tOPzjvglcEtGnrz-800x450-noPad.jpgJoseph successfully managed the food crisis in Genesis 41:46-57; 47:13-26 by creating a long-term agricultural solution of silos infrastructure.  This saved the nation from 7 years famine after 7 years bumper harvest dream accurately predicted. Today due to political correctness and fear of being sued means companies want to protect themselves from law suits from possible food poisoning as a consequence of sell by date food.


So food is thrown away than take a risk by supermarkets but it is not simply for that reason alone food is wasted. The designer perfectionist standard food expectation means anything not ideal even if edible is not sold. God has generously provided more than trillions worth of various seasonal foods to feed all mankind with excess stored, preserved or processed for future use. Unfair distribution of food treated as commodity not nourishment causes waste.

Some poor tasteless foods  are bland and unappealing so not sold therefore thrown away yet continues to be produced for some reason. Other foods are not clearly labelled though packaging is excellently designed. Some lack simple recipes or cooking instructions, allergies etc. Changing designs to be dynamic seems more important than food quality sustenance.  Controlling food supply and demands to create artificial shortages raises prices while destroying quality food. Some companies refuse to allow their food to be sold in ordinary markets seen as beneath their product line thrown away.

Lack of constant fair distribution or inability to transport to sell fresh organic agricultural produce means rural food is lost. Perishable seasonal foods are not quickly processed before spoilage sets in so causes post harvest loss. Poor inaccessible roads in some rural areas means tons of food left to rot with no means of selling in towns or cities. To some the processed pre-packaged food seems more appealing and convenient so preferred to cooking fresh food from scratch. So ingredients are not bought as much for preparation of home-made foods. Too much unnecessary choice of thousands of food product lines means too much food on the counters. Where there is enough range of flexible choice abundantly available. Sometimes poor quality bland food is an issue or labelling of food causes problems. So much money is spent producing and supplying billions of dollars thrown down drain by food waste. At food size portions are unrealistic in terms of cost either too large a portion or too small due to expensive packaging.
Extra cost of cosmetic waxing, glazing, aesthetic presentation preserves natural foods but more expensive so displayed longer to sell. Less fleshly picked foods are sold quickly from direct harvest so crates tons of food wasted. Farmers do not receive subsidies to cover cost of loss, production, labour, so many stop farming. Many younger people are not farming so impacts many generations of farmers. So leave rural areas for the city in search of white-collar jobs. Hospitals and schools waste billions of dollars of food each year so teach people to respect food. It does not make sense millions die from starvation or chronic malnutrition while food is thrown away everyday.So food produced is not properly distributed or targets children specifically. Most designer foods target children with toy gifts accompanying foods so seem better than normal family meals. So this leads to addiction of certain foods and refusal to eat perfectly healthy edible non- promoted foods gone to waste. Schools are doing a great job now encouraging healthy eating of more fruits and vegetables. This global issue is important to help future generations continue to have food.


donateexcessfood_banner01-1wastefoodstop-food-waste-save-money-ways-to-stop-food-waste4waste-food-signThere is too much over production of identical crops on most agricultural lands. Super abundance of identical single crop reproduced year in year out in same region is too much to consume so goes to waste in landfill than diversified produce. The quantity produced by each can be reduced or new crops grown to balance over production.

There is abundant edible food that is good enough for millions all over the world so must be tackled to share food fairly. Insurance covers loss so quicker and easier to throw abundant harvest away than bureaucracy to export to famine areas. The full insurance price is better for pressure for target profit margins than reduced discount price level to feed people. Some crops take weeks, months or even years to grow and bear fruit for harvest. Yet global access to food from all over the world means there is constant regular supply of most produce. Relentless supply   requires the companies privately owned food so does not matter if thrown away must be addressed globally to stop food famines.

