We went out and about and talked to people to share their thriving love secrets summed up in ‘one liners.’  We asked a few question as to what helped their love to last long. We posed the question to couples as to the ‘secret of their long everlasting love.’ In this episode is Linda and Freddy, a couple who have known each other since childhood. We use the questions as guideline to find out for example, how they met, when they became married, how they keep love eternal. Those who give permission are filmed while speaking to share their love stories. They key word was GOD’s LOVE sustained them underlying bond of couples among the other issues discussed.

It is quite encouraging particularly to see matured love thriving, full of love. Some love flames still hug and hold hands in public where acceptable. Most people agreed in the midst of chaos, wars, challenges it is encouraging to see people sharing eternal love with commitment publicly. So people randomly chosen often looked pleasant, relaxed, happy, content, focused. They appear to adore each other and are into each other so an indicator to speak to them. Also, we ensured they were not in any rush going to catch a train or coach but genuinely enjoying each others company was very appealing and attractive. Generally people had an inviting, appealing, pleasant body language, friendly and approachable. Please subscribe to Vlog to share your stories. Thanks.

check out https://youtu.be/e1E57HpDKWY


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