Diva drama queen is becoming a modern common occurrence in daily life. Whereas many virtuous women take joy and pride in dignity and decorum the diva drama queen is an overwhelming phenomenon of pedigree selfishness tsunami of relentless unrestrained emotions. She has compulsive obsessive hyperactive extremes of explosive tantrums. One minute she is very loud, cursing, swearing, another minute she wants total silence, peace and quiet, loving, hugging and kissing. Giving her victims mixed messages with such rude behaviour torturing her victims, compelling and blaming them for all their problems like the emotional man. Nothing is ever good enough for them because they are perfectionists. Despite all the attention seeking forced upon others cries like a cunning wolf over every little petty insignificant issue. It is almost as if everyone on earth is to indulge them and in their bubble world seem far from reality. She shops for the most expensive quality items for herself insists saving money buying cheap stuff for partner, friends to maintain imposed status. She is a spoilt brat who has everything life can offer them but is never content. She thrives on the pressure of stressing others around her by bullying. She talks non-stop so forces her victims to listen to her charming life stories. Initially people bend over backwards to do her bidding. Then later, the scale falls off as reality sets in they realise they have been conned by her childish behaviour. Friends feel sorry for her so stick with her but others run for their lives. She literally lives her life through others. She claims she cannot live by herself yet those who stand by her subjected constantly to verbal abuse. She is a party animal the life and soul of the party. So she gets onto any man she fancies without a thought or feeling of hurting theit partner or spouse.  Takes whoever she wants, causes tremendous damage in her track. But if any woman looks in the direction of her man or her man looks at a woman, nags him and accuses him of fancying and preferring them to her. His life is a living hell since she earns more than him. Every second during work obsessed must constantly call her or respond even in the middle of his attending to the others at work unprofessionally. Torments him with her under hand tactics jokes and punishes him by withdrawing  affection and intimacy. She orders him to do a million things simultaneously at the same time although some men may not multi task effectively. Woe betide him if he gets any of those instructions wrong. Meanwhile she is a hypochondriac with too many things wrong with her and so cannot function or do it on her own. She creams and yells so the neighbours hear her business shouts, insults, diminishes others by ignorant arrogant behaviour.She knows everything better than those around her so must always have the last words, she bullies those who disagrees with her and rants and raves at those who stand up to challenge her. Her house is full of symbols representing her shallow, hollow images values of more money than sense. A drama queen is constantly on the phone complaining about perceived problems many times a day. She complains about services given although all avenues explored within the professional and all realistic human capabilities. Even genuine sound advise by experts dismissed by a domineering knows things better than all personality attitude snobbery and rudeness.

As a result things get often worse and glaringly seen clearly by all except her. She can adjust her life but prefers to suffer in stoic in the name of controlling her own life. When many people have life a lot worse, they dismiss their privileged status and still moan. Drama queens blows everything in life out of proportion and do not know difference or have awareness reality check. They leave their trails of all those they accuse of offending them but have no inkling impact of hurtful behaviour on others. All her most expensive and latest make ups fill rooms spilling over everywhere yet without basic food. She checks her partner’s phone, bank account, talks to him anyhow rudely and wants to incite her toxic fear for control to humiliate.

She is very provocative at all times yet if that person threatens to leave she cries and seduces to stay, Pleads how much she loves him and cannot live without him. She makes him feel indispensably needed by her manipulative needy behaviour. However, the dust hardly settles after they make up when she shows her true colours again. She never does anything wrong because blames its always his responsibility to make her happy. When the going gets tough she slips into the saboteur victim archetype to compound the misery but once again hurts those always claimed to love.

She is always feeling sorry for herself and makes those around her have to sympathy for her but does not care about those whose real presence and feelings she denies from flourishing and thriving. If she is unhappy everyone around her must be unhappy. If she is unwell everyone must run after her twice as hard than ever before, If a TV program is allowed by her, she only must choose her favourite programs, This affects food to be prepared must be only her favourite or she will not eat. Their house must be decorated in her favourite colours without consideration of partner’s input or have any say in the matter because she always knows best. 

The smallest thing done by her is over magnified out of all proportion.Those able to impact and help her improve her life are seen as threats so she constantly queries their motives. One is never relaxed around her and she wants the atmosphere to be full of dramatic tension. She mistakes her unhealthy control freaks actions and behaviours as focus, alertness and doing the right thing. People soon notice the depressive impact on those who hang around her,  Everything is done only on her terms always so people implode, shut down to let her rattle on with judge and jury self indulging character. She is unforgiving, vindictive, and constantly ordering every one around.
She decides what she thinks is best for her best friends. She chooses partners for her friends or breaks up any relationships taking away her friends from serving her needs first at her beck, call and doing her bidding. She breaks the golden rule so does not treat others as she likes to be treated thereby depriving others from what enjoys herself and brags about. Her phone is private and no one dare touch or use it but she has to vet everyone’s friends including writing letters to drive wedges between friends to gain friendship advantage. It is years later they discover she played them but it’s too late.If you a diva dram queen making life miserable for others it does not mean you re a bad person. You need to become aware of the damage you cause many people often too polite and too refined to kowtow to your uncourteous behaviour. You also miss on how much you will gain from learning from the few courageous people who truly love and care about her. The Bible says all must look after interest of each other. So if you are a diva drama queen, so stop acting like Jezebel, who is ruthless in always having her way. She did not care whom she destroyed in the process for personal gain, killing many people in the way and destroying even a nation for her diva drama queen lifestyle.
The good news is, God loves diva drama queens but hates and abhors their bad behaviour towards others for their own selfish benefit. God sent Jesus to die for them too to transform them and change them into better people for their own good. God says those who love, obey and serve Him are blessed to sit with God. So consider your ways and stop hurting people in the name of power and control. If you are a victim of a diva drama queen, seek help immediately to free yourself from bondage you are under. For whom the Son of God sets free is free indeed. Like addicts, they are manipulative and ruthless so cannot see reason logically. They live in their own bubble world  so have no sense of true understanding of reality.

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