Processed drinks and fruit juice seem more appealing and palatable than natural fruits like oranges to some. So tons are thrown away each year because there is less demand for them. The question is does over production need to continue to be wasted or dumped at landfill site compensated by insurance in the name of business while billions are starving? The perfectly edible foods are wasted because the sell- by display dates and natural life span of food are mixed up so confusing. Whereas it seems a great idea to make customer buy in date food at a higher price, it cost carbon foot print, resources and food waste to discard edible food because of date labelling. There is some food that time causes spoilage if not sold earlier reduced price before sellby date.

The earth is the Lord’s so Land is Provided by God for homes. Now filled with billions of tons of over produced food waste and yet complaining there in no land available for affordable housing. There smell and health hazard of destroying instead restoring edible food into bargain foods for less fortunate who do not mind saving the planet earth. Many people die daily from food famine due to wars and inability to grow food due to land mines. So willing to eat edible and healthy food available to them. This means charities can be sponsored to help homeless and working poor. The fact is there is more than enough food around so the propaganda to portray parts of the world with food shortages is not right. Outrageous profit margins unrealistic to reality caused such manipulations of other countries to control resources globally for fear they may take back what they usurped. So to maintain status quo use food as weapon of control of nations globally.

The rate of waste cannot continue without consequences. The food given by God for sustenance is misused as a commodity for profit for company bank balance sheets data figures regarded as more valuable than precious human life is really a challenging concept. Most do not eat food for days on end through no fault of their own. This is done mostly by conglomerates that deprive origin countries of food throwing it away for profit balance sheets. One wonders do not human life worth freedom to feed themselves while exporting plantations occupy their lands? The have’s cannot continue to create such food waste while depriving other’s fair trade competition to dominate and destroy the planet.

Hyped up over exaggerated profit projections means preserved forest lands turned into vast acres of agricultural farms to produce tons of food never consumed. The large quantities regularly shipped or air lifted means only a fraction is eaten. The production process is maintained for mostly business purposes than ethical moral duty of care as not a charity.

There is a stigma associated with reduced food prices as some customers seem to think the quality depreciated hence the lower pricing. Pricing system automated by computers alert shop to get rid of produce. Some are found in time for reduced price others are thrown to waste because computer dictates impact item in perfect quality and some destroyed by pollution.

The supermarkets have in house inbuilt incinerators plus warehouses of depots that destroy sell by date foods. Protocol involves paper work of returning unsold food daily to warehouses for insurance claim. Most managers, chief executives and staff have never grown food so not realise short long-term damage of food waste globally. God warns banks and those sabotaging solutions for profit sake to repent to emerge victorious to think beyond selfish desire. God made abundant food in the world without limits. Jesus shared important story saying, the land of a rich man produced abundantly.” The man said to himself, “‘What should I do, I have no place to store my crops so: I will pull down my barns and build larger ones and there store all my grain and my goods. And I will say to my soul, Soul, you have ample goods laid up for many years; relax, eat, drink, be merry in Luke 12:16-19. But God said to him, ‘You fool! This very night your life is being demanded of you. And the things you have prepared, whose will they be in Luke 12:20. Jesus concludes by saying, “So it is with those who store up treasures for themselves not rich towards God in Luke 12:21.

Tons of food often is piled in stock rooms while many lack food daily and some even died from starvation. Food is now considered a weapon of control to dominate others to weaken them. So helpless people have no access to abundant food. The irony is such decisions are often made by those eating delicious sumptuous culinary perfect delicacies like caviar, beef portion costing hundreds of dollars per meal yet have no concerns for fellow human beings.

Worst of all, laws allow the food to be thrown away so anyone in the vicinity taking food out of bins is stopped. Most people would gladly eat edible foods in good condition but the law prevents people from taking food thrown away. The bin and street of the owner of the garbage is private property so considered trespassing for taking food to eat.

Access to good, healthy food is a Biblical Command of God in Leviticus 23:22,”‘When you reap the harvest of your land, do not reap all but leave edges of your field leave them for the poor and strangers to gather the gleanings of your harvest. So gleaners are to leave food for poor peasants who pick up crops left in the field. Food recovery from bins is similar so refers to collection of edible food by the poor or for distribution to the poor and hungry.

