Today marks international happiness day, although ideally happiness is best deemed to be enjoyed daily by all people. One of the greatest desires of all mankind is to be always happy. Happiness is often accompanied by smiling to help relieve stress, boost your mood, and release endorphins. Happiness is inside the heart but accompanied by emotional feelings of smile. For a peaceful, contentment, with calm, inner good feeling express with smiles, joy, laughter and dancing. Whatever happiness translates into in personal context happiness is shared. Many wonderful books, poems, songs, lyrics have been written about happiness. Many philosophers and experts tell us what constitutes real happiness. Happy people have appreciation for life with gratitude so live longer. Happy people see the cup half – full generally so have a more positive outlook on life. Most keep journals to jot down things grateful for both big and small. Individual happiness is enriched by family happiness and friends. Happiness is used in life evaluation to determine, “How happy are you with your life as a whole?”and “How happy are you now?”Happiness sees the beauty in everything including fragrance in roses not just thorns. Happiness is not exclusive right of the privileged few. Personal happiness is relative to each particular person but noticed because it is physically apparent through body language and eye contact. To some it is playing one’s favourite musical instrument, singing aloud or listening to favourite music played by others. True happiness means fellow human beings are equally happy as oneself. This means one ensures others are equally happy as much as happiness means to you. Happiness means many different things to many people. Whatever happiness is, it may not seem necessarily mean the same happiness to another. Real happiness happens in small bite size dozes according to times, seasons and needs. Do something new each day to stop boredom, line dancing, gym, a meal out in restaurant or take a new route to work in the morning.  Whatever seems happiness to one may not necessarily mean happiness to another. True happiness in terms of living the good life means to flourish. So various concepts of happiness are applicable from various components. The over – all related concept of happiness agreed upon by all people is irrespective of class, status, background, education is quality of life and health must thrive with contentment. Happiness varies from material comforts, assets, ability to safely freely move about without threats or danger. True happiness translates to help others to feel happy as much as one feels happy too. Global happiness is defined as collaborative well- being so volunteers bring happiness to others to feel happy.  In the city or jungle happiness means getting basic necessities to meet daily needs of food and sustenance. So daily survival without lion or tiger eating family members is happiness. Happiness is to make the day safely in transit on air planes, cars, trains, buses, walking home safely to put the feet up with a nice warm cup of tea or blowing bubbles. Extreme happiness is when one seems to meet basic needs of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs so wants excessive thrill seeking daily. The normal simple happiness of talking to friends face to face, on the phone, visits, enjoying good conversation. this ensures mutual support for each other in time of need to offload and get advise from trusted confidants.   Happiness is subjective but objective so ensures one’s happiness does not cause grief and sorrow to fellow human beings. Hence consideration is required to careful take note of the measures taken to enjoy happiness. One’s happiness is inclusive of other’s happiness, so policies on world happiness well-being measures involve primary life evaluations of all people on earth. Self – happiness challenges one to identify with different people particularly those controlled by you or under your control looking up to you. One cannot deprive others of happiness, create unethical circumstances for others to remain in pain and suffering then claim one is happy. This is not real ultimate source of true happiness. So become bored hence some want some illusive happiness to have ultimate happiness experience. Outrageous desires or longing to indulge in super – happiness is self – destructive. Some happiness seekers focus on hedonistic tradition of pleasant experience non- stop. Others constantly seek to retain happiness by avoiding unpleasant experiences. So want the tradition of living life to the full in a deeply satisfying way.happiness photosDoing simple things like going for a walk or strolling is happiness to get fresh air to clear your mind. People are primarily responsible for own happiness. Happiness is choice to make one – self happy. Others see happiness so feel attracted to know source of happiness. True genuine happiness is neutral, inbuilt within. People constantly make choices to decrease happiness as they stress for more important aims. So cannot project or blame others for lack of happiness. The government should not decrease citizen’s happiness with austerity measures but help attain maximal happiness in the interest of children. Emotional feelings of expressed happiness depend on external factors such as environment, friends, family, work, health, spouse, music, rest, fulfilled dreams and visions. True happiness comes from knowing and loving God reassured of eternal life in Christ Jesus. No matter how happy one feels on earth life will pass into greater immortal happiness. So the choice to be happy depends on responses to attitudes and experiences appropriate in verbal contexts. Some people and countries seem to have highest levels of happiness. This expression of happiness is a priority imbibed from childhood so trained to be happy at all cost. No matter what goes on around in one’s life including: tragedies, losses, wars, grief, bereavement, pain, one deliberately purposefully decides to live a happy life.

happiness photosThis means one will not give up certain things like a smile, laughter, kindness, compassion, helping others, hope, basic comforts of food, shelter, belonging in family, entertainment, lifestyle fulfilment choices. So ensures from generation to generation structures and acquired means are put in place to ensure paramount happiness. The same effort must be put in place to guarantee happiness of all globally. The most important thing to realise is what constitutes true happiness or sense of accomplishment for well-being of all. Happiness is not to force others to conform to extend one’s reign domain to control others. Neither is to impose and enforce traditions out of context onto others. Therefore ethical happiness is endorsed by freedom to be true to oneself. To live and let live without harassing or embarrassing others to make one feel good and happier by putting others down. So perfect happiness only exists in the presence of God where there is joy forever more with no more crying sorrow or pain. Real true genuine happiness does not have to always cost lives and money but a priceless smile of a child, loved one, help bring joy to others fulfils happiness. Join others to play board games for  friendly good company, eat healthy well made nutrition and exercise. Rest, have me time to recharge batteries, Design own menu with favourite ingredients. Read lots of great books to learn wisdom including the Bible. Underline or write out special verses that relate to you, reflect and meditate on texts. Encourage people but be honest and firm. Take opportunity to spring clean and refresh your life, your spirit and declutter home. Have spatial knowledge to be in tune with times and seasons ongoing life around you. Have to do manageable list to guide and remind you of daily chores and tasks. Get involved in good local activities to make an impact. Look after yourself consistently, daily take rests in-between to promote good health. Life is beautiful in spite of all thrown at you Jesus lives so can face tomorrow happily.


Happy people sing Praises to God – James 5:13

Happy is the person corrected by God – Job 5:17-27

Happy are people whose God’s is the Lord – Psalm 144:15

In God’s Presence there is Happiness forever more – Psalm 16:11

Happy is the one who gets wisdom and understanding – Proverbs 3 :18

Happy are God’s people, officials, who stand in God’s Wisdom- 2 Chronicles 9:7

A newly married man stays home to make his wife happy – Deuteronomy 24:5

God gives happiness to those who please Him –  Ecclesiastics 2:1-2

God gives times of Happiness, joy, gladness, honour – Esther 8:16

Be happy and do good as long as you live – Ecclesiastics  3:12

Faithful servants share God’s Happiness – Matthew 25: 23

The joy of the Lord is your strength – Nehemiah 1:8

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