In Mark 14:36, Romans 8:15, Galatians 4:6, ABBA FATHER YAHWEH GOD is OUR GREATEST FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, THE BEST EXAMPLE OF FATHERHOOD MANIFESTED THROUGH HIS SON JESUS CHRIST FOR US ALL IN JESUS NAME. We thank you JEHOVAH Daddy God for your Faithfulness and Mercies to us and New every morning in Jesus Name. We Thank God for all beloved earthly Fathers and potential fathers. We give God Glory for father figures who mentor and guide many on the journey of life. God the Father is greater than all and excellent in glory. Jesus spoke in John 10:29-30, concerning Our Father God and His true followers and gives reassurance to the faithful. We Love you Father God for giving us wonderful fathers. HAPPY FATHERS DAY AS GOD IS A FATHER TO Fathers. We Praise FATHER GOD for giving wisdom to fathers to lead their families according to the Will and Blessings of God. So despite humanities failures, disappointments Father God Continues To Love and Correct, Forgives, Promotes His Children On Godly Terms. Although The Chosen Remnant Lets God Down, like every Loving Father, For the sake of Christ, God Restores Reconnects us all to Himself again and again because He does not want anyone to perish. A daily reflection  on living history shows a stubborn rebellious, callous stiff-necked people do own things against God’s Will, Yet God, due to His Grace instead opens His Loving Arms Widely to those who come back to Him. So God’s Grace is still available and extended to many billions to accept His Divine Kingdom as His Beloved Children for eternity. End-time changes according to God’s  Agenda is rapidly happening so be alert to fulfil God’s Work on earth. Events depicted by satan misinforms people to portray God in a different light as uncaring hard cruel master waiting to slaughter those who make mistakes. That is satan’s nature being projected wrongly onto God to deceive people from Loving God. So it is important to understand TRUE NATURE of God YAHWEH to yield personally to Christ whether a great great great great grandfather or a father. Father God has Jesus Head of the Church on earth Head of families in God’s Divine Kingdom and Divine Government Rule by Christ. God is Restructuring Globally all the nations and people to come under His Kingdom Authority. All fathers and father figures, continue to ensure you remain part of God’s Higher Plans and Thoughts to please and Obey God. And avoid GOD’S Wrath to come upon all those who reject God through Christ Jesus Name.


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