Upper end super markets do not like to see certain people not of their type, kind or class eating similar foods like them. So deliberately poor dye or contaminants to destroy food to stop recovery. They claim abundant free food attracts trumps and homeless the landed gentry do not want to see around them in such places or they will boycott shop. The privileged well provided for people are narcissistic so condemn the less fortunate people as lazy scum bags who beg them or eat their left over crumbs. So unsympathetic towards the millions of people in food poverty caused by them in developed and advanced countries. Food costs more relatively to the meagre income so after paying bills, auterity measures many do not eat so starve in Europe, America and in globally in the world. Sadly privileged people do realise the of state of affairs because it is in their interest to use food as a weapon to control and dominate others not highly equally valued. 

1,160 pounds is the annual average food loss for a U.S. family of four. A year's worth of uneaten food, represented here in the Waldt's New Jersey home.So much is spent on food bill because of intense advanced high technology farming over head costs. Gone were the days the whole town or village was employed in the local farm as a source of income. With mechanised robotic food farming methods humans continue to lose jobs. Machines do not eat food, buy food, feed families or pay bills yet deprived people as it seen as quicker and more efficient. Total cost of ongoing electricity fuel costs to transport food is high despite reduced fuel by Opec. Extra funds and resources diverted to high maintenance food strategies than pay people on zero contract. Workers are the one’s suffering most but rich get richer by depriving others. Eventually  the problem is gaining attention globally so actions are taken by some people to curtail food waste problem. It is necessary to remember that life is more precious than any material assets. God requires of each one to ensure fellow human beings do not perish from starvation while surplus edible food is buried daily because of sell by date issues.

The supermarkets must be transparent to test and eat samples of all foods sold to check and see if some products are worth selling. Some glossy pictures on packaging does not match the quality of the contents displayed. So some food are not exactly what it says on the tin. So people buy it once and avoid buying it again. Reduce glossy expensive packaging to sell quality food simply in cost-effective to reduce packaged food waste. Some countries are encouraging people to collect the food and redistribute according to need and availability. In Britain, USA, Germany, etc. volunteers are phoned up by the super markets to collect donated food to deliver to those who need the food urgently to avoid spoilage.

France made laws to save edible food and educate the public. This research on food waste is a tip of the iceberg as waste issue is extensive. From solid waste, land waste, water waste, wasted resources and products in the store. Food waste matters requires awareness essential in solving the problem of the staggering instant and disposable generation attitude. From fruits, vegetables, bread, meat, fresh fish counters at local grocers abundant choices means all food cannot be consumed before it spoils. Millions of undernourished babies, children, infirm, old, women, men hard working  people starve or die from starvation. How can the world that goes on the moon and outer planets not feed all by fair distribution?

Do not gain the whole world and lose your soul due to austerity suffering and death caused to others. God owns all the silver and gold and cattle on a 1000 hills. Do not allow competition to increase high profits to drive you to lose your soul. Meanwhile 4 billion people are undernourished, starve or 1.2 billion die from hunger each year. Think deeper and consider the consequences of greedy over production destroying people and the earth. Do not allow short – term vision greed cost life and earth’s future. Finally those conditioned to think they will become rich like nations that exploit them it is time to wake up to value their land and produce own food. Not sell it off as forest reserves for Europe and the advanced countries that ruined them in the first place to come for seconds. The ordinary people that cultivated the land for generations are displaced for the rich Europeans and Western countries to take land from people sold by the few greedy  natives who buy into their exploitations. The win win situation is insurance must compensate companies to process these excess foods by canning it to preserve it for future use. Or donate it to food banks sprawling up for working poor or be used as ingredients to cook food for homeless centres. Each person must do their part to stop food waste ruining the earth. The best products lines of excellent quality food must continue and those not selling be reduced or stopped instead repeated supply that throws good food away. Stop food waste globally as each little helps.


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