Collecting too much junk information overburden so mind-boggling. The information super highway offloads 5,000 adverts per day in addition to posters, bill boards, docudrama etc. Too much information vies for our attention day and night in constant intermittent breaks in between news and documentaries selling various products and commodities. Also, received unsolicited nuisance spam junk mails, telephone sales, mambo jumbo small prints and rhetoric can cause mental pollution. Meanwhile, one may perhaps rack brains for answers to meaningless unanswered questions on universe. Overwhelming information is daunting as tons of materials in search of relevant knowledge trying to answer questions of life. Propaganda misinform by spin doctors surfing information landscape, brainwash to influence choices, decisions, sales profits, alternative underlying motives not working in favour. Every 16 minutes the media bombards people with info commercial. Negotiate life by steering clear of persistent aggressive lobbyists who drip feed minds with information to shift collective thinking check it if line with God’s Will. Plans and Purpose for your life. Mental pollution permeates all areas of a person’s whole life so toxic if not dealt with. Furthermore, the façade mask of perfection leaves no room for problems seen as weakness. People are required wear mask while smiling gleefully to hide the havoc of deeper issues underneath. Admittance by asking for help is frowned upon as incompetence. Hidden stress turmoil beneath surface affects motions of existence. Meanwhile, inside the mind people are hurting yet cannot plainly ask for help. So makes some people implode inside resulting in over obsession with problems within. Worry and anxiety affects mental alertness, selective memory, recall, causes forgetfulness, memory loss and eventually dementia by replaying life problems. Too much loud noise pollution overpowers thinking process so numbs ability for analytical logical reflection. Emancipate yourself from economic, mental slavery noise pollution to numb pain. Guard and protect your mind by having pure mind of Jesus. Wear the spiritual helmet of salvation to prevent negative thoughts nesting in your head. 485208543-lgIn urban cities especially, mechanised industries and electronic gadgets require non – stop use so switched on constantly. So like a physical contamination, mental pollution affects the mind unless cleaned up from cluttered thinking. Part of the problem is caused by holding onto past present and future thoughts simultaneously. So priority is required to focus on the immediate issue at hand first in terms of lifestyle, healthy eating, rest, work, play, sound sleep. Part of the problem of fear of letting go and letting God take control. So guilty feelings of dirtiness without physical contact with anyone. Unknown fear of life in general that become anxiety disorders if not tackled early to nip the negative thoughts in the bud to uproot them before taking deeper roots in the though process. In any case  air pollution may impact mental health as the BMJ published a paper to examine whether higher past exposure to particulate air pollution impacts the mind. They found pollutants in the air affected the mind and in extreme cases caused health defects for generations. air pollutions causes deteriorating mental capacity of children. According to News Science & Scholarship in Poland. Engage children in healthy interaction to stimulate their mind to respond by performing challenges for progress. Children of mothers exposed to higher level of environmental pollution during pregnancy have more difficulties in learning than their peers according to the research conducted by scientists from the Jagiellonian University in collaboration with researchers from the U.S. Article on this subject has been published in the prestigious journal Environmental Health Perspectives. Detot mind and meditate by feeding on Bible soul food. 11325940_388898904628834_1880083564_n

The narcissism of modern living means people are encouraged to think liberally contrary to GOD’S WORDS. So fill mind with only of themselves not taking risk of letting others into their lives. People want to be sure those let in do not have ulterior motives to hurt them. So means empathy is eroded by fear of others. The few who enrich lives affect majority  in painful experiences due to xenophobia fear and nepotism hatred. The media exaggerates and plays on divisive fears to further cause domino effect of already worse situation. So highlights negative reports to target unrest and confusion among people. This unfair treatment of the target audience manipulates unjustly those at the receiving end. Hence there is fear around certain people labelled in a particular way to depict symbolic of fear and aggression. This projection volatile narrative situation has big impact on the people who do not feel at peace around the overindulged selfish megalomaniacs. Both the person influenced and targeted person have mind-boggling experiences. Extreme mental pollution damages the potential person fed with such toxic information. So understanding becomes blurred unable to determine truth from manipulated exploited facts.

A deeper level of understanding of self in a healthy positive manner is important. Switch off unused gadgets and recover the mind. Rather than feeling everyone is successful in life except you value yourself more. It is essential to keep your sanity no matter how you feel. The thoughts of the mind are a battlefield to be conquered daily to keep a level-headed mind. One cannot be engrossed by every issue in life. Some problems are beyond comprehension so best left at the feet of the cross of Jesus Christ. See God in everyone although your gut feelings may not agree. However, be always cautious if unsure before you let people into your life or among your circle of friends. Also, watch magazines you read, films you watch, games you play and negative thoughts you entertain. You can switch off a negative thought by cancelling with a positive alternative until your brain  gets the message loud and clear. Watch what is said or talked about others especially in front of young children who assimilate information from parents, significant adults as the role models they admire and aspire to become. Even if you messed your life determine to help save your children’s or next generation from festering toxic relationships and comments imbibed for life.There is no need too remain unhappy in life because of unresolved issues in life. One cannot reach definite decisions or draw conclusions only based on certainty of life. Many people eventually recognise there are still many unknown and unknowable in life beyond human understanding yet lead normal lives..

english picLife does not consist of accumulated knowledge depended on to grasp all confounding knowledge beyond human understanding. Some areas of life are invisible undetectable entities belonging to God. So Vast is God’s Wisdom mankind cannot fully comprehend God with human minds. Therefore, do not torture yourself with the impossible quest to outdo God so reject God because God does not make sense according to level of understanding. Explanations and proof scientifically sanctioned by mankind is not the only real means of acquiring accurate knowledge. According to Romans 11:33, the Depths  of God’s Riches and Vast Unsearchable Wisdom plus Store of Knowledge is Above human perception. So do not frustrate yourself and cram your head with assertions that intrude into reservations  of God. Leave your life safely in God’s Hands for God has Higher thoughts and Plans Best for your life. Rest in God who says, do not worry about what to eat, wear, drink or where to live for God Knows you have need things so Will provide for you. Love life, exercise, read daily, learn something new daily, explore new foods if agreeable to your health and live life to the full. Make yourself available to volunteer to get outside yourself to prevent self absorption.Express yourself by unwinding in a healthy manner. If untreated or not properly vented mental pollution explodes out of control. Seek professional help through confidential talking therapy and trauma prevention therapy, Reflect deeply on self neglect and long – term consequences of accumulation of toxic information. Be sensible, do not live life recklessly to make mistakes to regret later. It is impossible to logically reason God within limited human frame of reference. Reverence God, humble yourself and give God Credit for His Majestic Excellence Beyond Measure. God Suspends earth upon nothing according to Job 26:7 so Able to deal with all life circumstances. Despite scientific breakthroughs and great accomplishments of mankind some matters remain exclusive Sovereign Domain of God. Progress from knowledge is good but there comes point when people must yield to God directly in Jesus Name. That is God’s Utmost Desire for all mankind.


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