Current rates of depression, anxiety and other mental disorders have been on the rise. Many organisations that provided social care are closed down by profit only mindset decisions. Some powerful mega-corporations stigmatize those with mental health issues in a bid demonize them to avoid duty of care or responsibility towards employees. Stress from chronic fatigue, zero-hour contracts, endemic pressures on pilots facing brutally competitive industry place under public spotlight for proper and responsible debate. Global society imposes perfectionist culture so employees with mental health issues are considered a risk to a company. In a profit driven target corporation, anyone slowing down the cogwheels of profit is seen as disrupting robust, quick, smooth flow so inefficient and time-wasting. Mega companies are mostly about profit therefore any staff not performing to standard is fired. As a result, most people do not feel safe or comfortable to reveal to employers mental health, disabilities or learning difficulties. In theory, documentation and paper work confirm a friendly, supportive and nurturing environment conducive to meet needs of such demands. Welfare teams are created to help discuss any pending issues that can affect work. However, most companies see business as separate from personal human needs of staff. So would tell them is private domestic matters that cannot be brought into the work place. As it is often, a business is not social welfare department. So, those aware conceal mental health, depression and medications taken because they are not seen as competent. Although required to seek medical help from doctors, who provide duty of care, treatment, advice to client to be off duty to rest and recover, some may be seen as lazy people, who must ‘pull themselves’ together. Pressure and attitude of corporations displaces people by mechanised work, so find themselves distressed from unemployment. Some are flexible so retrain as technocrats to keep up with constant, unending changes to the modern work place. cockpitFor a person with mental issues, this causes more stress, as they do not function fast enough as other people. Their congenital brain constitution is slower than normal rate of performance so need slower duties. However, they is hardly slow performing jobs available. Customers are on the move and wants things done yesterday. So any long queues formed by a particular staff member will soon receive complaints about delay and waste of their time for lack of excellent service. It is not wise or ideal to label a mental health staff to seek redress to warn customers in advance. For this will backfire with taunting, teasing and lack of understanding of mental health issues. So may be kept behind the scenes to work slower to the annoyance of others who call them names. This in effects causes distress and despair so goes on anxiety medications to deal with stress and depression. Is it possible sheer frustration, fear of discrimination and dismissal ”because he understood because of his health problems, his big dream of a job at Lufthansa, as captain and long-haul pilot was practically impossible”, she told Bild. So wanted was to do something that will change the whole system and everyone will know name and remember. As his medical documents suggest existing illness and appropriate medical treatment including torn up sick notes one covering the day of the crash. He ”hid his illness from his employer and his colleagues.” As he did not directly reveal to employers concerns, his employers are not blamed because they were compassionate enough to allow him time off to later pass. Reiner Kemmler, a psychologist who specialises in training pilots, noted people “know depression can compromise their airworthiness so they can hide it.” “If someone dissimulates, they do not want other people to notice, it’s very, very difficult,” Kemmler told Deutschlandfunk public radio. As stated, it is no excuse on short-haul tragedy to punish innocent victims by appalling decision. Yet it is still important to ensure strategies in place so not to humiliate people who may feel insecure so less important in any category of work. Untold happenings in workplaces are hard to swallow especially by those on the receiving end. So to set up a system told reveal and be punished for being honest and truthful is not helpful. Apparently acting deliberately caused shock and anger. The German President Joachim Gauck, a Protestant pastor, attended a memorial service in the town Friday. In Montabaur, the Mayor Edmund Schaaf urged reporters camped out in community to show restraint towards Lubitz’s parents, a banker and church organist who live on a leafy, normally quiet street.”Regardless of whether the accusations against the co-pilot are true, there is sympathise with his family so media asked to be considerate.” Their pain is worse by the obvious circumstances. The question is, does life have value only with regard to status, career, as certain people feel more human. So those unable to achieve or accomplish perceived standard not seen as worthy in society. Is there really acceptance genuine acceptance of those feeling less competent feels like a failure not to be eliminated by set procedures. If one is true to oneself, is there alternative ways of using skills, abilities and talents in a similar setting as a trainer, coach, consultant? By focussing on strengths and best interests of others to feel useful.  With constantly changing high maintenance, dynamic ongoing designs in business environments, it is necessary not to design a ‘one – size fits all’ approach as a form of training. People have varied learning styles, individual differences, so pressure must not be put to compare without understanding underlying problems. Most companies, quite frankly do not want to know. This causes more pain without support, attention and focus needed to help with compassion, to prevent such anger revenge decisions. Domino effect is compounded by drowsiness and side- effects from medication. In effect, mental illness is not properly recognised as illness worth helping. Companies see mentally ill looking normal, sounding sane so force them to work though not mentally sound. Most common test for wellness and fitness to work is, anyone who can walk, talk, eat, answer phone unaided is fit to work. Yet psychotic episodes of highs and lows are unpredictable and beyond control of the client. Pressure to gain profit at all cost, from all aspects of life, in all areas, irrespective of the doctor’s confirmed opinion, means companies over-rule informed decisions of doctors that can help people get better. It seems such companies prefer to kill people softly to grind them to a halt for profit.

