Jesus said, “Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted. God the Comforter, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, friends, and family all mourn with bereaved in Matthew 5:4. During mourning, it sounds a bizarre statement to be blessed due to the fact that it is the most painful time. In agony, hurt by death and suffering affects mourners who do not feel blessed at all. One does not feel blessed watching loved ones endure traumatic pain or after onset of demise. Jesus understands hurts, loss, agony, pain, exceeding sorrow and grief so comforts those who grieve and mourn. Weeping may endure for a season but joy comes in the morning. Those who mourn and who sow in tears shall reap in joy. Jesus Personally went through mourning Himself while on earth. He endured torture, betrayal as a Man of Sorrows who wept many times During His most traumatic intense moments of pain, Jesus communed with the Father God in the Garden of Gethsemane. 

Jesus felt sad and disappointed to bear the ungrateful world’s upon His Shoulders. The real hour came so Jesus willingly showed true colours enduring adversity. Jesus went the extra mile to forgive and heal soldier’s ear cut off by Peter. Jesus petitioned God who sent an angel from heaven to comfort Jesus. Jesus sweats drops of blood falling down on ground. Jesus did not try to avoid going to the cross but overwhelmed by agonising pain.The mocking of the chief priests, captains, elders and the people He did good to throughout His Life and ministry was unbearable. Jesus wept because of manner in which Jesus was treated without dignity, honour or respect. Lack of focus, misconception of Jesus’ ministry did not reconnect to God so not appreciated or valued.  While Jesus wept in anguish, Peter, James, and John fell asleep so did not pray with Jesus as Jesus expected  them to do. Jesus was shocked they did not support Him for just an hour of His last intimate moments of life on earth before crucifixion. Jesus prayed intensely to God the Father in Gethsemane for strength. Sadness, loss, sorrow, unbearable pain is felt as Mary Magdalene in the Middle, with Jesus`Mother on left, plus disciples grieve during Jesus’ trials and crucifixion. This caused Jesus to weep tears and sweat blood in anguish for those gaining the world but losing their souls. So during His agony Jesus asked for God’s Help. Jesus is Perfect yet under immense intense pressure under the weight of sins of mankind. The most trusted inner – circle disciples let Jesus badly down. Jesus was traumatised without care of those supposed to loyal when Jesus needed them most. Jesus sweated drops of blood as God saw abandonment and lack of sensitivity of those who surrounded him most. Jesus wept for them for lack of spiritual vision, lack of Godly knowledge. This causes them to misdirect hatred towards Jesus. Jesus counted on God through Holy Spirit to comfort and sees Him through grief and mourning. Jesus comforts others because He went through hurts, sorrow, pain, rejection, abandonment, hatred, grief so understands mourning. 

Jesus’ Crucifixion seen in the movie, “Passion of Christ” depicts stressful, mournful events of storms of life. Yet these mourners seem to set a great example to mourn with hope. Judas Iscariot betrayed Him, The religious leaders, captains and elders plus Roman Soldiers failed to understand great accomplishment of salvation redemption desperately needed themselves. Jesus did not satisfy material desires so infuriated those seeking deliverance from Roman imposters. It is essential to depend on God. It is normal to sob, cry as a man because God, Jesus, Joseph, king David cried. In Luke 22:7-38, Jesus ate Passover Meal with disciples in upper room. Jesus went to garden of Gethsemane to pray as He waited for His hour to come. Jesus Calls Upon God for Strength as mortal frame is felt crushed by pain and sorrow to sweat blood. Betrayed by Judas, Jesus was taken to many trials before chief priests, Pontius Pilate, Herod in Luke 22:54-23:25.

