blood red moonMany people anticipated Sukkot’s Blood Red Moon 27th and 28 September 2015 depending on location. We watched at 3 a.m blood red moons appear closest to earth. Relates to significant events of all, and the Jewish people God Chose Jesus Christ for salvation of mankind. During a full lunar eclipse, the moon turns red reflects glow from earth’s simultaneous sunrises and sunsets according to NASA. The moon looks much bigger because it is closest to earth. Some predict lunar eclipse signals the major earthquake or some devastating apocalypse just before return of Yeshua HaMashiach Jesus Messiah. The prophecy in Book of Joel is reason for predictions. That prophecy states coming of Messiah preceded by celestial wonders, darkening of the sun a solar eclipse happened this year and a Blood Moon lunar eclipse. “The sun will become dark, and the moon will turn blood-red before great and terrible day of the LORD arrives according to Joel 2:31. The sun darkens and moon turns red, God says He will show wonders in the heavens and on the earth, blood, fire billows of smoke in verse 30. True to Scripture look for these wonders and others identified on Scriptures to occur before day of the LORD. Jewish people take prophecies seriously to seek God’s face intensely during Yom Kippur. Then during fifteen day of seventh month the LORD’S Feast of Tabernacles begins and lasts for seven days. First day is a sacred assembly, no regular work. Seven days present offering to the LORD by fire, on eighth day hold a sacred assembly and present offering to the LORD by fire.  In closing assembly; do no regular work.” in Leviticus 23:34–36. Reciting prayers at Western Wailing Wall with lulav, etrog in right hand. The wonders in heavens in Scriptures promised before Messiah returns to set up Messianic Kingdom. Adonai will draw Jewish People by His Ruach HaKodesh Holy Spirit to accept and to recognize Yeshua: “I will pour on house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem spirit of grace and a Spirit of supplication. They will look on Me, they pierced and mourn for Him as one mourns only child to grieve bitterly for Him as one grieves for firstborn son as in Zechariah 12:10. How wonderful it is if mass recognition of Yeshua, a kind of end-time harvest, begins today and the significant turning point Blood Moon signals for Jewish People. Is in keeping with season of rejoicing Sukkot follows after Rosh HaShanah Day of Judgement and Yom Kippur day judgements sealed represents the renewed fellowship with God by prayer day and night. yom-kippurSince holiday pilgrimage festival linked to the harvest Chag haAsif Festival of Ingathering. A portion of song severe words rebuke Israel’s infidelity and unfaithfulness to God. Recent nuclear agreement with Iran by world powers is to move Iran’s ambitions to destroy Israel could precipitate major world war with Israel is significant. God will “hide HIS face” from HIS people but HE to render judgement. “To heap disasters on them; spend arrows on them. They shall be wasted with hunger, devoured by pestilence, bitter destruction. Send against them teeth of beasts with poison of serpents of dust in Deuteronomy 32: 23–24. Israel prays in a total solemnity humility in repentance before God at a wailing wall and synagogues. Recent nuclear agreement with Iran by world powers, seems to move forward Iran’s ambition to destroy Israel to precipitate major world war with Israel is very significant. God rebuke seems harsh, but reveal discipline of God for good ultimately end in a redemption. God’s Jealousy grafted in Gentiles boldly in His Presence with full assurance in the blood of Jesus. The flesh of Jesus crucified is veil that created time of Gentiles to follow example of Christ to worship God in spirit and in Truth. New covenant in Christ supersede the old Abrahamic covenant. Moses’ song foresees that the people of Israel will make God jealous with their worship of other false gods and idols and that God in turn will provoke His people to jealousy with those who are called “not a nation.” “They have provoked Me to jealousy by what is not God; they have moved Me to anger by their foolish idols. God’s time to Gentiles to provoke Jews to jealousy by acceptance of Jesus Christ in fulfilment of the new covenant Jews prefer old covenant as children of Abraham accept Jesus is God’s only way. God provokes Jews to jealousy as nation moves them to anger by a foolish nation in Deuteronomy 32:21; see also Romans 11:13–15This reference to not a nation in Hebrew loh ami It is found again in the Book of Hosea: “I will plant her for myself in the land; I will show my love to the one I called ‘Not my loved one.’  I will say to those called ‘Not my nation,’ loh ami ‘You are my nation’ and they will say, ‘You are my God in Hosea 2:23; Romans 9:25. Who are these people who were once “not a nation” and are now God’s people? These are Gentiles who have come to join themselves with the commonwealth of Israel through the Jewish Messiah: “Once you were not a nation, but now you are the nation of God; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy in 1 Peter 2:10. MILLIONS of Jewish people in Israel all pray to a Powerful God in greater depth prayers. On Yom Kippur, nearly 26 hours, we “afflict our souls” in the following five ways, don’t eat, drink; wash; We don’t use lotions or perfumes; do not wear leather footwear; abstain from marital relations. The observance of day characterized by peace of our confidence in relationship with God’s provision for atonement. Jews, people weep before God at Wailing Wall pray for forgiveness. Before the sun set, the Jewish People gathered in synagogues to hear the cantor chant Kol Nidre All Vows and recite penitential prayers at wailing wall. Israel depends on God’s Mercy and His Compassion.These people God called to salvation to provoke Israel to jealousy. “They stumbled in order that they might fall through their trespass so salvation has come to the Gentiles to make Israel jealous in Romans 11:11.  What makes Jewish People jealous of Gentiles?  Is not it other way around Gentiles are jealous because God blessed Jewish people with favour as chosen ones role model to all nations spiritual or by prosperity. These blessings seem to be cause of some of world’s anti-Semitism. When and how are Jews provoked to jealousy by the Gentile followers of Yeshua?  It will be when they see true love, joy, fellowship, peace Believers possess in Yeshua, even when an entire material world around them falls apart. Ability to sing in face of apparent tragedy that set Moses apart from others. Few of his generation lived in wilderness because of their unbelief. Moses about to die, never entered the Promised Land. But still praised God in song reminding Israel of God’s power, love, faithfulness. A Rock and the Righteous Judgement metaphor of God as Rock means steadfast, strong, immovable and unchanging. These are qualities chosen verse from Parasha is the opening line of Jewish burial service Tziduk haDin in Righteous Judgement. The prayer begins with Deuteronomy 32 : 4 “HE is the Rock, HIS work is perfect; all HIS ways are justice, A God of truth without injustice; Righteous and upright is HE.” In contrast to wondrous qualities of God Torah describes mankind as a corrupt, perverse, crooked to point of comparison Sodom and Gomorrah. “For their vine is of the vine of Sodom and of fields of Gomorrah; their grapes, grapes of gall, clusters are bitter.  Their wine is poison of serpents, and cruel venom of cobras in Deuteronomy 32:32–33. There is no way to bridge wide chasm of the corruption of man or holiness of God except for through narrow gate that leads to life in Yeshua HaMashiach Jesus the Messiah.  He said, “I am the way, the truth and the life, and no one comes to the Father but through Me in John 14:6In addition to being compared to a rock, Moses also likens God to an Eagle the bird of great strength and vision who took the children out of Egypt on His outstretched wings. “As an eagle stirs up its nest, hovers over its young, spreading out its wings, taking them up, carrying them on its wings so the LORD alone led him. There was no foreign god with him in Deuteronomy 32:11–12. God’s message and significance of the red blood moon is that our actions have consequences for good or  evil and our very survival depends on our faithfulness to God our Rock. As Israel as nation humbles themselves on the Holiest Day in Judaism the day of Atonement like Nineveh, so God ensures the saved elect’s names are sealed in the Book of Life forever in heaven! After Kol Nidre Services at night, the next day is completely quiet in Israel with many people in the synagogues in the morning and early afternoon. In mid-afternoon many people left synagogues to take a sleep in the heat of the afternoon while still fasting return to their local synagogue in a few hours for additional prayers. yom kippurIn the morning, returned to our synagogues for the Morning Prayer service in which several sections of the Torah portion read.  The entire Book of Jonah read during afternoon. Service concludes before sunset with the Ne’ila Closing of Gates prayer, last moment for repenting before God seals His judgements in His Book. Yom Kippur ends at nightfall with blowing of shofar, and return home to enjoy festive meal. Build Sukkah in holiday of Sukkot in four days after. Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement Biblically, is holiest of the year. In Israel and Jewish communities around the world everyone is in local synagogues. Secular Jews who do not observe Jewish holiday do atonement for repentance. “It shall be a statute to you forever: in seventh month, on the tenth day of the month, you shall afflict your souls and shall do no kind of work, the native-born or strangers who lives as foreigners among you in Leviticus 16:29. We look forward to the future fulfilment of this Day of Ingathering when the Jewish People are gathered and Messiah will reign on the earth in Isaiah 27:12–13; Jeremiah 23:7–8. It will be a momentous time for all people. Bible tells us nations will come before the Lord during the Feast of Sukkot to worship Him here in Jerusalem. And we know that time will come only after one more significant event a major war between these nations and Israel: “Then survivors from all nations that attacked Jerusalem will go up year after year to worship the King, the LORD Almighty to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles.” in Zechariah 14:16God’s loving kindness and faithfulness to Israel ends with promise of a vengeance, redemption, atonement for God’s land and His people. “Rejoice, O Gentiles, with His people; for He will avenge blood of His servants, render vengeance to His adversaries; He provides atonement for His land and for His people in Deuteronomy 32:43 in the Bible. It is not only the people of Israel who will rejoice with this final redemption. Gentiles rejoice with God’s people as God’s salvation is for all people of every tongue, tribe, race and ethnic background. Jews and Gentiles will rejoice together in unity at goodness of God. Significance of blood moon is two-fold. First, is spiritual significant effects on Israel nation in relation to Christ for Jesus’ rapture and second coming. Second significance is blood moon’s closeness to earth is the blood moon’s centrifugal force impact on earth. Gravitational force physically in electromagnetic wave pull clashes with earth’s atmospheric pressure. To affect weather conditions, intensify climate changes, causes avalanches, and extreme giant waves, and storms, tsunamis, flash floods, typhoons, mud slides, landslides, earthquakes, fires, droughts. Intense natural phenomena reveals relationships between human behaviour cosmic environment cause risk and emotional distress. The dust particles affects asthma conditions, by turmoil ozone, moonlight, gravity, tidalforce All thes geo-magnetism, elecuomagnetism weather ions affect mentally disturbed mind or lunatics. Lunar moon changes affect mental health, environmental toxic elements from the air particles, birds and dogs exhibit changes as sign of warnings of physical upheaval, damage or loss of lives. Tragedies unfold so important to help directly affected adequately to prepare in advance if possible for minimal loss. Avoid results of aerosol propeller man-made causes of ozone structural damages and loss of lives. God’s end-time birth pangs to be in a right relationship with God in Christ Jesus as events unfold to be saved in Christ eternally.



