Do you know God? Is an important question because some people seem to think God talks exclusively to certain chosen people like Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses. Such people think God speaks to those in leadership position on their behalf so does not speak to regular ordinary people. Other people tell some they cannot possibly communicate directly with God because they are not ordained, trained to read Bible to discern God themselves. Hence they need middlemen contractors  to decipher God accurately to help them understand God better. This is not true as God Loves to hear your voice.

Basically, narcissistic people claim monopoly of God so without them nobody can reach God. God is presented by them as Super Hyper exaggerated Phenomenon no one can ever attain. God is made gigantic so mere mortals cannot dare call His Real Name Jehovah. It causes some not to reach God by going through second-hand faith of others. They do not believe they are good enough to speak to God so too human to be spoken to by God Who is Spirit. God is Real so necessary to know God yourself. It is not good enough to know about God but essential to be a personal friend of God.
God calls real human beings like David and Abraham his friends. They were mere mortals whose life history was normal with challenges yet God loved them anyway and empowered them to be his Chosen Vessels of honour. They were not perfect but God related directly with them so responded to God’s Love, praised and worshipped God. God is still talking to people today and gathering His elect in end-times. The True Living God brings hope, joy of the Lord is your strength.Jeremiah 31:34 and Hebrews 8:11 says in Bible, And they shall teach no more every man his neighbour and every man his brother, saying, Know the LORD for they shall all know God from the least of them to the greatest. God wants a personal relationship with everyone God Created. Nobody must force, impose another person to know God. It is a privilege to be God’s Friend and Worshipper. God reveals Himself through His words and His Son Jesus Christ. Experience God’s blessing through His words in bible soul food to encourage your life. God will see you through all situations in life in Jesus name.

God’s words will continue to give you wisdom, knowledge as the Holy Spirit ministers to you. It is very important to set time aside to read the word of God to know God. To keep a note-book to write the study of God;s words and relate it to life. The world was created by God and daily experiences are all fulfilment of God’s words in Bible. So an understanding of word of God keeps to know current affairs and direction the world journeys towards. Christian believers live in confidence fully assured of God’s Salvation plan and deliverance of God’s elect.

If you cannot read, write, listen to tapes, sermons in church and voice recordings in many languages of God’s words and praise or worship music. Above all, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s Truth to you daily. God Has Proved Himself in His Love in Psalm 2 through His Son Jesus in Proverbs 30 called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 53 and Daniel 9 show Jesus is The Real True Messiah Coming back to restore the world.

God made you in God’s Perfect Image, Likeness of God Himself. God already is in all of you, within you and working inside you. Count all your blessings daily to appreciate God’s Miracle Power in your life as you breath, eat, talk, walk, work etc  helped by others to enable your life be the best you can be. Value God Knowledge Handiwork in your life because you are very special in God’s Heart. Talk to God you are not mad God approves, cares deeply about you.


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