ROYmodA group of volunteers prepared to help stray cats with their pocket money. They contributed and bought cat beds, cat food, cat toys, cat blankets and waited for the opportunity to get the call to help cats. One day the RSPA volunteers knocked on the door to raise funds for cats. The volunteers were shown preparation made ready to care for a cat. The RSPA told the volunteers a nearby neighbour’s cat was available because the son had allergy. The RSPA arranged for both to meet to collect the cat. The owner said she decided the only person without cat carrier will get the cat. Unknown to the potential volunteers every cat carrier found was last one sold, too small, wrong shape etc. They went anyway because it was nearby and did not require travelling. The owner said they raised the cat as a child so wanted a person that treated the cat right to collect her. Impressed by the immediate playful bonding between the cat and the volunteers so the cat was allowed to be taken the same day. Soon a healthy friendship developed between the volunteers getting to know previous cat owners who visited regularly until they later moved elsewhere.

IMG_2400Roy was later one of the cats homed by the local volunteers who fed stray cats. Roy was presented at first as a female cat to be a companion to another female cat. The female cat craved affection during heat by inviting men with her posture and body language. Not long after the female cat became pregnant to the surprise of everyone. Then it was realised Roy was a male cat not female as originally thought. Roy became protective of the female and later another female joined this two cats. The third cat became pregnant too soon after. The first cat showed signs of labour birth pangs so was prepared for. To the surprise of all the volunteers Roy jumped into the delivery space preserved for Chibi. All were concerned in case Roy attacked or chewed the new-born kittens. However, instead Roy started cleaning the first kitten while Chibi continued delivery. Roy carried the kitten like mothers did and kept on safely caring. The next kitten was delivered and Roy repeated the same procedure of helping the mother, Chibi. Nobody remembers seeing a male cat support another female cat during delivery before. Roy was dedicated and gentle with the kittens. As the kittens grew Roy played and tumbled carefully on the floor with the kittens.

870a37e45210b9032ddb3791b71955c3Next the second kitten the matriarch cat although heavily pregnant took control of the kittens as if they were her own. The real mother allowed support of the matriarch who helped nurtured the kittens with Roy. This continued until the matriarch went into labour and loved to be massaged delivered again helped by Roy. Soon the matriarch took total control caring for all kittens which had to be constantly taken from her to ensure their own mother fed them too. At times, the cat room door was closed to prevent the matriarch from taking over the care of the kittens. Once again, Roy amazed all by opening the door and coming into the room. The room was changed and still Roy was able to open the door. One day Roy opened their food storage door and cupboard in the night while mots people were asleep. They pulled out lots of cat food and had a feast. They could not eat all they opened as it was too many. Then in playing with the kittens Kiwi the second mother started jumping to catch a stick thrown like a dog. Some of the kittens joined in and these unusual cat and kitten joyous atmosphere was for a season. 0Because of limited facilities and resources the volunteers could only do so much so had to give kittens away at the appropriate age privately without upsetting the mothers and Roy the father. At times, the cat room door was closed to prevent the matriarch from taking over the care of the kittens. It was sad to see the mothers and Roy calling the kittens and looking for them. But in the best interest of the kittens, it was better to give them to a bigger home as the space available was not enough for keeping all together. The kittens multiplied over the years so the volunteers could not cope with keeping all though loved. Each kitten had a unique personality taking to different people in many ways. Some loved to watch TV or listen to music. Others jumped on top of one’s lap or shoulders by surprise and stayed as long as possible. Some loved to be cuddled warmly in swaddled cloth to fall asleep. Others liked to run fast around playfully. Over all, it was a time of great adventure and learning more about cats and kittens as never seen  before. Eventually, the centre could not maintain the volunteers or the cats any more so had pass them on to others to enjoy them. They are still missed to date by all the volunteers who helped to care for them.


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