download (1)Isaiah 2:19-22 in Bible says people hide in caves, holes, rocks in fear of the LORD’S GLORY and Majesty as HE rises to shake earth. 20 That day people will cast idols of silver and gold made for themselves to worship to moles and bats. To hide in clefts of rocks, tops of ragged rocks, for fear of the Lord, and for the Glory of His Majesty, when HE Arises to shake earth. 22 Cease from man whose breath in his nostrils cannot account for you before God. This chapter speaks of the glory of Christians, Jerusalem and gospel-church in end-time days. God’s Great Peace for the world is through Christ Jesus to Jews first in Jerusalem. All who reject Gospel  rejected by God. God’s judgement forces them to be humble to stop confidence in idols and arm of flesh. Jerusalem people will become full of knowledge of God in everlasting honour. So their confidence in horses, chariots, silver, gold idols end bh throwing useless idols and valuables in caves for bats and moles. Wealth and  riches cannot save from God’s wrath.downloadLiteral second coming of Jesus place will take place on earth. Fear of God on Day of the LORD will cause panic their idols of gold, silver, riches, thrown hiding in caves to get away from the Presence of God. Spiritual worship of God stops idol of heathen other institutions in religion will appear despicable in comparison to God. Bats in caves and moles burrow in the ground in darkness to feed on roots, so they try to hide from God in spiritual blindness. Bat winged creatures in old ruins and caves, flying at night flaunted with thrown most prized possessions on day God and Christ punishes the earth. Christians warning people of God of the impending destruction to follow God to trust Jesus. The future punishment of all who reject God or Authorised Son Jesus Christ is on the day of the LORD. So God commands His people to look up to Him as Source or Giver of life and riches. All good and perfect gifts come from God so not to idolize or love wealth above God. God blesses all people as original owner of all wealth and riches. The earth is the LORD’s and in all fullness. God Establish HIS Kingdom in Redeemer Jesus Christ.  Spiritual and physical Israel belongs to God to restore great knowledge in the Gospel. Isaiah 2:4 says great peace will come through Prince of Peace Jesus. The privileged in Christ who accept God’s plans for mankind will be saved. But the LORD GOD ELOHIM ADONAI will strike people who covert the wealth to waste it for God’s superabundance provision is for ALL humanity. Not exclusive private investment assets so useless on the day of the LORD. They will run to try to hide from God’s wrath in caves filled by bats and pigs. God will fight against all those getting richer by depriving poor making themselves richer. Superabundant filthy rich wealth used to define status, class, dominance and control totally becomes scourge that destroys them if they do not repent. Those confiscating wealth or refusing to obey God’s command to be selfless to give and receive, will not be saved by wealth. Wealth may answer all things but wealth as symbol of strength or abundance is not why God created wealth. God’s wealth is for sustenance, jobs, revenue for all families entitled to increasing share equally of enormous wealth generated from global resources.
Constant desire of mankind to exclude God as original owner of wealth due to fear deprives entitled people. They fear upsurge rebels for loss of wealth. People globally recognise their right to equal entitlement of their wealth. The strong resistance of usurpers prevent wealth to be returned to rightful owners vilified by hatred propaganda racism of unjust wealthy. Those standing up for justice blackmailed and bankrupted, nip in the bud attempts to raise awareness to get restoration of wealth. The message of Gospel of Jesus Christ equally available freely to the rich wealthy and poor to be saved before it is too late. It is not worth enjoying life in abundance so eternally in hell for exploitation abuses of God’s wealth. The earth is the LORD’S and the fullness thereof. Nobody can buy God or fight God’s wealth to defend themselves on day of the LORD. Don’t perish for the things of this world that do not last for ever. A man’s life does not consist of the abundance of possession if things. God will not buy the excuse of not being a religious person burying one’s head in the sand. As Sun or the moon’s existence will not change God’s Decision is punish those who destroy others. God gives all people an opportunity to repair damage caused for centuries to save yourself. So what shall it profit a man to gain whole world and lose your soul. Fear God who kills mind, body and soul. No matter how rich or wealthy you are in life you can’t take it with you. Instead of hiding wealth in caves for bats or moles to use, rightly share. All wealth belongs to God not you as steward you are accountable so future destination to heaven or hell depends on God’s wealth use on earth.