Jesus was in agony but passionate to obey God unto death. When the crowd shouted, Crucify Jesus, Christ truly revealed His passion for people suffering in sin, Willingly went through with the cross on our behalf. In critical moment of grief and sorrow God sent angel to reassure and to comfort Jesus. Jesus understood God’s grief and sorrow yet committed to redeem mankind as prophesied. Peter, James, John fell asleep in utmost time of need of adversity yet Jesus prayed. Hence Passion Week means believers are passionate in our worship of Jesus. To proclaim Gospel to Honour God. In Romans 8:38-39, Bible says, “For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Jesus was smitten and afflicted yet not valued, esteemed, appreciated. Jesus was wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities. The punishment, chastisement of our peace was upon Jesus and by His Stripes we are healed in Jesus Name in Isaiah 53:4-5. Jesus was scourged at the hands of the Roman soldiers. Then forced to carry the Cross through the streets of Jerusalem known as Dolorosa way of sorrows. Jesus was then crucified at Golgotha on day before Sabbath. Jesus the Sacrificial Lamb of God laid down His life for all of mankind. Navigating through devastation of loss, mourning cannot be fully comprehended instantly. Jesus bore our griefs, carried our sorrows, suffered for us. Believers willingly suffer for sharing Gospel Message of resurrection.

Jesus suffered unfathomable shame, disgrace and prolonged agonizing tortures to prove and provide His love for all. Be encouraged in Christ to maximise strength in God to repair damaged feelings of discomfort experienced. Deal seriously with painful justification emotion to discharge grief by expressing them verbally. This helps to get devastation constraint out of your system to avoid depression. As pressure mounts, so survive no matter what, for Jesus conquered death as God’s Gift of eternal life. Mourning is one of the greatest times of challenges of faith of true believers.

Jesus_CrossChrist triumphed over death to give eternal life to feel confident and safe with assurance of reunion of loved ones in heaven. Think of what loved ones feel about pain, more of who God is and what God wants. God has not given spirit of fear but love and a sound mind. Reliving painful memory experiences fill us with fear. No matter how hard we try to ease the pain of loss of loved ones it seems it gets worse. Value precious memories, laugh in the midst of tears. This helps recovery and healing process. This does not mean loved ones have no influence on thoughts, feelings or behaviours. It is impossible to lean on own counsel and wisdom in confronting death head on alone so accepts help. The soldiers compelled a passer-by Simon of Cyrene, a black man coming from the country, father of Alexander and Rufus to help carry Jesus cross. 

Direct core questions towards God but do not accuse or blame God for not being with you to allow tragedy. Keep a journal if appropriate and continue to read Bible for personal grounding in Christ. Remember loved ones will not want to see your life ruined by their passing. God Still Loves you even if one said wrong things in rage or anger. God forgives, so says, as far as the East is far from the West so God removes sin from you so does not remember sin any more neither should you. It is impossible to comprehend the grief, sorrow, pain, torment felt by God, Mary the mother and relatives.

God sent Jesus to pay for all sins at Calvary on Golgotha in Israel. Some may feel physically weak, present and absent at the same time, feel scared, want comfort during difficult times. Feel lost, confused, angry, guilty for not having closure, lost of loved one, friend, companion, confidant, overwhelming personal fear, chaotic personal life, emotional state of upheaval in the mind. Jesus went through pain, grief, torment so mankind is saved truly and loved forever.

Jesus gave His back to those who struck Him, His cheeks to those who plucked out His beard. Yet did not hide face from shame and spitting in Isaiah 50:6. The reality of overwhelming loss feels like end of one’s world. Accompanied by feeling isolated, alone, in shock, struggling inside, deeply traumatized, lost joy, lack of sleep, not eat properly, endure upheaval due to loss and changes of lifestyle circumstances. To recover from traumatic experience requires God’s Divine Encounter to lift up from lowest dark moments. Though in agony, pain on Cross, Christ is Lord so reaches out to save robber on cross.

God’s Decisive Position as Sovereign Lord does not change. Despite adversity Jesus sets good example to sustain life of mother plus survivors left behind despite troubles. God’s Unique Sufficient Way, Reflects Mercy, Compassion Reconnecting deeper so remain faithful during lamentation. The Holy Spirit as Comforter provides auto-pilot strength to nourish soul to cope. Self-pity misery causes low immune system trauma with lack of proper self-care due to grief, pain so hold onto God. Remember loved ones rejoicing in heaven not suffering on earth.

So is dealt with by countless people counteracted by the Grace of God. Feeling vulnerable, helpless, hopeless in pain yet God takes over so Christ Jesus bears up. Mourning reminds mankind of internal emotional and mental battle powers beyond human control. Such strips life in untamed territory in the valley of the shadow of death. Mourning is a very dark place with down cast feelings. But God lifts up to Glorify His Holy Mighty Name. Strength Comes from God to Provide Peace in the heart of pain known by those who experience loss of loved ones. When tears become food, love felt in this life does not need to be cut off in mourning.