Another issue is fear of socializing with mentally ill in case pressure of work triggers attack. Companies are not prepared to nanny adults in work environment. Furthermore, a few bankers control large chunks of global economy, so not prepared to invest in charities not for profit. Most of the respite centres in the community and specialist mental health units are all closed down in the name of ‘care in the community.’ Relatives who sacrifice time with compassion to care for mentally ill are often punished for not going out to work full-time. As if caring for a mentally ill person is not full-time work enough. Humanitarian policies that care about taking good care of mentally is mocked as ‘charity,’ socialist, communist so capitalist privatisation has no use for mentally ill in society. Many database list 37 million companies to show appalling Scrooge penny-pinching towards working classes who cannot afford private care. Most companies have glamorous notices displayed on how caring they are, but the reality threat is different. Often, mentally ill fend for themselves or neglect state of mental health. Social support plays positive role in helping people through self – help associations on-line interacting with similar minded people. To mediate between global mega-corporations, to take mental health seriously, to provide duty of care is dealing uncharted battlefield of David versus Goliath. Preferred treatment is medications which earns billions of dollars for pharmaceutical companies than promoting genuine health of such people. Consistent reviews show mentally ill deteriorate rather than recover to become fully functioning in society. Several factors constrain mega-deal activity healthcare, stiff competition to outdo each other. Pharmaceutical companies see risk from mental behaviour so avoid better integration of physical and mental healthcare treatment. Global Research, of March 04, 2014 shows Wal-Mart successfully and legally avoids paying for healthcare insurance and other benefits for most low ranking staff. Sometimes mega-corporations are occasionally successfully sued in court. Global mega-trends include rapid increasing global technological advances costing billions of dollars than pay humans to feed and provide for families. Some companies prefer machines, which do not eat, shop, buy products, pay bills as beneficiaries of their wealth and prosperity. In doing so deprive millions from earning incomes to live basic lifestyle necessities they never have to live. With golden spoons in their mouths they can can afford the best medical care luxury and privilege. Lack of understanding causes fear to label mentally ill to turn back on helping them. Take for example, it costs a couple of thousands of dollars to set up a proper transparent health care for staff who disclose mental illness. This will help save mega – companies and people affected in society from extremely rare cases of recent German wings. The overall cost of loss of planes, loss of earnings, compensations for victims, cost of recovery of planes and bodies is huge. DNA identification process, replacement of air planes adds up counting cost into 100 millions of dollars. Compared to important priceless lives lost that no amount of money, silver or gold can compensate. Preventive policy, trust, transparency, ensures staff are treated with due respect and dignity. Above all, members of corporations must understand how to deal with mental health in the workplace without bias. Educating on Global Mental Health must be appropriately dealt with in work places, banks and pharmaceutical companies on important value of precious, priceless lives above bank balance. Pharmaceutical companies and mental healthcare must liaise to meet mega-marketing challenge of well-being of people above profit. Company CEO must undertake compulsory undercover boss programme to discover stress in work environment often most are unaware of. There is misconception mechanised work is easy so staff watching equipment and gadget to function efficiently is not hard work. Current EU laws insist pilots fly inhumane hours to put more stress on pilots and lives at risk. Companies receiving insurance payments after accidents may not fully understand the emotional trauma that really affects families for life. Cost cutting measures amass scandalous profits so sears conscience to care less. Mentally ill staff, depressed person, passengers are great value to God the Maker. Natural process takes due course if intricately designed engines cannot be guaranteed or capable of detecting if pilot in cockpit triggers a dangerous manoeuvre before it is too late. Above all, “they don’t have expertise to recover a plane about to crash.” Superman does not intervene in real life situations to stop tragedy caused by human error, mechanical failure, suicide or terrorism. So conscious effort must be made to actively listen to help to reason ‘logically’ and realistically to support those who feel not heard by mega corporations who may put profit before people. Australian and International Pilots Association president Nathan Safe says, airlines are getting better about dealing with pilot mental health issues. Some can adapt as free lance pilots like John Trevolta to work when able to do so. Support networks, aviation contact can program alternative flexible routes if available to ensure staff redeployed. So feel encouraged to share innermost thoughts, feelings without fear of reprisals. Where there is a will is always a way for win win situation for all involved. Extreme mental illness like Gadarene demoniac is cured by Power of God Jesus demonstrated in supernatural miracle healing. Insane lunatic in Matthew 8.28-34 and Luke 26-39, delivered in Gadarene by Galilee in Israel.

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