In Zechariah 14:1-5 and Daniel 2:44, The God of Heaven Will Visibly Come to Reign from His earthly Capital  City Jerusalem with Jesus Christ and the saints who return on white horses after 7 years of rapture. The LORD GOD Almighty of Heaven Will Set Up His Kingdom on earth that will never be destroyed or be left to any other people ever again according to Daniel 7:22, Titus 2:13, Jude 14-15, Revelation 19:11-.21. God’s Visible Presence is confirmed in the Bible in Zechariah 5:5, Matthew 25:31, 2 Thessalonians 1:7-10, God’s establishment of His Kingdom on earth will be met with opposition from human kingdom governments who refuse to hand over power back to God according to Luke 21:31. Whether people recognise Jerusalem or not accept God’s decision and choice of Israel as His City, Jerusalem is God’s capital state. The All-Powerful God takes revenge on all who oppose God so furiously destroys His enemies who used to worship God but no longer do so. Those who hate the Act of God The Father join all the anti-Christ against the Lord Jesus Christ, The True genuine, authentic, Messiah using weapons of mass destruction against Israel. Those destroying God’s people and possessions, God ruins His enemies because the enemies of God’s people are enemies of God. God killed Pharaoh’s and all the first born of Egyptians, destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah by fire, Noah’s generation perished by flood Korah’s rebellion swallowed by opened earth, those who believed evil report of 10 spies never reached promised land as punishment by the Biblical God of Israel. Alliances formed against God’s people in end-time fulfil God’s Agenda of gloom and doom to those who think THE GOD OF LOVE cannot allow or tolerate wrath of God of unpalatable magnitude of destruction of humanity. in zechariah 14:3, God Will Fight all nations as Jehovah Nissi, the Almighty ONE in battle fights. Those who reject God and Christ wuill be destroyed by God of heaven Who Sets up His Kingdom in Jerusalem His City. As Judas Iscariot died in Matthew 27:5; Acts 1:18 for not repenting for betraying Jesus, God kills all enforcers used to destroy His enemies. God Destroys all enforcers HIMSELF according to Isaiah 33:1. All those who insist on coming against God and the apples of God’s Eyes, the Jewish people as God’s Chosen, God’s Beloved, the Jewel of The True Living God’s Crown, God declares He will Roar from Zion and thunder from Jerusalem, the earth and heavens will tremble as Jerusalem is invaded, ravaged and destroyed. Let nobody deceive you God is only invisible so does not relate as a loving Father to His Children in the flesh on earth. God appeared 44 times in the flesh to various people in the Bible. God will come to dwell on earth among mankind so come to terms with God’s plan. In John 16:1-4, Jesus said, these things I spoke to you about so that you will not be offended or stumble to desert God Whom you Trust. They shall persecute you, attack you, throw you out of synagogues, temples, churches, etc. Yea, the time will come when those who kill you think they are doing God’s work or service. But they do these things because they do not know the Father God Almighty Jehovah Nissi or His Son Jesus Christ. These things Jesus prophesied so that when these times come you will remember them. Physical structural churches are targeted and crushed to force anti-Christ rule from Jerusalem. Revelation 13-16, 19:11–21, Ezekiel 38-39, reveal nations are mobilized to divide and destroy Israel. Two-parts of the city will be destroyed leaving one part to fight against anti- Christ who sets up rule in God’s Temple Mount Holy City demanding worship in place of Almighty God Jehovah Yahweh Elohim.