Trust in God helps overcome the sad depths of feelings of sorrow, despair, low mood to remain dignified. Understanding meaning of resurrection of Jesus gives confidence in ups and downs as follower of God. Jesus endured inhospitable liquid sorrow moments in life. Jesus suffered for us so believers willingly suffer in proclaiming the message of His death and resurrection. Change negative perspective to learn to trust God again. This is important as living sermons watched for testimony. God’s defence sustains life in spite of adversity, so continue to make Christ first love as Mary the Mother of Jesus comforts Jesus in Sorrow.

Jesus is the Only One Anchor of Hope Who Gives eternal life to reconnect to God to see loved ones again. Within disappointment is the foundational truth life is nothing without Christ. Despite adversity pray, God even if you slay me yet will I trust and praise you more in Job 13:15, Maintain Godly way before God, even if life is tragically destroyed by affliction, still hope in God. The best one can do is to be increasingly aware to let go to allow God’s Guidance. God recreates ultimate purpose motivation desire to will to live by the example of Jesus in agony on the cross Who rose to the occasion to Obey God in suffering.

God enriches faith drowned by grief and sorrow.  God the life-giving source rescues from reality of conflicting thoughts and actions. Seek support and help and be true to yourself. Loved ones feel guilt and helplessness so be grounded in faith in God to lean on Christ. Jesus was buried and remained in the tomb until Sunday. Wholeness comes from investing in taking time to draw closer to God even in the midst of adversity. Do cry but to listen with full attention in contemplating heaven the final port of call, incarnation. God shines light in dark moments of emotional battlefield turmoil. Through tears, prayer, silence, worship, music, reflection photos, pictures, honour memory of loved ones.
Do not lose faith for you are never alone. As a believer God has direct connection daily no matter how much human love is enjoyed in abundance. When life becomes difficult or bereaved, sorrow can cause pain to blame God inadvertently to drift and wander away from God’s Presence. THIS IS THE TIME GOD’S PROTECTION IS NEEDED MOST. Physical affection, intimacy, interaction, hugs, touch of another is cut off by loss or bereavement but God is with you. Look beyond to Rest in God’s Deep and incomprehensible Love to give meaning to life. During the best or worst of times, the Bible encourages believers to celebrate God even in the darkest moments of life. 

God is in the mountain top good times when life is at its best. God is also in valley when things suddenly unexpectedly change. such times place intense increasing demands on time, energy levels, lifestyle and realities of dealing with traumatic circumstances. High levels of self -criticism and lack of self confidence frightens to cause fear and uncertainty of the future. So disrupts God’s design of intimacy when human interaction is needed most. The personal challenge is let God be Strong Tower Fortress of Hope in chaos of life’s brutal events. As crowd of condolence sympathisers dissipate, Christ’s Love fills void in reality.

Do not feel lost without affirmation of emotional love but connect with one another in love. The truth is Only God is capable of satisfying innermost desires. Nobody, including loved ones is able to fill void in heart in Way God Can so Holy Spirit Comforts in Christ Jesus. Godly Hope does not disappoint because the Love of God is poured out in our hearts by Holy Spirit in Romans 5:5. The Purest Sacrificial Love is Given by Christ for Greater Love has no man than Christ Who laid down His Life as a Ransom for many to save from sin in John 15:13. Appreciate Love of God in Christ with Gratitude. 3 days after Sabbath, Jesus gloriously resurrected. Our mother helped us through our father’s death to draw closer to God, right in the deepest darkest moments of our lives. Mother directed us to God through the Blood of Jesus for a deeper encounter of God’s Comfort. Ironically, our Trust in God Increased to a Whole New Level. We experienced a New Deeper Dimension of God’s Goodness, Compassion and Love never known or experienced before mourning. Although we miss loved ones asleep in the Lord, still “Blessed be the God of Comfort and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of tender love who reigns forever. The valley of shadow of death has Jesus Lily of the valley present each moment. Confidence in God empowers to recognise frustrations, constraints to desire long- term comfort and peace though feeling out of depth outside comfort zone.


Garden Tomb, Jerusalem Israel


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