Moab said to younger daughter Ben-Ammi Ammon, our father is old, there is no man on earth to marry us. Let’s make our father drink wine to lie with him to preserve seed of father, made their father drink wine at night. Firstborn went in and lay with her father. He perceived it not when she lay down or arose. It came to pass on morrow the first born said to younger, Behold, I lay last night with my father: let us make him drink wine this night and go in to lie with him to preserve seed of our Father. They made the father drink wine that night younger arose and lay with him, perceived not when she lay down or she arose. Two daughters of Lot had children of father. 
The firstborn had son called Moab the father of Moabites to this day. The younger, had son and named Benammi is the father of the children of Ammon to this day. Lot was drunk lost control commonsense he had in Genesis 19:30–38, is final step in Lot’s backsliding. Lesson learnt is, the person who had too much to drink does not make good choices loses control of his morals. Operates out of sinful, carnal nature and incest, two children were born fathers of two nations at odds is source of suffering in Israel history. Lot as father offered daughters to be gang raped in Genesis 19:1-11 influenced inhibition of sexual boundaries. Schools must educate children of f5 years onwards on priceless nature of the body. Emphasize nobody is not touched and violate them secretly by concealed groomer gift special secret. Some lured in cult rituals indulge in pervert’s disgusting lust. Children are not born with knowledge of sex so teach and protect their body from 3 years to wash and clean themselves. Chaperon them with reliable trustworthy adults, avoid isolation so taken advantage of by a pervert. Parents accompany children to parties or supervise them for their own good. Don’t manipulate, children to condone pervert lurking around. Support children ensure they do homework to stay ahead in learning at school or home. Read to them to input reading skill, bedtime stories at night. Encourage sports to enable character forming lifeskills. A fruitful life is to listen to your spouse, better balance work and family life. Booster your eternal family which lasts forever as all other things pass away. Career must not interfere with Godly family life. Alcohol, drugs remove inhibition children must be made aware of their own body value early. Teach children self-control fear of God to resist like Joseph did not to act on lust live Godly meaningful life, loving, his genuine, caring spouse. Stop harm, pain, hurt, grief, sorrow or lifetime generational consequences. By Grace of God, Christ Jesus forgives and washes all sins as red as scarlet as white as snow repent, ask God for peace, inner healing from abuse. Forgive pervert and yourself because you do not want to be next to a pervert in hell. With God all things are possible. Testimony exist of Joyce Meyer encouraging people to heal and thrive in forgiveness of God in Jesus Name. In case of rape and sexual abuse victims get pregnant face dilemma of abortion or giving birth of a child of rapist. These are not easy decisions to overcome because some abortions means its the only child ever conceived by mother. If child is born lives with stigma of rape and sexual abuse in staying in same community. Others discreetly delivers baby and adopted by loving couple. Girl goes back to school to continue her education supported by people who want justice to help her. Perpetrator is dealt with by the law if child is underage of legal consent at 16 years in UK. Missionaries adopt trauma rape victims of war if rejected by their communities for bringing shame to their familes. Whatever the outcome God is the creator of all lives so receives all souls in forgiveness and mercy in Jesus Name.

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