When it seems Israel is about to be wiped out completely from the face of the earth, God Steps in by fire from heaven to destroy His enemies to save Israel in one day battle of Armageddon to finish mankind’s rebellion against God forever. In Zechariah 14:1-20, the literal feet of Jesus Christ with nail prints will actually stand on mount Olives and the mountain split in half during the second coming of Jesus with God. On that day darkness will end with extra light emitted by Radiant Light of God and Christ’s Presence. Zechariah 14:2 says in the Holy Scriptures say there will be the residue of the people and the chosen elect who shall not be cut off from the city during the crisis moment but be saved because Jerusalem belongs to God. Jerusalem is the only city on earth where God wrote His Name because heaven and earth meet in Jerusalem. The whole world is commanded to pray for the peace of Jerusalem because peace affects all people on earth. Jerusalem in the past was ravished by 6 empires that captured, destroyed and occupied Jerusalem in the past in history but are no more . Therefore the most important thing to do to handle God’s Truth is ensure one comes into agreement with God directly through Jesus Christ to be saved in Jesus Name eternally.


love guide

1.  GOOD MANNERS:- Good manners are essential etiquette in life as it helps to express a courteous polite well-bred social behaviour. It shows self-respect to enable one to get along with others better in life. Good manners are an important value to learn. Behaving in an appropriate socially acceptable, respectful manner displays respect to others. Good manner creates good impressions on others to feel good and also makes one feel good about oneself. Good manners mean kind and thoughtful consideration for others. Good manners at home; during meal times at the table, using a calm correct tone of voice on the phone shows discipline. Good manners creates a positive healthy atmosphere and in relationships in the family. Good manners at school; and good manners outside are equally important so not weakness but strength. The bible says in 1 Corinthians 15:33 people need to watch what they say or hear because do not be deceived evil bad company communication corrupts good manners. Listening, waiting your turn, saying please, sorry,  thank you shows understanding of good manners.

2. GOOD MORALS is essential protection for one – self. Applying good right conduct shows one has the understanding in knowing distinctions between right and wrong helps to make better choices. Ethical issues demand a stand of moral attitudes to express or convey truth. Godly counsel and right conduct in speaking or writing in literary work guides and influences others especially young people to train them to make the right choice best for them. Good morals help to understand various points of view on personal, cultural values, codes of conduct or social mores. God’s Absolute Moral Truth Stands Above and beyond human perception in terms of right conduct so connote objective claims of right commandments. People sure have strong beliefs about what’s right and wrong so morals vary from person to person. Confidence in God’s moral absolutes is to help make society workable. Enduring principles expressed to us by Godly authority for human behaviour is based on the Bible. God expects people to do the right thing to accept His Way for good. What is considered right does not seem so to some hence crises of modern life. Abandoning God’s moral characteristics caused sin to enter ruining mankind. Jesus brings good moral standards reconnection to God. 

3. RESPECT is a word thrown around a lot and has become a kind of greeting among some friends. Mutual respect is a positive feeling of admiration for a person, entity, a nation or a religion. Specific actions and conduct often portray respect, recognition and tolerance for others. The need to show respect is crucial for society to function effectively. A particular stance, attention to a specific detail or point of view means one may not always see eye to eye so agree to disagree by mutual respect without allowing differences to create the 3rd world war. One can have a feeling of deep admiration for someone or their abilities, qualities, or achievements with a lot of respect. Parents must endeavour to teach and train young children early from a very young age, to have mutual respect for all people irrespective of race, colour, status, gender or age.

4. CHARACTER:- Character-education is very important in imparting high value self-esteem. This is a combination of mental characteristics and behaviour to distinguish a personality or group behaviour. Such features and traits form an individual nature of the person’s characteristic quality. These includes the way someone thinks, feels and behaves. Character reveals someone’s personality that conforms to a set of standard rules shared by many people. The distinctive nature of a person gives the people in an area its character. The individual character is influenced by the community character in an interesting or unusual way and vice versa. When someone has excellent character this is an accomplishment with a sense of achievement. A distinguished person is well-trained, authentic, genuine with core moral virtues. A place described as full of character has exciting adventure features, fun, pleasure so people feel good and well-treated. Emphasis is on character building child-rearing wisdom for empathy and respect to teach children to be better people.

5. COMMON SENSE: Common sense is defined as a basic ability to perceive, understand and determine things shared in common with nearly all people. These are standard normal values reasonably expected of nearly all people to make good decisions without any need for debate. Common  sense  means there is assumption that a person is expected to automatically know what to do. Therefore people may not be trained specifically yet observed to do the right thing. In addition, some common sense is unique to a vicinity or locality. And so only those familiar with the normal lifestyle know what to expect. Those who do not conform to the expected standard of common sense are seen as not smart enough. An awareness process of adaptation is required to gain better knowledge and understanding. Young people learn common sense from trial and error to gain experience to discern what works best or what to avoid. Others watch some people’s choices and common experiences to advise themselves. Common cannot be taken for granted because it comes with wisdom and maturity. Common sense is not as commonly assumed it is because some people seem to have more money than common sense.6. TRUST is confidence and reliance agreement that something committed or entrusted to one’s care for use or safekeeping is safe. In relationship trust means one feels comfortable to be the real true self without wearing masks. One is sure to be accepted warts by the other person. Trust is a duty of care and responsibility to be in charge in a relationship. Trust means one has nothing to hide or conceal in disguise to another person. It takes the grace of God and strength of character to confide in someone and still face risk of rejection. Trust is also belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective. One has assurance that an arrangement in which someone’s property or money is legally held or managed by the person is profitable in the in the interest of the owner. Trust is designed to support individuals and groups to gain highest value to enhance life without sabotage in win win fair situation.

0147. PATIENCE is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, solve problems, or going through suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. Patience is endurance formed by particular arrangements and sequences of calmness. Patience is peace of mind in adversity with confidence in God who has all things entrusted to God under His Control. Patience is the forbearing state of endurance under difficult circumstances. It means persevering in the face of delay or provocation,  annoyance, misfortune, pain, without complaint, loss of temper or irritation. Patience enables one with the ability not to act on instinct or retaliation. Patience requires the capacity and the quality of being patient and persistent.

8. CLASS: A person is said to have class, good taste if the person behaves in acceptable manner consistent with a well – bred decent upbringing. It means one belongs to the standard group or community with specific patterns of behaviour. To behave outside the norm of a particular class means one is not in tune with class. Personal taste lifestyle depends on class. Class is a diverse set, collection of groups or configuration containing members regarded as having certain attributes or traits in common. This depicts a kind or category of people whose accent, wealth, education plays a role in defining who they perceive themselves to be in specific  classes in society. So demand to be treated as such within the generic God class.

9.  INTEGRITY is having a good reputation with reliable good social skills. Integrity means honesty, uprightness, probity, rectitude, honour, with an upstanding very excellent character principles of ethical morals,  righteous moralsnoble in character, high-minded, right-mindedness, virtuous, decent, fair, scrupulous, sincere, truthful, trustworthy. Total focus of being whole with undivided attention on the issue at hand. Togetherness and seeking well-being of others. It entails being honest and having strong moral principles of moral uprightness. It is generally a personal choice to uphold oneself to consistently have integrity. This requires adherence to moral and ethical principles with soundness of moral character and honesty.

10. LOVE is God and God is love so this definition incorporates the all-embracing Godly love which flows through Jesus Christ to all people. Love is includes a variety of different feelings, states and attitudes ranges from interpersonal affection and companionship. Intimacy and sexual interaction is an essential part of relationship. Love involves intense feelings of unconditional love, positive emotions, instincts demonstrating affection. God is originator of love so sent Jesus to save mankind. So marital love is rooted and grounded in God who said it is not good to be alone so created Adam’s spouse Eve for companionship and as a help meet to replenish the earth. Expressing love to all fellow human beings is obligatory. Love means all people are respected and valued even if having different opinions.  

Human emotions and instinct are known to affect falling in love, mutual attraction, friendship, common interests, to what makes one look appealing in opposite sex relationship. Love all people loved  and give the necessary attention required to all individually. One can have acquaintances, friends, colleagues, family love respectively. There is specific love for each of the above category, so one does not feel sharing Godly love means betraying anybody. Above all, love God, Love Jesus, Love yourself and family and surround yourself with people you love who love you. Have a good positive attitude and remember money cannot buy all things although money certainly makes the world go round to some extent.


Dinah was defiled is today’s main Scripture portion from Genesis 34:2. And when Shechem the son of Hamor the Hivite, prince of the country, saw her, he took her, and lay with her, and defiled her. This is the rape of Dinah, Jacob’s only daughter.  When Dinah goes out to see the women in the town of Shechem, the son of Hamor the Hivite also named Shechem takes her by force and lays with her; afterwards, he wishes to marry her. Interestingly, the Hebrew meaning of the name Hamor is donkey, a herd animal renowned for its strength, intelligence, keen sense of curiosity, and stubbornness, which arises from an instinct for self-preservation.  Shechem turns to his father Hamor for help in securing Dinah’s hand in marriage covenant. The Hebrew in this passage of Scripture may hint Dinah is responsible for her actions, though not her misfortune. In Hebrew, a male youth is called a na’ar נער and a female youth is a na’arah נערה. In describing Dinah’s adventure to see the daughters of the land, the Torah calls her a na’ar and not a na’arah. True, it is only the difference of one letter, but this letter is the letter hey (ה), which can be used as an abbreviation for the name of God, and it is the suffix that generally makes words feminine in Hebrew, which is a gender-based language. “His heart was drawn to Dinah daughter of Jacob; he loved the young woman [han-na-‘ă-rā, הַֽנַּעֲרָ֔] and spoke tenderly to her.” in Genesis 34:3. If someone is not aware of how precise and exacting Torah scribes are, one might think this a simple typo a technical error. Knowing preciseness with which Torah scholars transcribe each Torah scroll, one would know removal of the letter hey was not a mistake, but deliberate act. It perhaps suggests Dinah’s solo jaunt into the city was made without awareness of her vulnerability. Dinah was going to visit women of the land not the men.  As the sister of 12 brothers, the longing for female company her own age could be considered quite natural.  She may have felt safe there, as well, since her family lived in the area in peace, having bought the land they dwell on from the sons of Hamor. We do not know the exact circumstances. Dinah went out with the confidence of a young naive woman not conscious of the predator dangers of entering the city alone as a young woman. Even today women need to recognize their vulnerabilities and walk in wisdom, not putting themselves in situations where purity or sanctity of mind, soul, and/or body could be endangered.  Of course, parents, both spiritual and legal, have a responsibility to teach, warn, and advise their children about these realities.Young girls and women lack knowledge without brain cortex fully formed to understand risk consequences. The idea and modern teaching says “women can do everything men can do and better, no way suggests women should sit around at home, either. Whatever her reasoning was, Dinah bears some responsibility for venturing out alone, while Shechem carries the full responsibility for his criminal and violent act toward a defenceless woman. The whole town paid a hefty price as all the men were killed by Diana’s brothers. They achieved this feat by asking them to be circumcised to qualify to marry Dinah. While nursing fresh wounds, they pounced on them in revenge killings so punished them for defiling Dinah. In Genesis 39:6-23 Joseph escaped from Potiphar’s Wife’s attempted rape. He escaped out of his cloak, leaving it in her hand and runs out of the house. She lied and told her husband the Hebrew tried to rape her, using her powerful position she was believe. So innocent Joseph who feared God refused to sin against God yet punished instead for 13 years. Dinah’s brother Joseph, almost suffered the same fate, seduced in attempted rape by Potipher’s wife, shows the case of relying on confession testimony of perpetrator for verdict is unreliable for justice. The innocent survivor is punished by society while perpetrator seems to go Scotch free but God will deal with them on judgement day. In Another case in point is Amnon, David’s oldest son in 2 Samuel 13:1-22-39, the first in line for the throne. Amnon was Tamar’s half-brother. Amnon son of David fell in love with Tamar, a virgin and beautiful sister of Absalom son of David. Amnon longed for Tamar so much that he became lovesick.It was even more difficult for him because she was a virgin meaning that she was available for marriage, but not to Amnon because marriage between half-brother and half-sister was forbidden. Amnon became so infatuated and obsessed by Tamar’s lovely beauty. Amnon’s friend Jonadab the son of Shimeah, David’s brother advised him to fake sickness and invite Tamar to cook for him. So alone with Tamar because David commanded it, it gave part of the responsibility to David. He refused to eat, Amnon showed by this everything he told David was a lie. He continued the deception so forced himself upon Tamar in the bedroom. This plan worked as Amnon isolated her and asked all siblings to give them privacy. This was a terrible mistake to leave those two on their own because Ammon’s motives towards his sister was evil. He forced himself upon his sister and raped her. Immediately after, Amnon hated her worse than he loved her so destroyed Tamar’s reputation and damaged her reputation. Amnon rejects Tamar then Amnon hated her exceedingly, so that the hatred with which he hated her was greater than the love with which he had loved her. And Amnon said to her, “Arise, be gone!” evil of sending Tamar away is worse than rape as nobody will have her in those days.

What Amnon did to Tamar was wrong, but he could still somewhat redeem the situation by either marrying her or paying her bride price in accordance with Exodus 22:16-17 and Deuteronomy 22:28-29.The payment was meant to compensate for the fact Tamar was less likely to be married because she was no longer a virgin. Her privileged position as a princess dressed in a robe of many colours extending all the way down to the wrists and ankles. Her garment of virginity soiled, he called his servants to put ‘this woman out and bolt the door behind her.’ Tamar deserved better treatment as an Israelite, a relative and as a sister. Tamar deserved better treatment as a princess. Despite all this, Amnon spitefully treated Tamar as this woman. In verse 19-20 Tamar mourns and Absalom comforts her. Then Tamar put ashes on her head, and tore her robe of many colours that was on her, and laid her hand on her head and went away crying bitterly. Absalom her brother said to her, “Has Amnon your brother been with you? hold your peace, my sister. He is your brother; do not take this thing to heart.” So Tamar remained desolate in her brother Absalom’s house. So Tamar exposed Amnon and put ashes on her head, and tore her robe: Tamar correctly treated this as a calamity so did not hide the truth of the terrible crime committed against her. She did not give place to the voice of shame saying, this was your fault. David did not punish Amnon’s lust despite pleas from Tamar’s mother and brother. Amnon refused to marry her so she was disgraced permanently and never married. Her God sent gift to marry was never accomplished because considered ‘damaged good’ in such a community. Coerced non-consensual unwilling participants in sexual unions with benevolent,sex is considered wrong inside and outside contractual agreement in marriage that condone rape of a spouse. In such cases, the punishments for rape is not compassion or trauma to the woman herself but for honour, tribal purity sense that a useful woman is damaged goods. A rapist can be forced, essentially to buy his victim. By contrast, a woman who voluntarily gives up purity may be killed because she transformed herself from family asset to liability. Coerced sex is considered wrong inside and outside contractual agreements of spouse in marriage. Some think as David wronged Bathsheba so Amnon wronged Tamar, “like father like son.” However, 2 wrongs do not make things right so rape and sexual abuse is not justified under any circumstances of revenge because all vengeance belongs to God. Trauma pain lasts all life long so destroys marital intimacy as violated person lives nightmares forever. Consequently, Absalom planned revenge years later inviting siblings to family get together party. He gave secret instruction to his servants to kill Ammon only during the party so caused family confusion for years.In modern society liberal views present sexual intimacy often sold with cars and material things as the source of pleasure in a relationship. So diminishes and devalues romance and the original choice and the proper use of sexual intimacy. So has porn and on-line website and perverse adult sites and revenge wars dehumanize sex with terrible consequences and rejection of survivors in some communities. Accepting rape pregnancy and falling in love with resulting child is unmitigated good of God the heavenly Father Jehovah Jireh Who Provides and supplies all needs. Therefore, seeing all pregnancy as God-intended and all childbirth as a blessing from a loving heavenly father helps to make this possible. Hagar and Ishmael provided for by God after sexual abuse of Abraham condoned by Sarah so prosper richly to date from Genesis 16:1-16 to Genesis 21:14-21. It is often assumed or expected as long as one exercises the right to fulfil the flesh, one is free to find someone to consent. The problem is the targeted person may not be keen or interested as much as the pursuer desperately seeking relieve. The survivor deals with rape and sexual abuse consequences for life. While perpetrators may not even remember the sexual abuse or rape because they treat people as sex objects. They manipulate, beat, kick, pull hair, grope, hurt, blackmail with guilt survivors who lives with pain, injury, broken bones,from violent abuses and remain affected for life. It is important and necessary not to trivialize sexual abuse, promiscuity and immorality deeply entrenched generationally. In the emotion of Lot’s family was a sacred invasion of sacred body Temple of God. No wonder the heathen Sodom and Gomorrah promiscuity lifestyle impacted Genesis 19:31-38 father daughter incest near the town of Tzo’ar is that the first born daughter Moab said to the younger daughter Ben-Ammi Ammon, Our father is old, and there is not a man in the earth to come in unto us after the manner of all the earth. Come, let us make our father drink wine, and we will lie with him, that we may preserve seed of our father. And they made their father drink wine that night: and the first born went in, and lay with her father; and he perceived not when she lay down, nor when she arose. And it came to pass on the morrow, that the first born said unto the younger, Behold, I lay last night with my father: let us make him drink wine this night also; and go thou in, and lie with him, that we may preserve seed of our Father. And they made their father drink wine that night also: and the younger arose, and lay with him; and he perceived not when she lay down, nor when she arose. Thus were both the daughters of Lot with child by their father. And the first born had a son, and called his name Moab the same is the father of the Moabites unto this day. And the younger, had son and called his name Benammi: the same is the father of the children of Ammon unto this day. Lot willingly drank and, when he was drunk, he lost what little control and common sense he had in Genesis 19:30–38, and this is the final step in Lot’s backsliding. The lesson can we learn from this is, when a person has too much to drink, he does not make good choices and loses control of his morals and operates out of the sinful, carnal nature. As a result of the incest, two children were born, and those two children are the fathers of two nations that have been at odds with and the source of much suffering to Israel down through history. Lot as a father offered his daughters to be gang raped in Genesis 19:1-11 so influenced their inhibitions on sexual boundaries. So schools must educate children from 5 years onwards of the priceless nature of their body. Emphasize nobody is allowed to touch and violate them secretly by concealed groomed gifts or special secrets. Not to be lured to partake rituals to indulge perverts in disguise lusting with ‘affection.’ Remember a child is not born with knowledge of sex so must taught to protect their body from 3 years to wash and clean themselves. To chaperon them with reliable trustworthy adults to avoid isolation and being taken advantage of by perverts. Parents accompany your children to parties and supervise them for their own good. Do not be manipulated into thinking it is a preserved environment for children only to condone perverts lurking around. Support children daily to ensure they do their homework and stay ahead in learning at school or home. Read to them to input reading skills and bedtime stories at night. Encourage sports to enable character forming life skills. Have a fruitful career solution to listen to your spouse to better balance work and family life. Booster your eternal family which lasts forever as all other things pass away. Your career must never interfere with Godly family life. Alcohol and drugs remove inhibitions so children must be made aware of their own body value early. Above, teach children early self-control, fear of God to resist like Joseph sexual motions not to act on own without Godly meaningful, loving, genuine, caring spouse is lust. It causes more harm, pain, hurts, sorrows and life time generational consequences. By the Grace of God, Christ Jesus forgives and washes all sins as red as scarlet as white as snow so repent and ask God for peace and inner healing from abuse. Forgive pervert and yourself because you do not want to be a neighbour to the pervert in hell. With God all things are possible as many testimonies exist including Joyce Meyer’s testimony among others encourage people to heal thrive in Jesus Name.


Ghana-Chad Martyr - Mathew Ayairga (resized)Twenty one African saints in Christ are martyred by Islamic State (IS) in Libya. This Ghanaian joined twenty Egyptians on seeing their faith, Mathew Ayairga or Samuel Alham Wilson. These men were killed by IS fighters for not embracing Islam. He was not Christian but joined the kidnapped men dressed in orange jumpsuits, knelt at beach with a black-clothed attackers standing behind. Just moments before his death was asked to follow Islam Ayairgarefused in a video footage. After witnessing ”immense faith” of fellow African believers all from Egypt, decided to be follower of Christ. This is great testimony of faith and dignity in Christ, trust, confidence in God, courage, resilience endured to end by death. Reassured of eternal life in Christ will receive martyrs reward of overcomer’s crown in the resurrection. They accepted their predestined faith in Christ with full assurance of salvation. Christians agree it is never too late to be saved even facing death or in adversity. Crucified near Jesus on the Cross, a man told Jesus, “remember me when you go in your kingdom.” Jesus said “I tell you today you will be with me in paradise in Bible in Luke 23:43. Great faith is shown in these testimonies in honour of Christ. In Revelation 6:9 Lamb Jesus opens fifth seal and under altar souls of all slain for the word of God and testimony of Jesus.    image9 (1)


In Revelation 6:9-12 souls under altar of God in heaven asked God how long before VENGEANCE taken for slain in Revelation 14:13. Martyrs in Christ to demand God acts in revenge querying timing of events. Revelation 7:1 says a quarter of people will die on earth as Bible said. In Revelation 2:10, Jesus said Do not be afraid of sufferings, be faithful unto death to give you crown of life. Testimony of amazing triumph of faith in adversity, not loving their lives unto death will resurrect so live again in Christ. Jesus said if anyone believes in him, although they die yet will live in eternity. Jesus said in John 11:24, l am the resurrection and the life he who believes in me though dies has an everlasting life. In Revelation 12:11, you overcome satan by blood of Lamb and by word of your testimony; loved not their lives unto death. The murder of Ish-Bosheth by two of his army-captains, Rechab and Baanah, who assassinated him asleep in bed in c 1005 B.C. in 2 Samuel 4:5, king David in Hebron given Ishbosheth’s head as son of Saul his enemy. King David did not reward them as expected but he punished them. Jehovah Nissi gives justice  to all saints in Christ. In Luke 18:1-8 God brings justice on earth in Jesus Son of  Of God and Son of Man finding genuine faith tested and tried like faithful, loyal, twenty one Coptic believers of Egypt. The Coptic Church founded in 1st century A.D. by St. Mark author Gospel of Mark. So the majority of Christians in Egypt are members of Coptic Orthodox Church with about 15 million members.             lesson-9-the-four-horsemen-18-728 (1)


On camera, militant asks Ayairga: “Do you reject Christ?” No he said boldly: “Their God is my God,” became “one of twenty one men to lay down their lives for God.” Advocacy group ‘voice of martyrs,’ monitors plight of those persecuted Christians in the area said Ayairga’s death like John the Baptist beheaded for righteousness. Herod is not to marry his brother Philip’s wife. Ayairga,  identified Samuel A. Wilson, recognized by friends after IS video of massacre, is missing since January 2015. Revelation of his death after the Ethiopians ended three day’s national mourning for Ethiopian Christians killed by Islamic State (IS) militants in Libya, refused to convert to Islam. God or Christlike characters: Kamel’s brothers, Bishoi Astefanous Kamel, 25, and Samuel Estefanous Kamel, 22, Milad Makeen Zaky, Abanub Ayad Atiya, Maged Solaiman Shehata, Yusuf Shukry Yunan, Kirollos Shokry Fawzy, Malak Ibrahim Sinweet, Tawadros Yusuf Tawadros, Girgis Milad Sinweet, Mina Fayez Aziz, Hany Abdelmesih Salib, Bishoy Adel Khalaf, Worker from Awr village [name unknown at this time], Ezat Bishri Naseef, Loqa Nagaty, Gaber Munir Adly, Esam Badir Samir, Malak Farag Abram, Sameh Salah Faruqhad went to Libya to work. So Coptic Orthodox Church announced these twenty one Egyptian Christians martyrs yearly in Church 8th Amshir Coptic calendar is February 15th are remembered in the Gregorian feast Presentation of Jesus depicted in a painting in the church. IMG_20180323_014122NOT GIVING UP HOPE IN CHRIST

A dozen beheaded on beach, another group of at least 16 shot in the head in desert area. Militants heard calling detainees “the followers of the cross from Ethiopian Church.” A masked fighter in black brandishing a pistol made that statement and threatening Christians to convert to Islam but all the believers refused. The murder of Christians for their faith starts with Abel in early Church history. In many parts of the world it is happening. In John 16:1-4, Jesus said, these things I tell you not be offended to stumble to fall way and leave God. Persecution, attacks, thrown out of synagogues, or temples, Churches but  those who kill think they are doing God’s work or service. They do these things because they don’t know Father God Almighty Jehovah Nissi or His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus warned they say, “peace peace” but sudden destruction kill people. In a statement to supporters, advocacy group Voice Of Martyrs said it was crucial not to give up hope. “Thank God for unshakable truth to make all things right in HIS perfect timing, despite the evil onslaughts of enemy. Group in contact with the persecuted believers rejoice in knowledge all  21 martyred present with Lord Jesus in heaven in Bible in 2 Corinthians 5:8.” Pray for the grieving loved ones God’s Compassion, Comforting presence be experienced in special way to provide and meet all their needs,” the group prayed. Pray God SHORTENS evil days pray for martyr families God’s Mercy upon them. Martyrs in Old Testament Jews, Christians died in lion’s den.lesson-9-the-four-horsemen-9-728In 2 Maccabeans 6:7–7:42; 4 5:1–6:30; 8:3–12:19; and in Hebrew 11:32-38, killed died in the LORD Christians martyred for their testimony of Jesus. Leviticus blood sacrifice of bull poured on the altar of burnt offering in Leviticus 4:7 has life in the blood. So animals or humans in Leviticus 17:11, 14 have a life, spirit and soul, sacrificed under God’s altar in Boring 1989:125. Before the throne of God, Leviticus 4:5-6 in Greek hypokato is below, beneath, so souls under God’s altar in heaven wait for dead martyrs on earth. The soul’s spirits are visible to John living but killed as martyrs of Jehovah. A believer’s physical death in resurrection John saw the souls the people with voices and real bodies in Revelations 20:4. The martyrs, bear testimony in Greek martyria v.9 were killed v.11 for testimony of Christ. So Abel first martyr still speaks but dead in Hebrew 11:4; Genesis 4:10. Cry out so justice is done by their prayer v.10 in fifth seal prayers of l saints rev. 5:8; 8:3-4. Christian martyrs on direct path to sainthood names recognized saints. In living history since creation righteous people in the LORD slain to stop growth of Church. Generations of millions of saints slain for faith in Christ recorded, published are known to God for vengeance on their behalf. Revelations 20:4 says souls of beheaded witnesses of Jesus word of God, did not worship beast, his image, not received mark on foreheads or their hands live again in the eternal life.


Beheaded for Christ Chief International Correspondent  BosNewsLife | h/t Glen Roberts @Trop


These 4 blood moons were foretold as part of the coming events before the rapture and the second coming of Jesus 7 years later after rapture to fulfil the great and terrible day of the Lord. Among the modern proponents of blood moon prophecies are teachings from the Bible on the Blood Moon Prophecy by some Christian ministers, such as John Hagee and Mark Biltz, which states ongoing tetrad of a series of 4 consecutive lunar eclipses aligning with Jewish Holidays of 6 full moons in between with no intervening partial lunar eclipses. Mark Blitz points out that this is only the ninth time in 2000 years that this has happened where a Tetrad’s four Blood Moons occurred on the Jewish feast days. The number “Nine” in Hebrew means ‘judgment.’  Last Blood Moon Tetrad Super Moon appeared larger than usual. Eclipsed moon set Jerusalem on a feast day. In middle of Shemitah Jewish Year was a Solar Eclipse. Eclipse path in North Atlantic between Iceland and Ireland travelled north-east to Arctic Ocean.
In the Jewish tradition this was a sign of bad things to occur for nations of the world. And Leviticus 25 says God commanded HIS people not plant the fields on the seventh year. This is the Sabbath Year to rest and honour God. During the year all debts forgiven so slaves set free, the land is to rest, and economy of the land will be reduced. Shemitah Years bring economies and kingdom nations not following God’s will. If people follow God’s Laws the nation is blessed if not can mean bad times for the nations. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s book Mystery of the Shemitah explains unique  important events to happen in history in Shemitah Years. This was the first time in 2000 years Tetrad of four Blood Moons occurring on Jewish feast day’s Shemitah Year.  In unprecedented last Jubilee Year in 1967, State of Israel took possession of Jerusalem first time in 2000 years.
Jerusalem is God’s Holy City Solomon built a Temple for God and Abraham was about to sacrifice his son Isaac. It is also the city where God had his son Jesus sacrificed for mankind’s sins. In September 2015 starts a new Jubilee year with a partial solar eclipse. Its of special note this is 40th Jubilee Year since Jesus crucified in Jerusalem.  Its 70th Jubilee year since the first one proclaimed by God. The number 40 is a Biblical time period of redemption. The number 70 has Biblical meaning of perfect completion. So this coming Jubilee Year will very likely have very special meaning for mankind. Perfect completion of redemption continues and be prepared! Be right with God. History records blood moons began with number of Tetrads per Century as follows:- 1. 0-99=0; 2. 100-199=3; 3. 200-299=6; 4. 300-399=4; 5. 400-499=3; 6. 500-599=0; 7. 600-699=0; 8. 700-799=3; 9. 800-899=7; 10. 900-999=6; 11. 1000-1099=0; 12. 1100-1199=0; 13. 1200-1299=0; 14. 1300-1399=6; 15. 1400-1499=4; 16. 1500-1599=6; 17. 1600-1699=0; 18. 1700-1799=0; 19. 1800-1899=0; 20. 1900-1999=5; 21. 2000-2099=8.What interests the prophecy teachers is not just number of lunar eclipses in the two years but timing of eclipses. Both 2014 and 2015, full lunar eclipse occured on first day of Passover and on the first day of Sukkot the Feast of Tabernacles. The two lunar eclipse of 2015, two solar eclipses also occured. Lunar eclipses in back-to-back years have happened seven times since the time of Christ. Some occurred in the years of significance for the Jewish people, such as 1948 when Israel was granted statehood and 1967 when the Six-Day War was fought. References to moon like “blood” are found in two passages of the Bible. In Joel 2:30–31 Bible says, “I will show wonders in the heavens and on earth, blood and fire and billows of smoke. The Sun will turn to darkness and the moon to blood before the Coming of the great  and dreadful day of the LORD.”And in Revelation 6:12, John describes one of the seal judgments of the Tribulation: “I watched as Jesus opened sixth seal. There was great earthquake. The Sun turned black like the sackcloth made of goat hair. The whole moon turned blood-red and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind.The heavens receded like scroll being rolled up, every mountain and island was removed from its place.” Next passages refer to moon “darkened” in Matthew 24:29 and Joel 2:10. John’s and Joel’s descriptions of signs of the Day of the LORD refer to similar solar and lunar eclipses. Sceptics explain these phenomena occurring as part of changes in atmosphere mentioned in Revelation 6:12. The blood-red moon prophecies are signs to alert mankind to awaken to respond to God’s Grace and Mercy before HIS full wrath is unleashed in judgement so is too late. The Bible warns against setting dates for Coming of the Lord. That day or hour no one knows” except God the Father in Mark 13:32. Jesus Promised He will not leave believers orphans but be with us until end of the age. Jesus already warned of signs of the times in Matthew 24 to prepare and continue to pray for God to shorten the evil days in Jesus Name. Continue doing God’s will in obedient service to God as a chosen elect God’s sheep.

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Data from the NASA eclipse web-site.